NFT Marketplace Development

Why Build An NFT Marketplace Aggregator?

There are multiple NFT marketplaces worldwide where creators can list and collectors can buy digital artwork. The need for interoperability between NFT marketplaces creates a gap between art creators and collectors. With an NFT aggregator app development, you can bridge this gap and provide users with a platform to access the entire crypto market.

The NFT marketplace is still a relatively new market with much potential to grow. As an NFT marketplace app development company, we can help you launch an aggregator platform where users can get in-depth knowledge of the market, easy navigation, and a better sale and purchase experience with greater efficiency.

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Key Features of Our NFT Aggregator Marketplace

  • NFT aggregator platform development
    User Profile

    Every user is welcome on our NFT aggregator marketplace platform and can create their profile. A display picture, their digital assets, and other information are displayed here.

  • NFT aggregator platform development
    Single Platform For All

    Our NFT marketplace aggregator allows users to access information about NFTs worldwide on a single platform. Sign in to buy, sell, trade, or access current NFT market trends and data.

  • NFT aggregator platform development
    Personalized Suggestion

    Provides personalized NFT suggestions to customers based on their interests, platform activity, NFT collection, and browsing history with our NFT aggregator marketplace.

  • NFT aggregator platform development
    Advanced Search Filters

    Our NFT aggregator uses advanced search filters such as highest price, lowest price, recently listed, trending, and most popular to efficiently browse the NFTs category.

  • NFT aggregator platform development
    Compare Prices

    On our NFT marketplace aggregator, users can compare NFT prices such as gas fees, commissions, royalty fees, and other fees of various popular NFT marketplaces worldwide.

  • NFT aggregator platform development
    Wallet Integration

    Our NFT aggregator supports the most known NFT wallets such as Metamask, Enjin, Math Wallet, AlphaWallet, and others. Multi wallet integration makes it easy for users to create, manage and trade NFTs.

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Admin Panel Features Of Our NFT Marketplace Aggregator

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    Centralized Dashboard

    Admins can manage everything from the sale, purchase, NFT listing, and other marketplace aspects from a single window with an intuitive dashboard.

  • NFT aggregator Software Development

    Profile Management

    Admins for efficient management of the NFT marketplace aggregator platform can retrieve data of any registered users with the platform.

  • NFT aggregator Software Development

    One Time Fee/Commissions

    Admins can set a commission on all the transactions on NFT marketplace aggregator platforms or charge one-time sign-in fees from users.

  • NFT aggregator Software Development

    Manage Notifications

    Push notifications are an effective way for Admins to keep their users updated with the latest news and updates in the NFT world.

  • NFT aggregator Software Development

    Manage NFT Categories

    For efficient management of the aggregator platform, Admins can list all their digital assets under different categories.

  • NFT aggregator Software Development

    Manage Advertising

    Admin can use this feature to manage all the promotional and advertising activities on the NFT aggregator platform.

Advanced Features of NFT Aggregator Platform

NFTs hold huge potential as it offers a wide range of benefits and features to any platform operating on them. Integrating these add-on features will attract a wider NFT enthusiast to your NFT aggregator platform.

NFT Marketplace Development
NFT Marketplace Development
NFT Marketplace Development
NFT Marketplace Development
  • Lazy Minting

    Mint your NFT without paying ‘Gas Fees’ upfront with the lazy minting feature on our NFT aggregator platform.

  • Set Royalties

    As a creator, you can set the royalties such as 10, 20 or 30 percent on each NFT and earn when sold.

  • Smart Contracts

    Create smart contracts that are highly secure, reliable, and designed specifically for your special business needs with the trust of blockchain.

  • Blockchain Support

    Our NFT aggregator marketplace provides multi-blockchain technology support for Ethereum, Polygon, etc.

  • Third-Party App Integration

    Use third-party apps like eMail campaigns, CRM, and Analytics to reach a wider audience and boost sales.

  • Multi-Payment Option

    Payment Acceptance via crypto wallets, debit cards, and credit cards provides ease to NFT buyers or collectors worldwide.

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Various Markets Our NFT Aggregator Platform Caters

Our highly advanced NFT aggregator marketplace is designed to support various industries, including art, music, real estate, domain, sports, and many more.

NFT aggregator platform development


Our NFT aggregator platform allows artists worldwide to convert their digital assets to NFT without content copying or copyright thefts.

NFT aggregator platform development


Sports fans and collectors can trade sports tokens like trading cards, sports accessories, and sports video clips on our NFT aggregator.

NFT aggregator platform development


We provide gamers with an NFT aggregator platform to buy and sell in-game assets such as rare skin, collectibles, weapons, and others.

NFT aggregator platform development

Real Estate

Our NFT marketplace aggregator platform lets NFT enthusiasts view the real estate listing on various NFT marketplaces.

NFT aggregator platform development


Convert your audio files into NFTs, list them in the NFT market and ultimately eliminate piracy with our secured aggregator platform.

NFT aggregator platform development


Our NFT aggregator app development process provides a platform to mint, buy and sell domain names with the security of blockchain technology.

How Does NFT Aggregator Marketplace Work?

RisingMax helps develop and launch NFT Aggregator Marketplace to assist both new and existing NFT creators and collectors by aggregating data from all popular NFT marketplaces into one platform.

  • NFT aggregator Software Development


    With our NFT Aggregator platform, collectors can analyze NFT market scenarios, latest NFT sales, compare NFT performance and market trends.

  • NFT aggregator Software Development


    Use advanced filters of our NFT aggregator platform to browse our diverse NFT collection from music, arts, games, sports, real estate , and others.

  • NFT aggregator Software Development

    Buy or Trade

    After analyzing the NFT market, a collector can purchase and even trade their digital assets via our Aggregator platform.

  • NFT aggregator Software Development


    With our NFT Aggregator platform, creators can compare minting prices, royalties, and others before listing their digital assets.

  • NFT aggregator Software Development


    After comparing all the NFT platforms, creators can mint their digital art with lazy minting, set royalties, and create a virtual asset collection.

  • NFT aggregator Software Development


    Creators can choose to list their digital assets with our NFT aggregator platform and sell their assets on multiple NFT marketplaces.

Benefits Of Our NFT Aggregator Platform

  • NFT aggregator Software Development
    High-end Security

    Our NFT aggregator platform comes with high-end security features to prevent any unfair means. This makes it hard to hack or misuse

  • NFT aggregator Software Development
    Smart Contract

    The platform we develop provides complete control of the app to the client to make analyzing and comparing the data convenient.

  • NFT aggregator Software Development
    Customer Support

    We at RisingMax Inc. are available for our customers 24*7. We answer their queries and incorporate their suggestions in the solution.

  • NFT aggregator Software Development
    Decentralized Platform

    The client will have full control over the information they share with the platform and can be handled completely from the dashboard conveniently.

  • NFT aggregator Software Development
    Universal Accessibility

    Our NFT aggregator platform runs perfectly on devices like personal computers, tablets, smartphones, or any other IoT devices.

  • NFT aggregator Software Development
    User-friendly Experience

    Whether you are an NFT enthusiast who is planning to explore the NFT world or an NFT analyst, the platform opens the door for everyone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Should I Invest In NFT Aggregator Marketplace Development?

    NFT transactions likely to grow in the future make investing in an NFT aggregator app development a profitable business idea.

    How Much Does NFT Aggregator Platform Development Cost?

    Most NFT marketplace app development companies in the USA charge approx. $20000 to $30000.

  • How Much Time Does It Take To Build An Ecommerce NFT Marketplace?

    Our expert development team can launch an NFT aggregator platform within two to three weeks.

    How Can I Start With NFT Aggregator Marketplace Development?

    First, connect with a top NFT marketplace app development company like RisingMax Inc. Share your NFT marketplace development idea and development needs. And our experts will build an NFT aggregator platform per your business needs.

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