List Of The Best Software Development Companies In Houston, Texas

Surprisingly, the number of custom software developers in Houston will reach 28.7 million by 2024. However, not every software development company holds high worth and capability. At times, it becomes difficult to choose the best Houston custom software development company because of the numerous options available. Thus, our team of tech experts has listed down the top Houston software development companies to enable you to decide wisely while choosing a company that can develop the desired software for your organization.

Top Custom Software Developers Houston Along With The Services They Provide.

  • landing-risingmax

    RisingMax Inc.

    RisingMax develops end-to-end software solutions and mobile app solutions for Android, iOS, and others. The company houses highly experienced professional programmers, developers, and project managers who cater to startups, medium, and large-sized businesses. We provide Houston based custom software development services and have served more than 300 clients till today with a 75% repeat clients rate. The client reviews and testimonials exhibit the level of satisfaction that the company’s services have brought to them. Moreover, it serves a multitude of industries like automotive, healthcare, retail & eCommerce, travel & tourism, real estate, banking & finance, logistics & transportation, and education & eLearning. The company skillfully guides the clients through the digital journey and renders an experience that can transform their business. RisingMax enables companies to innovate and improve efficiency by providing custom software development services that are beautiful, secure, and user-friendly. A combination of all the factors makes RisingMax one of the best software development companies Houston.

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    $15 - 20$/hr
    450 - 999
    Houston, USA
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  • suffescom

    Suffescom Solutions

    Suffescom Solutions deserves a mention on the list of the most reliable custom software development companies Houston. The company delivers exceptional services to its clients, which provides impressive experiences to the clients’ customers. Having more than 150 members who possess rich domain expertise, it is one of the prime performers in the global marketplace providing highly innovative and robust solutions. The Houston based custom software development serves clients across the globe with solutions that meet international standards. Furthermore, the case studies & client reviews tell a lot about the company’s approach towards serving the clients.

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    $30- $50/hr
    200 - 999
    Houston, USA
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  • Icreon


    Founded in 2000, Icreon is a team of around 1000 professionals with rich domain expertise. The company works with nonprofits and associations, mid-market companies, and Fortune 500 companies across all verticals of the modern marketplace. The company builds digital infrastructure to provide foundational stability to its clients and meet their digital needs. With a 97% retention rate, it deserves to find a place on the list of the most trusted software development companies in Houston. The organization builds custom enterprise software solutions for companies using the latest tools, technologies, and market standard practices. It claims to help clients augment their capacity for growth, make more revenues, and embark on a journey of digital transformation. Having served various clients, Icreon strives to maintain its reputation and goodwill with back to back exceptional track record.

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    $49 - 60$/hr
    320 - 999
    Houston, USA
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  • Fingent


    Fingent is a strategic software solution provider by incorporating a well-honed project management approach and helping clients overcome complex business challenges. The company was established in 2003 and delivers next-generation enterprise applications on the web, mobile, and desktop to enhance customer experience. Our list of the top custom software development companies includes Fingent because of its services that are available to clients across 4 continents. The organization brings sophistication and intelligence to each project that it undertakes and the clients back the fact when they rate, and review its software development solutions. It serves clients from numerous industries like finance, real estate, education, logistics, nonprofits, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, travel, sports, media, and more. Moreover, it offers cost-effective solutions, which becomes the highlight of its services.

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    $25 - $49/hr
    100 - 999
    Houston, USA
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  • Zco

    Zco Corporation

    Zco Corporation is one of the most trusted enterprise software development companies that follows a modern approach to designing and developing software. Right from integration of UX strategy to design, conception and development, the company has excelled at providing results that fulfill clients’ expectations. The objective of the company is to provide user-friendly and responsive solutions. Additionally, the ratings and reviews given by the clients prove their mettle in the field of custom software development. Whether you realize it or not, software development exercises direct influence over the market. And the story does not end here because Houston based custom software development services keep evolving and make way for trends to surround the modern market.

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    $30- $60/hr
    300 - 999
    Houston, USA
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  • Saritasa


    Saritasa is backed by a strong team of passionate and expert technologists with an extensive portfolio of successful projects and overseas clients. It is a full-service mobile, web, software, AR/VR, and IoT technology solution provider. Their featured projects and client reviews talk about the company’s exceptional software development services. Having successfully completed more than 1700 projects and 10+ years in business earns them a name that can be trusted for sophisticated software development services. The software development company serves numerous industry verticals like healthcare, restaurant, education, health/fitness, financial, real estate, logistics, LMS, and manufacturing.

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    $40- $60/hr
    400 - 999
    Houston, USA
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  • DOOR3


    DOOR 3 is an independent technology consultancy and software development firm headquartered in New York City. The company was founded in 2002 and supported by a team of talented professionals to develop software that matches industry standards. The company boasts of more than 15 years of experience and more than 500 project completion. Its team consists of around 80 driven and talented professionals who have delivered numerous projects successfully. DOOR3 develops operational enterprise software and high-end complex websites, mobile applications, and digital platforms. Its custom software applications are popular for their robust and scalable nature, and the client reviews clearly depict their market performance. Moreover, the reason for the company’s name in the directory of the most trusted software development companies Houston is its back-to-back top performance.

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    $50- $60/hr
    600 - 999
    Houston, USA
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  • Tivix


    Headquartered in the US, with regional operations in Europe and Asia, the company focuses on the agile development of cloud-connected web and mobile apps. It was founded in 2008 and has a team of 96 talented professionals. With 6 offices worldwide, it strives to cater to a large customer base with its high-end software development services.

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    $45- $60/hr
    25 - 999
    Houston, USA
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  • DataArt


    DataArt is a global software engineering firm that helps clients by developing custom software. Having more than 23 years of experience and 22 offices in the US, Europe, and Latin America, the company has gained an enormous customer base. Going by its customers’ ratings and reviews, the company is in a reputable position, and this is why it has been included as a part of the best software development companies.

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    $25- $60/hr
    350 - 999
    Houston, USA
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  • JetRockets


    JetRockets crafts enterprise-level software via different engagement models. The company has a dedicated team of professionals to offer strategic guidance to clients. The industries that JetRockets has served are finance, real estate, retail, social networking, and the list is endless. It is headquartered in Brooklyn, NY, with a development center in Tver, Russia.

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    $20- $60/hr
    550 - 999
    Houston, USA
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  • Software Development Trends That Are Ready To Define 2024

    Let us look at the trends that are impacting the current world before we look at the remaining Houston-based custom software development companies.

    Focus On Cloud

    The year 2020 marked the rising need for Cloud services due to the COVID-19 effect. A catastrophe like Corona showed us that we need Cloud for upscaling and down-scaling, i.e. when demand for services drops significantly. No matter which industry, everyone is planning to migrate to Cloud.

    Increased Use Of Blockchain

    Blockchain technology is not just restricted to cryptocurrency and has other uses, too. It will prevent fraud in sensitive transactions and will be used within smart contract platforms. The technology is safe and is used for developing software applications.

    Evolution Of AI

    AI has gained traction in 2023, and numerous companies are likely to adopt the technology. Moreover, awareness of ethical AI ensures software engineers program machines to do what is right and will begin taking over additional human functions.

    Rising Popularity Of Low-code/No-code Development

    Low-code/no-code (LCNC) programming is becoming highly imperative for businesses that require it to move forward easily. It facilitates the creation of databases and other applications to support agile operations by those who do not have development training.

    Progress In Use of Python And JavaScript

    Programming languages like Python and JavaScript are easy to learn, and this factor will keep them in high demand. Python is used in data sciences and a variety of other fields, while JavaScript is popular among development beginners. Top custom software development companies exploit the languages’ potential to develop software that meets the modern users’ needs.

    Ascendancy Of Modern Languages

    Today’s software engineers are inclined towards modern languages like Rust, Go, and Kotlin because of features like type inference, null safety, conciseness, and others.

    Rise In Native App Development

    Mobile apps are becoming popular due to the proliferation of mobile devices. The most trusted Houston-based software development companies create apps using native app development. Such apps exhibit great flexibility and best performance.

    Rise In Progressive Web Apps

    Progressive web apps are built using languages like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML and perform efficiently on any platform that uses a web browser. Their use has seen a surge due to its cost-saving nature and improved customer engagement.

    Increased IoT Implementation

    The Internet of Things is expanding rapidly and building a network of connected devices. Each device requires software to operate it, which creates a huge need for software engineers to write it and safeguard each device against hacking.

    Uptick In UX

    Most enterprise software development companies advocate that software development is not just about functionality, but usability, too. In other words, users must find applications easy to use. User Experience has been a part of software development and will continue to do so in the current and coming years. Now, let us get back to knowing the best software development companies Houston.

Final Words:

The coming year will see many innovations and ways to drive remarkable results. Hiring custom software developers houston is only winning half the war because it takes the right domain expertise and skills to develop exceptional software.

We hope our list of Houston-based custom software development companies brought you the information you were seeking. If you are looking for a software development company that suits your demand perfectly, then you have all the information at your disposal.