AI Use Cases In Hospitality: AI Technology is Enhancing Guest Satisfaction

By RisingMax

June 29, 2023

AI Use Cases In Hospitality: AI Technology is Enhancing Guest Satisfaction

The global hospitality industry is growing at a high pace. The industry is undergoing a lot of technological advancements in the past few years. Artificial intelligence is an emerging technology that is responsible for advancements in the hospitality industry. 

The technology has the capacity to drive innovation and growth and increase the revenue of businesses operating in the hospitality industry.

In this blog, we will discuss the use cases of artificial intelligence in the hospitality industry and how the usage of AI  technology is beneficial for the growth and development of the hospitality industry.

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Ai Usage In The Hospitality Industry Statistics

The hospitality industry experienced incredible growth due to the integration of AI technology into its business processes. The below-mentioned stats will help you understand this in a better manner:

A global survey found that roughly 21 percent of the surveyed companies' revenue in the travel market was AI-influenced in 2021,
The global revenue in the travel segment of the app market revenue is estimated to reach two billion U.S. dollars and, therefore, a new peak in 2027.

In a survey conducted on hoteliers in Asia, Europe, and North America, they were surveyed on the main reasons why they used technology. It was found that 24 percent stated that improving the guest experience was the main reason for using technology.
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Benefits Of Using Artificial Intelligence In The Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry has witnessed higher growth and development in the past few years with the integration of revolutionary artificial intelligence technology in day-to-day business processes. Here are a few benefits the hospitality service-providing businesses   can avail by using AI:

Improving Revenue

Using AI-based software designed by development companies offering travel & hospitality software development services in hotels can help enhance work productivity. 

Many tasks that require human intervention earlier can be performed using AI tools and technology. This will help in reducing the workload on staff, and they can perform their best at work and provide customers with excellent customer service. 

The enhanced customer services will increase the footfall on your premises and increase the business revenue.

Improving Customer Experience

In the service industry, customer experience is an important factor that determines the success of businesses operating in the hospitality industry. The use of AI technology helps hotels to add personalization to their services. 

The design services are as per the preferences of the customers. AI facilitates detailed record-keeping and helps to track previous purchasing patterns, likes, and dislikes. This will help in enhancing the experience of the customers.

Increasing Operational Effectiveness

The hospitality industry has become highly competitive. Enhancing the operating effectiveness is very helpful for businesses in gaining a competitive advantage. 

AI can help businesses enhance their operational efficiency. AI helps collect data from various sources, such as interactions between guests and staff: requests, comments, complaints, and orders for food. This data will help in increasing the efficiency of the hospitality businesses.

Improved Guest Satisfaction

AI technology helps hotels in enhancing the quality of their services. The hotels make use of AI tools for communicating with their customers, record management, and offering customized services. 

This will help in enhancing the satisfaction level of guests. The satisfied guests will prefer to stay in your hotel whenever they visit the place. Also, it will make your business more popular amongst the customers.

Enhance Decision Making

AI helps hospitality businesses collect data related to customer preferences, their feedback regarding services, checking their previous purchases, and other likes and dislikes. 

All this data will help hospitality businesses decide to accelerate their business growth. They can predict the future trends of the industry and can take necessary actions to prepare your business for upcoming challenges.

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Use Cases Of AI In The Hospitality Industry

The AI technology is known for the automation it provides to businesses. Technology is increasingly used in the hospitality industry and has made business processes more efficient and less time-consuming. Given below are some use cases of the most common use cases of artificial intelligence in the hospitality industry:

Personalized Customer Services

The use of AI technology facilitates hotels in rendering personalized customer services. The hotel owners can design their services per the customers' requirements. 

The AI robot can provide tourists with information regarding hotels, nearby places, and other information. The AI robots will be available 24/7 to resolve customer queries and concerns. 

Personalized customer service will enhance the stay experience of the tourist. It will help your business in becoming more popular amongst the customers globally.

Data Analytics

Data is the most important asset for a business operating in the tourism industry. The AI helps businesses collect and record the data related to customer visits, frequency of visits, rooms chosen, food items ordered, and guests' preferences. 

A large amount of customer data can be analyzed and processed into short and useful business-oriented information using AI tools. They can be further considered for making important business decisions. The data can be recorded easily and can be used completely or in parts.


Marketing is essential for the growth and upliftment of your hotel and will help enhance the business’s user base. The AI technology will help in making the hotel marketing activity more effective and impactful. 

With trending technology, you can design 3D ads which will help visitors get a real-time view of their property. The marketing activities can be made more user-oriented and innovative. Marketers can use AI-generated inputs and data to get useful insights.

Multilingual Booking Experience

If you want to expand your business on a global level. You need to offer a personalized booking experience to your customers. Artificial intelligence will help in offering booking options in multilingual languages. 

The customers can choose the language in which they are comfortable with. This will help in breaking the barriers between you and your customers. With the help of a multilingual option, the AI can answer the queries of its customers in their preferred languages.

Chatbots And Virtual Assistants

AI technology has made communication more effective and result-oriented.In the hospitality industry, communication plays an important role. It helps in enhancing the customer base of the hospitality businesses. AI chatbots and virtual assistants can enhance the quality of communication with customers. 

The chatbots give instant replies to customer queries and are available 24/7. The chatbots are equipped with the best features and technology and will help in widening the customer base of your business.

Revenue Management

Managing your business revenue is very important to determine the success of the businesses operating in the hospitality industry. The use of AI can help in optimizing business revenue. 

With the help of this technology, hotels can optimize their hotel room prices. You can sell your rooms to the right person at the right time. With the help of AI-powered revenue management systems, hotels can predict market demand and analyze market demand and undertake price fixation accordingly.

Intelligent Travel Companions

To make travel easy and less challenging, hospitality businesses are launching AI-based travel companions. The travel app was designed by the travel app development company to guide the traveler throughout their journey. They have multiple features in them, which includes:

  • GPS capabilities
  • Gamification and amusement
  • AI-powered in-built hotel app
  • Push notification
  • Payment Gateways
  • Taxi booking and itinerary planning
This app lets travelers plan their trip conveniently and check nearby hotels, places available, and other details. The GPS tracking option helps travelers reach their destination in very less time.

Customer Verification

Verification of customer’s identity was a major challenge in the hospitality industry. A lot of time and effort was invested by the hotel owners in this process. The AI-powered apps will help hospitality businesses in verifying customers’ identities. 

There are various features in these apps which will help in checking the authenticity of the customers. These features include facial recognition, voice recognition, fingerprint scanner, and other AI-based features. These features make the identity verification task easier and simpler.

Staff Training

To gain a huge customer base in the hospitality industry, your staff must be well-trained. AI can be helpful in providing a realistic training experience to employees working in the hospitality industry. 

The AI tools can be used for offering video training to employees. Virtual training sessions can be launched, and experts worldwide can be invited to impart training. This will help enhance the staff's knowledge and make the training sessions more interactive.

Talent Recommendations

Finding talented employees with the best skill set is a major challenge for hotels. The integration of AI can make this process easy and simple. On AI-based job platforms, businesses can search for a talented workforce for their hotel.

The platform will give you recommendations according to your business talent needs. Also, the employees' authenticity can be easily verified using AI technology. This will help in saving hiring costs and time to a great extent and prevent you from making the wrong choice.
AI Use Cases In Hospitality

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Summing Up

The usage of artificial intelligence in hospitality will continue to grow at a very fast pace in the near future. This will help hotels and travel companies to offer their customers a more personalized experience. Also, it will mark the entry of trending AI-based platforms that will make travel more convenient and enhance the traveler's experience. To get higher business growth, you need to get an innovative mobile app developed by an experienced mobile app development company.

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