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Discover The New Sanity Behind Modern Businesses

Future-proof your business with Artificial Intelligence. Empower your business with us for we design and deploy bespoke AI-powered products to streamline a myriad of real-life problems.

Our Suite Of AI Development Services

Drive more success as you evolve with AI with our services that synergize experience and knowledge.

Machine Learning

We integrate cognitive technology frameworks to make your business operations future-ready while adding capabilities like data-based decision making, risk mitigation, and performance monitoring.

Robotics Processing

With robotics processing, you can allow your human resources to focus on high value tasks by eliminating repetitive tasks to enhance productivity, reduce costs, and improve operational efficiency.

Business Intelligence

Businesses can predict outcomes and make smarter decisions by using AI development services that utilize sophisticated algorithms to develop the best solutions to meet modern needs.

Natural Language Processing

We engineer smart solutions using NLP that will help your business understand, analyze, and manipulate human language. You can also analyze customer feedback & increase business revenue.

Computer Vision

AI solutions powered by computer vision can prove to be fruitful for your business as they monitor and detect abnormal events from videos, images & text, and automate the systems.

Chatbot & Conversational AI

Improve customer experience with personalized chatbot solutions for sales, marketing, and customer support functions. Chatbots understand what users are asking, their intent, and improve service delivery.

Predictive Analysis

Unravel the data pattern and predict the results with advanced machine learning capabilities. With smart forecasting and fraud detection, you can plan for the future and identify new areas of business.

Video, Image & Text Analytics

By leveraging video, image, and text analytics solutions, you can evaluate various forms of media exponentially and faster than traditional methods that were used earlier.

Deep Learning

We dig deeper into complex data and deliver perfect solutions with real-time deep learning algorithms that perform just the way humans do. Deep learning AI detects objects, speech & translating languages.

Not sure how AI can benefit your business?

Get in touch with our experts to know the unknown and we will take it further.

Cognitive Services APIs For Adding AI Value

We develop solutions that help enterprises augment the precision, speed, and overall effectiveness.


Used mostly for image recognition.


Used to identify natural language.


Used to recognize and convert speech to text.


Used to recognize patterns in data & take actions.


Used to integrate web search APIs with existing applications.

We take pride in our expertise and experience expertise and experience

Our expert developers work tirelessly to develop end-to-end AI integrated solutions.

Industries AI Serve

We provide machine learning development services across various verticals of the global marketplace and boost their growth rate.


Automatic hazard detection, remote cooperation, and more with our solutions.


Claim management, alerts, cloud and data solutions, AI, SOS video and more.

Travel & Hospitality

Latest technology, Internet of Things, and all the essential hotel app features.


Sports AI, chatbots, Internet of Things, beacons, geofencing and many more.


Notifications and scheduling, patient tracking, data solutions, and many more.

Retail & eCommerce

Gamification, AR, navigation, Big Data, and eCommerce software development.

Boost Sales With AI-based Virtual Assistant



An eCommerce business owner wanted an AI-based solution to improve their inventory management.



We developed a solution that helped the customers find what they are looking for. The customers can also view product details with our AI-powered solutions. Besides, predictive analytics provides dynamic adjustment of prices and promotions.



The solution brought an easy way for customers to find products they were looking for. Moreover, there was a surge in sales.


Custom AI Software Solutions

From Tech Startups to Hospitals, our custom AI solutions help decision-makers across sectors gain insights and knowledge hitherto undiscovered in their operational ecosystem.


Strong AI Engineering Team

We are a strong AI software engineering team with years of experience in AI-driven product development.


Conversational AI

By analyzing queries, studying previous logs of successfully closed customer queries and other vital consumer parameters. Our Chatbots offer a contextually sensitive answering service to customers.


Classification Tools

Our classifiers help business systems better predict outcomes by identifying source patterns in unstructured data like insights such as sentiments, language, gender, age, demographics, favorites, etc., of data generators.


Machine Learning

Rather than explicitly programmed custom software, our machine learning solutions help your information systems think and predict outcomes independently with sophisticated learning algorithms.

Our Suite Of AI Development Solutions

We offer a rich range of AI development solutions across multiple industries.

Mobile Application Solutions

Our team develops and deploys highly modern and robust mobile application solutions that integrate speech, image, facial recognition, cloud computing, and machine learning for better performance.

IoT Solutions

We develop IoT platforms, IoT edge processing, and IoT sensors to safeguard assets to help companies achieve their goals and maintain connectivity between employees, customers, and vendors.

Predictive Analytics Solutions

By building predictive analytics software solutions that include custom machine learning-based models and end-to-end predictive analytics software, we help them predict customer behavior and outcomes.

AI Security Solutions

We develop AI-driven solutions to counteract security threats using anti-fraud ML models for easy fraud detection, biometric identification & recognition techniques.


Unleash The Potential Of AI Integrations

Robotic Process Automation API

We integrate RPA APIs that include UIPath, Automation Anywhere, BluePrism, and Pega Platform that automate repetitive tasks.

Machine Learning AI & API

We integrate machine learning software APIs like TensorFlow, Mahout, and Weka to facilitate smooth operations and business processes.

Chatbot Software API

We integrate chatbot software APIs that include Engati, Chatbot, ManyChat, and FreshChat within your existing solution.

Facial Recognition AI

We integrate facial recognition APIs like Deep Vision AI, FaceFirst, TrueFace, and Amazon Recognition to recognize facial features.

Industries We Serve

RisingMax serves multiple industries with its atypical AI development services.


AI is attracting the retail industry and many big players are progressing to next levels.

  • Inventory Planning
  • Recommendation Engines
  • Cross Channel Marketing
  • Market Segmentation
  • Customer ROM


Manufacturing industry is embracing AI at a rapid rate and using AI integrated solutions.

  • Demand Forecasting
  • Process Optimization Telematics
  • Propensity to Buy
  • Predictive Maintenance


AI in healthcare streamlines functionality, simplifies workflow, and model deployment.

  • Real Time Alerts & Diagnostics
  • Disease & Risk Identification
  • Proactive Health Management
  • Patient Triage Optimization


The energy and utilities sector is undergoing a paradigm shift due to the presence of AI.

  • Power Usage Analytics
  • Carbon Emission & Trading
  • Customer Specific Pricing
  • Smart Demand & Supply Optimization

Financial Services

AI is impacting financial services to a larger extent by reducing costs & saving time.

  • Risk Analytics & Regulation
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Credit Worthiness Evaluation
  • Cross Selling, Up Selling

Travel & Hospitality

AI is playing a pivotal role in the travel & hospitality sector and bringing a positive change.

  • Aircraft Scheduling
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Social Media Feedback Analysis
  • Traffic Pattern & Management

Social Media

All social media platforms have made AI an indispensable part of their functioning.

  • Social Creation and Engagement
  • Social Insights
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Decrease costs and management time


AI becoming a part of eCommerce is the hottest trend of the global marketplace.

  • Chatbots and Virtual Assistants
  • Intelligent Product Recommendations
  • Smart Inventory Management
  • In-Depth Data Analytics

Why Do You Need a Stellar Constellation
Of AI Development Services?

Mundane tasks are the most time-consuming yet an indispensable part of any business story. There are innumerable benefits associated with jumping on the bandwagon of AI powered businesses. Areas where AI can help your business are various, and include the following.

  • Data Entry
  • Counterfeiting
  • Customer acquisition and retention
  • Diagnosis process
  • Customer segmentation
  • Data utilization
  • Financial stability

Go The Extra Mile With Our AI Development Services

Harvest intelligence by inculcating Artificial Intelligence in your business operations. RisingMax is your road to success.










Experience True Intelligence With AI Development Solutions

We are a leading AI software development company that will suffice as a catalyst and bring a major transformation in your business.



Our R&D team strives to conduct deep R&D and develop a blueprint from concept to product, and select the best technologies.


Cross-domain Skills

Our team applies cognitive computing technologies by applying its expertise to build solutions that can tackle complicated business operations.


Customized Solutions

We offer customized solutions to meet every business needs that will address the challenges faced by them better than a third-party solution.

Our Flexible Engagement Plans For Your Business Success

RisingMax is amongst those AI development companies that render commendable solutions across industries. Explore our flexible engagement plans and be a part of a successful league.

Fixed Price Model

Customers can pay a fixed amount and this model is mostly suitable for small and medium scale enterprises.

Time & Material Model

The model caters to customers whose organizational needs are flexible and keep on changing frequently.

Milestone Based Model

The model is ideal in situations where you need to hire a team of AI developers for a process-oriented project.


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