Telemedicine Software Development Company

By RisingMax

May 18, 2023

Telemedicine Software Development Company

The need for reliable telemedicine solutions has grown significantly due to recent technological developments. RisingMax Inc. is a telemedicine software development company creating scalable, secure, HIPPA-compliant, tailored telehealth software to enhance patient care in the healthcare sector. We have practical experience modernizing patient communications in healthcare settings.

Telemedicine Software Development Company

Using current telecommunications technology, telehealth software enables healthcare providers to remotely deliver clinical and non-clinical services, such as examinations, diagnoses, treatment prescriptions, consultations, medical education, and training. 

We provide specialized telehealth software development that enables healthcare facilities to deliver continuous medical care and raise standards of patient care.

Comprehensive Telemedicine Software Development 

Telemedicine software has proliferated recently as patients seek more convenient ways to consult with doctors without visiting the clinic. As more people became aware of the advantages of telemedicine through conferences like COVID-19, its use and acceptance rose. As more healthcare providers offer telemedicine as a choice, many who had previously hesitated to use it now understand all it may provide.

While old solutions might function on a basic level, there are many ways to improve performance and security while streamlining the user experience overall to make your solution more competitive. In modern society, telehealth will spread as more telemedicine software is created, and more healthcare professionals use the technology in their daily practices.

If you own a healthcare company and want to create a telehealth/telemedicine business or incorporate telemedicine software into your healthcare solution package. Before releasing your software, you must consider the following recommendations from RisingMax Inc., a renowned software development company

  • Project Planning
  • Discovery Phase
  • UI/UX Design Prototyping
  • Product Development
  • Testing
  • Delivery and Maintenance

Further, we will disclose all the details about custom telemedicine software.

Tech Implementation For Telemedicine Software Development 

The following technologies have a lot of use in healthcare startups:

Artificial intelligence is now incorporated into the majority of custom telemedicine software. Healthcare services take on new essence when language processing, chatbots, speech recognition, and machine learning are used.

Healthcare generates and processes a large amount of big data. Telemedicine software developers might use big data computations to gather and analyze electronic health records (EHR). This information can be utilized to undertake medical research, enhance therapies, deliver more precise diagnoses, and ultimately lower expenses.

Instead of traditional medical records, blockchain technology prevents the loss of patient data and healthcare information. Medical data may be safely exchanged and stored with blockchain technology.

The telemedicine equipment category includes tablets, telemedicine kiosks, digital cameras, and wearables. The recording of vital signs, diagnosis, suggested treatments, medication adherence, integrated emergency response systems, and other processes are all aided by the Internet of Things (IoT). Eventually, combining medical technology and software improves patient care.

Telemedicine Software Development Services 

Telemedicine solutions

We create specialized telehealth software solutions for healthcare organizations to improve doctor-patient contact and ensure patients have unhindered access to medical care even during a pandemic. Provide scalable, highly effective, secure video conferencing to assist more patients.

Third-party system integration

Easily linked to telehealth software systems, electronic medical records (EHRs) and electronic health records (EMRs) can be used to synchronize patient data. Allow for appointment scheduling, automate billing processes, monitor inventory levels and drug expiration dates, effectively handle insurance claims processing, etc.

EHR Integration

We offer EHR integration and specialized telemedicine EHR software development services. We use end-to-end encryption in messaging and file transfer protocols to communicate data from EMRs and EHRs, including teleradiology pictures, test results, and biometric information.

mHealth Application Development

We develop telehealth technologies that enable consumers and practitioners to track health information in real time. Our unique telemedicine software solutions are adaptable and can be integrated with various wearables and hardware.

Remote Patient Monitoring

By collecting telemetry data from Internet of Things (IoT) devices in real-time, specialized telemedicine software solutions are created to assist in remote health status monitoring. Automatically add pertinent information to medical records, and provide helpful appointment reminders.

Asynchronous Telemedicine

Securely transfer and retain information, such as health questionnaires, medical photographs, and data, enabling professionals to evaluate patient history before an appointment. By doing this, you can encourage better care, cut down on wait times, make the most of in-person visits, etc.

Adequate Features For Custom Telemedicine Software Solutions

A well-balanced configuration of telehealth software can help you gain market share. Telehealth software can incorporate a wide range of features and components. To completely comply with HIPAA, CCPA, HL7, and other medical data standards, our telemedicine software development company has an experienced staff that can integrate cutting-edge technology into your telehealth solution. 

Push Notifications

Communication paths are required for consistent, quick, and timely connections between patients and medical professionals. Patients can receive news and reminders in-app with the aid of protected messengers and notifications.

Appointment Scheduling

The architecture of telehealth software includes arranging for doctor visits and integrating with EHRs and other medical data management platforms to provide rapid access to patient files and records.


While creating the software for your telehealth goods, we provide secure authentication. We understand your difficulties in providing secure access to telemedicine applications.


With the help of our telemedicine technologies, healthcare professionals may develop, transmit prescriptions to a patient's preferred pharmacy and securely monitor paperless prescriptions.

Doctor Onboarding

We can design safe onboarding interfaces that are simple for you and reduce time constraints for all medical assistants, employees, and practitioners. Additionally, it will facilitate the practice's integration of new hires.

Integrated Billing & Invoicing

After the doctors have connected remotely with their patients, an integrated billing module will enable them to easily bill your clients via a payment link supplied to them.

Screen Share

Sharing a screen is advantageous for discussing patient education or EHR content. For instance, displaying an anatomical graphic to simplify explanations or running an EHR report of a patient's lab results over the previous six months.

E-prescription Handling

Electronic prescription information is entered by healthcare practitioners and securely sent to the pharmacy where you purchase your meds. E-prescription improves patient safety by battling fraud and abuse.

Patient Profiles

Apps for telemedicine should offer customized profiles for doctors, consultants, and distant patients. Using a secure database of medical profiles, we construct a hierarchy of user permissions that complies with HIPAA.

Benefits Of Using Telemedicine Software In Your Business

Our custom telemedicine software provides owners with some amazing perks that help them with great business growth.

Reduces Healthcare Costs

Telemedicine software can provide timely care for those in need and significantly lower ER visit expenses and prescription non-adherence. The estimated medical costs come to nearly $200 billion.

Work Optimization

The telemedicine app's data analytics feature enables service providers to more quickly access patients' medical data and produce useful insights for them. The workflow in the healthcare environment is consequently improved.

Widespread Reach

Apps for telemedicine have a significant impact on healthcare services. Patients can access these services through a single app and gain access to various advantages. According to Deloitte research, these apps save medical paperwork by 60%.

Time Management

In addition to saving healthcare professionals important time, telemedicine apps enable them to manage their time more effectively by reducing paperwork and other administrative responsibilities so that they may devote more time to patients.

Collaborative Care

Telemedicine software makes it simple for doctors and specialists to collaborate when treating patients with serious conditions. They can link and pay excessive attention to the illness to supply collaborative care and effectively end the situation.

Safety & Confidentiality

Our HIPAA-compliant telemedicine software solutions completely eliminate unauthorized data access and breaches by guaranteeing the security and confidentiality of patient data and communications.

Align the current state of IT with your business strategy by hiring the most trustworthy Healthcare Software Development Company

Telemedicine Software Development Process We Follow

Requirements Allocation

We'll outline the prerequisites and guidelines for developing telemedicine software. The development process will be centered around the goals and objectives of your potential product.


We give you a roadmap with the process milestones to make the delivery of your app seamless and transparent. All jobs are often broken down into 2-week sprints.

UX Design

Then, our UX team will research your target audience more and examine the exact problem your telemedicine application will try to solve. They provide a user interface and experience with simple navigation and a few onboarding processes.


We start by building a mockup or prototype of your app before moving forward with the actual development. Our software experts set up servers, APIs, databases, and other infrastructure as needed. Your app is truly being constructed at this stage.

QA & Testing

It's time to test your tool to determine if it functions properly now that your software concept is established. We employ cutting-edge techniques to test all significant hardware and operating systems.

Deployment & Support

After telehealth software development, we guarantee software quality, security, and standard compliance. We integrate the finished telehealth software into your medical ecosystem and offer L1, L2, or L3 support as needed.

Telepath Software Development Cost Factors


The amount and complexity of necessary features directly affect the cost of developing telehealth software. The cost of telemedicine software increases with its complexity.


The creation of telehealth software requires a carefully considered technology stack. Your direct case's best technologies will be recommended to you by the professionals of an established telemedicine software provider.


The amount of integrations impacts the cost of developing custom telehealth software. Automation, however, simplifies the therapeutic procedure, and this investment will lead to better results in the future.

Development Team

The number of experts working on the project and their level of seniority impact costs as well. Hire a telepath software development team. It's a good chance to purchase high-quality items at a good price.

Contact RisingMax Inc. immediately for additional guidance and consultancy on integrated telehealth solutions. We have a lot of experience developing healthcare software solutions for companies worldwide.

Why Choose RisingMax Inc. For Custom Telemedicine Software?

RisingMax Inc. is the leading telehealth software development company with expertise in developing cutting-edge custom healthcare software for over a decade. 


We adhere to the technical norms and laws recognized in the healthcare sector, such as the General Data Protection Regulation and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.


We put in place thorough security procedures (such as multi-factor authentication, role-based access control, regular backups, etc.) to guard against cyberattacks, unauthorized access, data breaches, and other vulnerabilities that could expose sensitive financial and medical data.

Telemedicine Software Development Company

Cloud-Native Development

We use the best techniques of continuous integration and delivery to enable automation and microservices architecture to encourage simplicity of maintenance to achieve agility, portability, etc. when developing cloud-native applications. With the Agile process, we produce frequently, meeting the changing needs of our clients.


Our telemedicine software development services allow for the secure consolidation and sharing of digital copies of conventional paper records (medical history, prescription information, lab test results, billing information, etc.) with doctors, patients, insurance companies, and others.

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