Supply Chain Chatbot Development: A Simplified Tracking System

By RisingMax

June 30, 2023

Supply Chain Chatbot Development: A Simplified Tracking System

The increasing influence of technology in business is redefining and strengthening the bond with customers. Integration of chatbots allows businesses to provide quick communication and serve customers 24*7. Chatbots or digital assistants effectively provide users with the necessary information through human-like interactions.

Supply chain chatbots are on the rise as they are an efficient tool for enterprises to streamline business operations and enhance customer experience. Real-time shipment tracking, customer support, faster purchasing, delivery status, and updates are some major benefits of chatbots in the supply chain sector.

For this reason, businesses are investing in supply chain chatbot development to streamline business operations and efficiently meet users' expectations. There is a huge demand for the supply chain bot development services provider in the market.

If you are planning to efficiently manage your supply chain and business operation with AI-powered chatbots, then connect with our experts at RisingMax Inc. Our supply chain bot developer team leverages their expertise to build communication chatbots as per your business needs. Connect with our supply chain bot developers and discuss your project needs TODAY.

Why Should You Invest in Supply Chain Chatbot Development?

Enterprises worldwide are investing in supply chain chatbot development to smoothen and streamline business processes. No matter how complex supply chain operations are, integrating them with an AI-powered supply chain bot provides more visibility into the business operation and builds a communication system for enhanced corporations.

Monitoring supply chain performance, simplifying repeated tasks, capitalizing on changing market trends, and active communication are possible with the integration of a supply chain chatbot.

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Benefits of Chatbots In Supply Chain

Easy Navigation

With integrated AI chatbots, supply chain companies can enhance users’ site navigation experience. Users can leverage these chatbots to make a request, such as find a product or task and then click on the best-suited suggestion to access the information.

Real-Time Tracking

Tracking the shipments is a major pain area for businesses. With the assistance of chatbots, real-time tracking of shipments is now possible. Tracking ID, Freight order number, and Purchase order ID are sufficient to get instant shipment status or other information without hassle.

Enhanced Customer Support

By investing in supply chain chatbot development, businesses are providing 24*7 customer support. It doesn’t matter in which part of the world you are and what kind of assistance you need; the chatbots can fetch the exact shipment status within seconds.

Provide Analytics

Integrating chatbots in the supply chain business processes enables easy extraction of detailed analytics. A precise analysis provided by the chatbots assists businesses in making better decisions in the future. 

Real-Time Delivery Information

Chatbots effectively provide human-like interaction, which is one of the biggest reasons for their wide adoption. Users can enter valid shipment information to get real-time information about the shipment.

Leave Feedback

Businesses worldwide actively integrate chatbots in feedback systems to improve processes and enhance efficiency. AI-based chatbots are taking customer feedback and sharing the same with the concerned departments for faster resolutions and improving efficiency.

Answer FAQs

Supply chain bot developers integrate thousands of FAQs in their database, allowing them to solve repeated customer inquiries within seconds. Advanced AI-powered chatbots can use the FAQs as a database to answer other similar questions too.

Shipment Cost

The supply chain bots are efficient enough to leverage their database to provide exact shipping costs based on the shipment’s origin and destination. Businesses can invest in supply chain chatbot development to get accurate shipping cost estimation and make well-informed decisions.

Faster Purchasing Process

Integration of chatbots within the business processes allows owners to make faster purchase decisions. Businesses can calculate the overall shipment cost, estimated time duration, and other factors before placing an order with the vendor. Thus, streamlining the entire supply chain.

Secure Shipping Process

Supply chain bots are effective in building a secure shipping ecosystem. Both users and businesses can get real-time shipping updates without any hassle.

Do you know?
Reports suggested that the Chatbot Market size will grow to 10.5 billion US dollars at a CAGR of 29.7 percent by 2026 (MarketsandMarkets).
The global chatbot market revenue is projected to amount to 454.8 million U.S. dollars in revenue by 2027 (Statista).

How Do Supply Chain Bots Affect Business Operations?

One of the biggest reasons why businesses are investing in supply chain chatbot development is to bridge the gap and enhance customer-company engagement. AI-based chatbots are available 24*7 to address customer queries, thus reducing both front-end and back-end tasks. These chatbots further assist in task coordination and improve overall business operations.

Let’s Have A Look At The Role of Chatbots in Supply Chain Businesses

Businesses worldwide are hiring supply chain developer teams to build chatbots that assist in streamlining business operations and drive meaningful customer interactions. Here’s what businesses can expect from supply chain bots.

For Customers

  • Take orders - Customers can leverage these new-age technologies to place their orders whenever they want without hassle.
  • Track orders - Keeping track of the shipment is an arduous task for customers with the assistance of supply chain bots.
  • Delayed or canceled orders - Any delay in the shipment will be informed automatically to the user, resulting in enhanced cooperation.
  • Real-time delivery updates - With the chatbot’s assistance, businesses can provide real-time delivery updates to customers.

For Entreprises

  • Inventory Management - Enterprises can keep track of the inventory and leverage this information to build a minimum stock level and streamline the supply chain.
  • Delivery Planning - Chatbots are an effective tool for organizations to manage deliveries and more planned ways than ever before.
  • Order Tracking - Enterprises can take advantage of AI-powered chatbots to know the shipment's exact location without any hassle.
  • Warehouse Location Updation - Enterprises can update the location of the new warehouse in their network to ensure smooth logistics transit.

Fleet Information

  • Vehicles Transit Status - Chatbots effectively keep track of the vehicles in transit and update information about status delivery time.
  • Information maintenance, idle or out of order - Companies can leverage information related to vehicles such as overall breakdowns, idle time, or out-of-order time for timely vehicle maintenance.
  • Reduce Vehicle Maintenance - With real-time tracking, the information from chatbots can be useful in reducing vehicle downtime and smoother fleet management.

Personal Information

  • Chatbots are an effective tool for organizations to keep their employees updated about recent developments.

Supply Chain Bot Development Services For Various Business Domains

Our supply chain bot developer team has the privilege of assisting clients in various business domains and integrating customized chatbot solutions. Leverage our affordable supply chain bot development services to gain a competitive edge with the technology. Our supply chain bot developer team has successfully built advanced chatbot solutions for these business verticals;

Manufacturing Sector

Chatbots in the manufacturing sector are simplifying production lines with efficient supply chain management and inventory stocks. Organizations have the exact idea about the shipment arrival date, inventory stock levels, and shipment status in real time. This ensures streamlining of business operations and increases the productivity of the production line.

Retail Sector

Chatbots are actively used in retail to bridge the gap between retailers and customers. These chatbots efficiently provide a human-like interaction with users and provide information such as shipment details, arrival date, product cost, and others. Chatbots can also assist in making online transactions securely.

Healthcare Sector

The Healthcare sector is deploying chatbots to provide a range of benefits such as medical assistance, scheduling appointments, handling formalities, managing stocks of critical medical equipment, and others. Chatbots are assisting users and improving their experience.

Marketing Sector

The marketing sector is using chatbots to effectively promote its products and services. Chatbots can provide valuable information to customers about a product and remind them about new launches & schemes. 

Banking Sector

With AI-enabled chatbots, the banking sector is assisting customers in a human-like way and automating various repeated tasks to boost efficiency. Chatbots can provide customers with custom wealth management solutions and other necessary information.


Chatbots designed to complete specific repeated tasks effectively improve the workplace's efficiency. For enhanced customer support, these offer human-like interaction and provide personalized suggestions based on customers’ interests & needs. 

Supply Chain Bot Development Roadmap

Requirement Gathering

Our supply chain bot developer team first connects to understand your unique business idea and project tech requirements. We gather as much information regarding the project as before sharing our valuable inputs related to the project. Our main goal during the initial interaction is to gather input related to the project and understand the client's expectations.

Project Analysis

During this supply chain bot development phase, our team does a thorough project analysis based on the client’s needs and project requirements. Our main goal during this phase is to meet the client’s expectations and offer the best tech stack for the project within budget. We provide a clear budget estimation, technology stack, development time, and other relevant information to the client.

Project Development

Our supply chain bot developer team will start working on your project after final approval. A designated project coordinator is assigned will keep you updated about the project development and other specific requirements. We ensure that the end product meets the client’s expectations and business needs with a customer requirement-centric development approach.

Project Testing

Our testing team will conduct a thorough project analysis to ensure all features and functions operate as intended after the supply chain chatbot development completion. Issues during this phase will be moved forward to the development team for resolution.

Project Deployment

After ensuring all the features and functions of the supply chain chatbot work as intended, our team moves forward to the project deployment phase. We deploy your project on all popular platforms to ensure maximum exposure, and that it reaches the target audience.

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What’s The Future Of Chatbots in Supply Chain and Logistic Business?

Integration and implementation of chatbots in supply chain and logistic businesses empowered them to improve customer services and enhance transparency. These futuristic business solutions are assisting supply chain businesses in saving money and valuable time.

But, the real question is - what lies in the future for chatbots? The increasing influence and use cases of chatbots ensure that they are likely to manage more complex tasks than just real-time tracking or customer support in the future. Businesses will likely implement them in work processes requiring greater accuracy and automation.

Logistic and supply chain firms can leverage these high-tech tools in remarketing strategies, automating stock recording, abandoned items, and engaging customers. Proponents believe that chatbots can play a major role in overcoming the challenges related to humanitarian aid. 

Integrating AI technology with chatbots ensures the supply of humanitarian aid like goods, food, medical supplies, and others relatively easily in the future. From acting as translators and guides for aid workers, the supply chain chatbots assist in finding the best route to provide support and supplies in the affected areas.

How Much Does Supply Chain Chatbot Development Cost?

Before jumping on to the supply chain chatbot development, let’s look at the cost aspect of the project development. If you are planning to build your supply chain chatbots, then reach our experts at RisingMax Inc. Our support team will share the exact development cost based on the project needs. 

Supply chain chatbot development cost depends upon various factors such as:

  • Business Type
  • Integrated security features
  • Project’s complexity
  • Supply chain chatbot development company’s location.
  • Supply chain bot developer team size
  • Development team expertise.
  • Project completion timeline.
  • Support and maintenance services.

Supply chain chatbot development cost depends upon all the factors mentioned above. To have a clear idea about the overall development cost of your project, you need to connect with a trusted supply chain chatbot development company.

Most supply chain chatbot development companies will charge you $30k-40k for basic software. However, the overall development cost might increase based on the above factors.

Why Choose RisingMax Inc, For Supply Chain Chatbot Development?

With over a decade of development experience, RisingMax Inc. has successfully developed and deployed software solutions for businesses worldwide. We are privileged to develop innovative business solutions that assist our clients in tackling current and future challenges. Choose us as your supply chain chatbot development partner and build software solutions that ensure future success.

  1. Technology Prowess 

Our supply chain bot developer team is well-versed in leading technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, AR, and others. Our team leverages its technology prowess to build innovative business solutions that are future-ready, secure, and scalable.

  1. Secure Solutions

With our expertise in blockchain technology, we build business solutions that are highly reliable, scalable, and 100 percent secure. Our game development team uses rigorous testing methodologies to build highly reliable games and ensure 100% data security of users' data.

  1. Affordable Solutions

Hiring our supply chain chatbot development team to build highly secure and affordable business solutions. Our expert development team leverages their in-depth knowledge and expertise to solve complex development issues & build affordable solutions.

  1. 24*7 Support

With our affordable 24*7 support services, we believe in building long-term relationships with our customers. Our team will constantly monitor your platform for any possible updates or technical issues to ensure the smooth running of your project.

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