Electric Vehicle Fleet Management Software

By RisingMax

June 28, 2023

Electric Vehicle Fleet Management Software

Governments on the global stage are promoting and pushing the electrification of the automotive industry. Multiple automotive industries are moving toward and adapting the electric vehicle and introducing EV fleet solutions to grab the opportunity at its earliest.

We are helping the automotive industry to build reliable and high-end EV fleet management software. Be the early bird and adapt the futuristic technology with RisingMax’s EV fleet solutions.

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What Is Electric Vehicle Fleet Management Software

Logistics and transportation companies who are worried about the environment and want to be a more reliable option in the long run, are adopting by taking EV vehicles on lease or purchasing it for transportation services or logistics companies. 

The EV fleet management solution helps the company track and monitor fleet operations. It tracks the data to enhance and increase productivity while cutting the cost.

Our reliable EV fleet solutions provide tools to manage electric vehicles, see know the location of the EV charging station, track the real-time charging results, manage and craft the charging strategy; users can see the energy consumption on the map, etc.

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How EV Fleet Solutions Will Help Companies 

While governments around the globe are trying to convince people to move toward electric vehicle usage, businesses are always developing technologies and software to compete and survive with the change of the era. 

Cost Saving

EVs offer significant lifetime cost benefits, whether operating a fleet of company cars for employee use or other business operations. Compared to gas-powered cars, light-duty electric vehicles often save their owners $6,000 to $10,000 over the course of their lifetimes, while heavy-duty electric vehicles can save their owners up to $300,000. Reduced maintenance expenses contribute to these savings in addition to lower fuel prices.

Lesser Maintenance

Due to the simplified, streamlined drivetrain of EVs, maintenance expenses are also reduced. There are no internal combustion oils or fluids; the only moving portion is the electric motor. Fewer parts will deteriorate, wear out, and malfunction as a result. Savings soon mount when you multiply it by the size of the fleet.

Financial Incentive

For those looking to buy electric vehicles or convert their company fleet to electric vehicles, there are numerous subsidies and financial incentives available to corporations. Electric vehicles come with advantages like reduced benefit-in-kind tax rates, a 0% road tax until 2025, and exemptions from London congestion fees.

Benefits of EV Fleet Management Software Development

Let’s see why the fleet management solution is one such technology that people are adopting to save nature and money in their pockets. Here are some of the benefits of our EV fleet management solution.

Omits Fuel Usage

When maintaining and operating a fleet of vehicles, fuel expenditures are the biggest expense. Switching to EVs, therefore, significantly reduces these operational expenses and boosts the bottom line.

More Effectiveness

Our fleet management technology can keep direct contact with their fleet drivers as they go about their daily routines and provides a real-time perspective of all areas of the fleet operation, including vehicle whereabouts, ETA, current jobs, completion status, and deliveries.

Better Customer Service

Fleet managers may integrate telematics with our EV fleet management system to make sure their clients receive excellent service. Fleet managers may guarantee their drivers follow set schedules and routes by using GPS tracking technologies. 

In order to ensure that customers receive their goods or arrive at their appointments on time, telematics is essential for spotting fleet vehicles that have encountered problems on the road and rerouting the nearest drivers.


Fleet managers will have access to historical and real-time tracking of their mobile and fixed assets by utilizing fleet-management technologies, as well as reports and timelines highlighting which assets use more electricity than usual and are unaccounted for.

Additionally, it enables fleet managers to create customized networks of communication, provide driver identity badges to limit drivers to certain cars and guarantee that only authorized drivers have access to business assets.

Real-Time Insights

The benefit of an EV fleet management system is that it provides real-time charging data. This is essential for fleet managers to know when figuring out how far each fleet vehicle can travel. That is the starting point for allocating and dispatching vehicles on regular delivery routes with an EV fleet.


EV usage has significantly increased profitability due to its minimal maintenance requirements and other better performance metrics. The bottom line is further improved by using EV fleet management software to maintain an effective operation.

Key Features Of Our Electric Vehicle Fleet Management Software

Now let’s jump onto key features of a reliable EV fleet management software that will help to make your platform a user-friendly and reliable option for the users.

Drivers Behavior

Your fleet drivers should be under the supervision of an effective system to make sure they follow traffic safety regulations. Software for fleet management should track metrics and produce reports that describe the behavior and activity of drivers. Fleet management can decide on driver retention rates thanks to it.


We maintain an alert and notification feature in the EV fleet management system developed to allow managers to react to any circumstances affecting the driver or the fleet. When impending issues are resolved in real-time, alerts and notifications provide a practical solution to increase productivity.

Vehicle Tracking

Fast decision-making requires real-time visibility. Fleet managers may track vehicles, equipment, and inventories using GPS support via cellular or satellite technology.

Modern technologies go a step further and provide dot-based and turn-by-turn navigation map charting. You can monitor after-hours activity or set up geofencing alerts and alarms to receive notifications when a car enters or leaves a geofenced area.


CRM tools and other technology should be smoothly integrated into an efficient EV fleet management system. The software should be integrated with the current time and attendance, supply chain management, performance, HR, and TMS systems to give users more power over decision-making.

Fleet Management

The upkeep of the fleet is crucial to efficient operations. It increases ROI, optimizes fleet performance, lowers labor costs, and increases asset lifespan and resale value. In the event of a vehicle problem, the technology locates and alerts the driver and fleet managers.

Task Management

Client, supplier, and internal staff communication are facilitated by this functionality. Through email sending, messaging, correspondence, reporting, etc., it is finished instead of maintaining diary actions. 

It is simpler to manage daily work and include all the necessary parties with effective task management. Decision-making is frequently dependent on data, which streamlines production.


The contract is frequently subject to adjustments and alterations in the fleet area. There, all contract revisions, modifications, and terminations are carried out. It is also closely tied to billing transactions and payment scheduling at the same time. 

Excellent contract management makes certain that the fleet purchases the most affordable services and goods.


It is in charge of keeping an eye on all aspects of vehicle control related to licenses. This includes duplicates, renewals, expiration dates, and new licenses. Any number of license checks are possible thanks to instant data access. 

Additionally, it aids in tracking each vehicle's licensing and removes the dangers associated with having unauthorized automobiles on the road.

Work Procedure We Follow For EV Fleet Solutions

RisingMax Inc. is the leading software development company that has delivered more than 100 projects till 2022 and, in the second quarter of 2023, is working on more than 50 projects for global businesses. 

We Listen 

As the first step, we listen to your concept, requirements, and expectations from the software. The team listens to your whole idea and makes sure to clear each and everything for the platform. 


After the first meeting, our team of developers and project manager will get into the in-depth idea and coin out the best possible version for developing a high-end EV fleet solution. 


Once we are done with the research we prepare a complete blueprint of the development procedure and plan to make sure nothing should be missed out as per the requirement of our client.


We have a team of 150+ developers who holds the experience of more than a decade of in software development. They work dedicatedly to deliver a high-end EV fleet solution with user-friendly panels and secured coding. 

Multi Level Testing

Our team of QA experts works closely with the development team at multiple levels to omit every minor error from the EV fleet software solution.

Beta Testing

Before the final deployment of the project, we do the beta testing so that we can get a fair review of the EV fleet software and if still any mistake is found then it could be omitted out. 

Final Deployment

After all the procedures we deploy the electric vehicle fleet management software to enhance the marketplace.

electric vehicle fleet management software

Why Choose RisingMax Inc. For Electric Vehicle Fleet Management Software

RisingMax Inc. is the leading EV app development company serving global industries since 2011. Here are some of the reasons why we can be your 360-degree solution provider for electric vehicle fleet management software.

Experienced Developers 

Holds the experience of more than a decade in providing high-end software solutions for various industries.

Cost Effective

We provide complete surety to deliver the project with perfection and at a cost-effective rate.

On-Time Delivery

We deliver the project on time without any delays and without any errors. We ensure that not even a day of delay should take place.


our essential concern is to provide the EV fleet solution with complete reliability and advanced technology. 

Payment Model

We provide a flexible payment model for our clients, where clients can get their projects done by paying the amount at their convenience. 

100% Transparency 

RisingMax Inc. provides complete transparency to their clients before the deal, during the development process, after the deployment of the project, and in the payment system. 

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