Medication Management App Development Company

By RisingMax

May 10, 2023

Medication Management App Development Company

As a leading healthcare software development service provider, we assist hospitals and healthcare facilities worldwide in building advanced healthcare solutions. We have successfully built and deployed healthcare solutions such as Medication management apps, Telemedicine apps, Appointment booking apps, Hospital management systems, and more. Schedule a FREE consultation call with our experts to discuss your medication management app idea TODAY!

Medication Management App Development

Different Types of Healthcare Medication Management Applications

Are you planning to invest in your own medication management application development? Then, here are some popular medication and dose reminder app ideas for you to consider. 

Before moving ahead with the healthcare medication reminder app, you have a clear idea about app features and functionality to build a solution that ensures long-term market success.

Let’s discuss different types of medication reminder and management applications in detail;

Basic Medication Tracker and Pill Reminder App

As the name suggests, these types of medication management applications enable users to keep track of medication doze and timings. Equipped with basic features such as a clock, alarm, doze tracking, and medication schedule, this application is perfect if you are looking for a simple medication tracker and pill reminder app.

High-End Medication Tracker Application

This is an advanced version of the medication-tracking application with some high-end features. Along with features like a clock, alarm, doze tracking, and medication schedule, this app comes with high-end features like zone support, doze reminder, medication image, online consultation, and e-Prescription software solution.

Medication Management and Tracker Applications

These types of healthcare medication management solutions are more than capable of just tracking schedules. Medication management and tracking applications assist users in medication, storing health records, claiming health insurance, and sharing health details with doctors/physicians.

Medication Reminder vs Medication Management Software: What’s The Difference?

Both these software solutions fall under the healthcare category and are deployed to handle specific tasks. While the scope of the medication reminder app is just limited to keeping track of medication and reminders. The wider implementation scope of medication management software makes it a more valuable healthcare solution than medication reminder software.

Medication Reminder vs Medication Management Software

S No

Medication Reminder Software

Medication Management Software


Easy to use and develop.

Easy to use, but wider implementation scope makes developing difficult.


Ideal for basic medication and dosage-related issues.

Can effectively handle and manage most healthcare medication-related issues.


Basic software features include reminder alarms, medication scheduling, user notes, time zone support, and missed dose alerts.

Features include medication reminders, customized scheduling, time zone support, EHR support, e-Prescriptions, appointment scheduling, and shared health records.


Basic medication reminder app development cost ranges between $40k to $45k.

Medication management software development cost ranges between $80k to $90k.

What Medication Management App Development Bring to the Table For Your Healthcare Business?

Investing in medication management app development opens up wide-ranging benefits for the healthcare business. From addressing key issues related to patients' medication and establishing an engaging ecosystem for patients and doctors to interact, these healthcare solutions address various issues, including;

Automate Appointment Scheduling

The user-friendly interface of medication management software makes it easy for patients to book an appointment at convenience. Automating manual appointment tasks enables hospitals and healthcare facilities to reduce the burden on front-line staff and streamline business operations.

Schedule and Track Medication Doses

Skipping or the wrong dosage on the patient's side often leads to hospitalization or delay in health recovery. Medication management software will send customized pills and dosage reminders to ensure patients take the prescribed dosage at the right time.


Medication management applications are integrated with e-prescription features to ensure that patients won’t forget to refill. With this, patients will receive a reminder week before the medication supply runs out and refill

Electronic Health Records (EHR)

With medication management software, patients can keep track of their health records and medication history. Digitalization of health records makes it easy for patients to share records with doctors/physicians.

Effective Medication Tracking

Medication tracking and pill reminder apps make it easy for patients to track dosage and set customized medication reminders. Medication logs can be created, and orders can be placed automatically, even if the patient forgets to do so.

Ensure Dosage

Elderly patients with more complex medication schedules can take advantage of medication reminder applications to ensure proper dosage and time schedules. In-built chat support features make it easy for patients to comply with medication schedules.

Swiftly Address Medication Queries

Mixing various pills often results in confusion about whether the combination has any associated risk or can cause a reaction. A 24*7 support feature of the medication management app makes it easy for patients to connect directly with health experts and swiftly address their medication-related queries.

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Appealing Features of Our Medication Management Applications

What sets our medication management application from others available in the market today? Easy customization and intriguing features of our medication management application. Based on app requirements, we have created a separate list of basic and advanced features to include in your medication management application.

Basic or Must-Have Features For Medication Management Software

Medication Scheduling

This feature allows users to create daily/weekly/monthly digital medication schedules with details such as medication names, dosages, pill descriptions, medication timing, and how to take them.

Pill Reminders

With this feature of our medication reminder application, patients will get medication reminders until they take their dose. For differently-abled people, mobile phone vibration or flash screen pill reminders are ideal to ensure regular medication intake.

Smart Algorithm

Our medication reminder app comes with an integrated smart algorithm that will alert users if the previous medication schedule doesn’t match the new schedule. Patients can also input or update health factors that doctors/physicians can diagnose to change medication schedules.

Order Refill

The medication reminder app will share constant medication renewal alerts to refill prescriptions on time. With an integrated automated refill option, patients can place renewal orders in case they forget to raise prescription refills.

Pill Identifier

No need to worry about mixing two different pills with our medication management application. Just upload the pill photos, and the integrated algorithm will analyze the image from the database and share the pill’s description with the user.

Locate Store

This feature enables users to search and locate nearby drug stores in case they require a particular medication. The integrated GPS feature makes navigating to the nearest drugstore easy.

Maintain Dose Record

Leveraging this feature, maintaining the record of missed and overall medication doses becomes easy for patients. Moreover, these records can be shared or accessed by doctors/physicians to track the overall treatment process.

Share EHR

This feature of our medication management application makes it easy for patients to share their medication and ongoing treatment records with physicians or doctors with just a single click.

Advanced Features For Medication Management Software

Are you planning to build outstanding medication management software? Then, here’s a list of advanced features that sets your medication management software apart from others. These added high-end features and functionality offer more convenience and comfort to users.

AI-Powered Chatbot

Integrated AI-based chatbots are ideal for enhancing users' overall experience and offer effective 24*7 customer support. This intelligent software can diagnose medical symptoms, provide assistance, and serve as a personalized tool.

Voice Reminders

Sending text messages is a common feature that most medication reminder applications possess. However, our medication reminder is capable of sending polite voice reminders to patients to take their medication.

Share Experience

Our medication management application has a built-in forum where patients can share their experiences. Users can raise their concerns and questions; find quick answers without needing to connect with the customer support team.

Direct Chat

Patients can use this feature of the medication management application to directly connect with a doctor or physician and discuss their medication/health-related queries. Easy access to professional assistance enhances patients' overall experience with medication management applications.

Upload Document

With this feature of our medication management application patients can upload documents such as health reports, test results, previous prescriptions, and others. Keeping digital records of all health treatments makes it easy to share records with doctors or physicians with just a single click.

Integrated Reward & Point System

This feature of our medication management and pill reminder application rewards patients for the time taking their medication and maintaining a track record. These rewards can be later redeemed to get discounts and offers on refills or new medication purchases.

Tracking Sensors

Our medication management application can be integrated with smart health-tracking sensors for tracking sleep patterns, weight, heartbeat, steps, and others. Doctors or physicians can leverage this information to prescribe medication and change daily habits.

Medication Management Application Development Processes

RisingMax Inc. is a trusted healthcare software development company, assisting healthcare facilities worldwide to integrate next-gen technologies and software solutions. Our team follows an agile healthcare app development process to ensure that the medication management app meets all parameters.

We follow six steps of the medication management app development process follows;

  • Requirement
  • Project Analysis
  • Project Planning
  • App Development
  • Application Testing
  • Maintenance & Support

Following this agile medication management app development process empowers us to deliver customized solutions that meet client requirements. Get in touch with our experts today and discuss your healthcare app idea over a FREE consultation call.

How Much Does Medication Management Application Development Cost?

Medication management app requirements change from one client to another. Thus, making it difficult to share an exact medication management application cost. 

However, most healthcare software development companies charge $30k to $40k for basic medication management applications. The development cost might increase depending on high-end features and other cost-driving factors shared in the next section.

Factors That Directly Impact Medication Management App Development Cost

Now, you have an idea about the medication management app development cost. Let’s discuss what are the major factors that directly impact the medication management app development cost. 

Prominent Factors That Directly Impact Medication Management App Development Cost includes;

  • Type of medication management app.
  • Medication management app features.
  • The complexity of app features.
  • Tech stack needed.
  • Location of the development company.
  • Team strength and expertise.
  • Project duration.
  • Integrated security features.
  • Add-on features.

Most software development companies carefully evaluate these, client’s ideas, business needs, and development requirements before quoting an estimated budget. If you are planning to build your own medication management software, then, connect with our experts at RisingMax Inc. Our team after analyzing your project requirement and needs will share a customized development cost ASAP.

Medication Management App Development

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