Electric Scooter App Development: A Billion Dollar Business Opportunity

By RisingMax

July 19, 2023

Electric Scooter App Development: A Billion Dollar Business Opportunity

E-scooters are very popular these days. These scooters are cost-efficient and better ecological computing devices. Due to their high speed, they can help you reach your destination in less time. Also, these scooters are an environment-friendly transportation alternative. 

Due to the increasing demand for e-scooters in the market, there is a need for an e-scooter mobile app that can help you in operating your e-scooters efficiently. The app will help e-scooter businesses to undertake their business activities efficiently and in an automated manner. As a business owner, if you are looking for a profitable business opportunity, then e-scooter app development can help your business gain popularity in the market.

The blog will discuss e-scooter apps, their working must-have app features, the development process, and types of e-scooter apps.

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Electric Scooter App Development-Highlights

  • The app will help users find electric scooters available nearby.
  • Businesses can manage their scooters efficiently.
  • Helps to prevent electric scooters from theft and misuse.
  • Provides excellent riding experience to the riders

Market Share Of Electric Scooter App 

The e-scooter app is increasing at a very fast pace and will continue to grow in the future. Business. As per Grand View Research, the global E-Scooter business is valued at $22.28 billion as of 2022. The sale is expected.to reach a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.9% from 2023 to 2030.

How Does An On-Demand E-Scooter App Work?

Are you planning to get an e-scooter app developed for your business? Well, before this, you need to understand how does thee-scooter  app work:

Search For A Scooter Nearby

First of all, users must check whether electric scooters are available near their current location. They can do this through the e-scooter app. The app will detect their location and show them the E-scooter's availability at their location. The customer needs to reach the location at which the e-scooter is available. There is an in-built navigation feature that can help them reach.

Scan the QR code

After reaching the destination, choose the e-scooter you wish to ride. After this, there is a QR code attached to the scooter. You need to open the scanner from your e-scooter app and scan the QR code. The QR code of each scooter is different and unique. The code is meant to track the moment of the scooter.
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Unlock The E-Scooter And Start Your Journey

After scanning the QR code through the app, the e-scooter will get unlocked. You can start your journey. The scooter has various features such as navigation, speed control options, and charging percentage viewing options. This will help in improving your ride experience and make it more comfortable and safe.

Lock The E-Scooter Once You Arrive At Your Destination

Once you complete your rise and arrive back at the destination where it was parked earlier. You need to lock the scooter from the e-scooter app. The ride details will be depicted on the app. These details include distance traveled, time taken to complete the ride, and price fare.

Complete The Payment And Share the Ride Feedback

After checking the ride details, you need to make the payment by choosing the desired payment method through the app. You can share your feedback regarding the ride experience on the app.

Must-Have Features Of Electric Scooter App

Getting an e-scooter app developed for your business will help you achieve higher growth levels and unlock new opportunities for success. Given below are some must-have features the e-scooter app must possess:

Admin Panel

The e-scooter has a well-designed admin panel with exclusive features. You can check what is going on in the app and effectively communicate with the users.

Rider Management

The app has effective rider management features using which you can monitor the riders using the app. Check their personal details such as name, contact information, number of rides, and travel preferences.

Vehicle Management

To ensure scooters are working efficiently, there is a vehicle management feature that allows the admin to check remaining battery power, speed limit, total Kilometers traveled, number of rides, and other vehicle details.

Fare Management

The admin has the facility to undertake effective fare management. They can increase or decrease the scooter fare per location and situation.

Payment Management

The app has payment management features that allow admin to check their earnings made and the detailed record of payments made by the users through the e-scooter app.

Ride Management

To ensure the rider’s safety during the ride and the vehicle's safety, the app has a risk management infrastructure that helps the riders remain safe and reduce the possibility of accidents.

User Panel

To make the user's e-scooters riding experience unforgettable and enhanced. The app has an attractive user panel with the best features.


The app has an in-built GPS using which users can reach the destination where the electric scooter is being parked. This helps in reducing the travel time.

Social Media Integration

The users can easily log in to the app using their social media accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram, or Gmail. This makes the login process easy and simple.

Push Notifications

The e-scooter app has a push notification option that gives users updates about the new vehicles added to the app and nearby scooters available. The users can easily stay updated about the latest updates.

Feedback Sharing

The app has a feedback-sharing option that allows users to share their feedback regarding their driving experience. This will help your business get real-time user feedback and work towards making their e-scooters more user-friendly and innovative.

Advanced Booking

The app offers advanced booking in which users can book the e-scooter for their journey in advance. You can plan your trip as per the scooter's ability.

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Hardware Requirements For E-Scooter App Development

You must get a clear idea about the working and features of the electric scooter app. Before starting with the e-scooter app development. Now let us understand the hardware requirements you require for the successful operation of the electric scooter app. Here are some must-have hardware requirements you need to hold:

Anti-vandalism and anti-theft alert

This feature gets activated when anyone tries to use the e-scooter without unlocking it from the app. The feature gives alerts to the admin regarding the activity and helps them take corrective action. It also helps to protect the electric scooter from theft and unauthorized usage.

Maintenance sensor

The maintenance sensor of the app helps the admin to check the vehicle condition, usage, distance traveled, and other details, which will help them to make the best use of their vehicles.


GPS tracking helps the business to keep the whereabouts of all the scooters owned by the suppliers. They can track the movement of the vehicles in case of theft.

Battery Meter

The battery meter helps users check the scooter's battery level. The users can check the charging left in the vehicle and its battery status.

Distance Meter

The distance meter helps businesses to check how much distance the vehicle has traveled. This helps in the calculation of ride fares.

Step-By-Step Development Process Of Electric Scooter App

Are you planning to get an electric scooter app developed for your e-scooter business? Here is a step-by-step procedure you can follow:

Concept Ideation And Requirement Gathering

To develop a successful electric scooter app, you need to develop an interesting and innovative concept first. The e-scooter app concept should be unique and innovative. Along with this, you need to gather your business requirements and check what are your business app development needs.

Finding An Expert App Development Company

Once you are clear with your electric scooter app requirements, you next must find an expert travel app development company. You need to check their experience level and the company’s portfolio.

Choose App Features And Tech Stack

After finalizing the mobile app development company, the next thing you need to do is to finalize the app features and tech stack used in its development. Make sure you conduct deep research on the perspective features of the e-scooter app.

App Development And Testing

After choosing the app features, you need to start with the development of the app. The development technique used by the company should be unique. The testing of the app would be done to make sure it does not have errors, and all the features are working properly.

App Deployment And Launch

Once the app is developed, the development company will launch it in the market. After the successful app launch, it is handed over to you by the company. Make sure you get all the important documentation and login credentials related to the e-scooter app.

Maintenance And App Marketing

Once the app is deployed and launched in the market. The development company would assist you with the marketing of the app. In this, they would suggest impactful strategies to make the thee-scooter app more popular. Also, the app development company provides post-launch support and maintenance.

What Is The Cost Of Developing An Electric Scooter App?

After reading about the process of electric scooter app development, the next thing which would have come to your mind is what would be the overall cost to develop an e-scooter app. The estimated cost to develop an electric scooter app ranges from $15,000 to $55,000.However, this cost is not fixed. It varies as per the location of the development company, features added to the app, and development techniques used by the company. Let us understand the variation in development cost as per various factors:
Electric Scooter App Development

Complexity Of The App

The more complex the electric scooter app, the higher will be its development cost.

Basic Complex Features App

$10,000 - $30,000

Medium Complex Features App

$30,000 - $50,000

Large or Advance Complex Features App


Location Of The App Development Company

The location of the development company also impacts the development cost.

US-based developers charge

$150-$250/per hour

Eastern-Western developers charge


India-based developers charge


Summing Up

The electric scooter mobile app will make vehicle management very easy and automated for businesses. Through this software, they can check their earnings and vehicle charging status and provide a personalized electric scooter riding experience to their users. To get the best results, you must get it designed by an experienced and knowledgeable person. readymade taxi management software solution provider.

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