Blockchain Energy Trading Platform Development

By RisingMax

April 10, 2023

Blockchain Energy Trading Platform Development

Similar to stock trading, energy commodities like uranium, natural gas, and electric power are traded via energy trading platforms. Traditionally, where disparities in the supply and demand of commodities made it difficult and risky for investors to trade commodities.

Blockchain energy trading apps

Integration of advanced software solutions created an environment where producers, suppliers, buyers, and intermediaries come together to negotiate a competitive price based on supply and demand.

The introduction of blockchain-based energy trading and risk management system transformed the entire energy trading sector. Blockchain-powered solutions introduce next-gen tools like smart contracts that assist in automation and enhance the trading experience. 

If you are planning to launch your own blockchain energy trading and risk management software. If and are looking for the best blockchain software development company, then our experts at RisingMax Inc. are the right fit for you. We have the right expertise and development strategy to turn your idea into reality.

What is a Blockchain-based Energy Trading & Risk Management Software?

Blockchain-based energy trading and risk management (ETRM) software allows commodity traders to participate in buying and selling of energy commodities such as crude oil, natural gas, electric power, and so on. 

The trading software is integrated with advanced features and risk management that assist traders in buying and selling energy commodities. 

An energy trading and risk management software requires maintaining a massive trader ledger and real-time commodities prices. Integration of blockchain technology assists in maintaining a digital ledger, making trading more secure and efficient than existing ETRM software solutions.

Different Types of Blockchain-based Energy Trading Software Solutions

A variety of energy commodities available in the market widens the development scope of blockchain energy trading software. As an entrepreneur, you can launch a niche energy trading software for electricity, crude oil, and other renewable resources based on your business idea. Popular blockchain-based energy trading software includes the following;

Blockchain Commodity Trading and Risk Management Software

Trading commodities like Crude oil, Coffee, Natural gas, and Gold comes with its own risks and challenges. To manage risks, traders can implement risk management strategies like hedging, futures contracts, options, etc, to protect their margins and profits. 

Blockchain-based commodity trading and risk management (CTRM) software exposes traders to commodities for buying and selling, similar to stock or forex trading.

Blockchain P2P Energy Trading App

In peer-to-peer energy software, the surplus energy is traded between two parties connected via an electricity grid. Integration of blockchain technology creates a transparent ecosystem for trading energy and storing data on a decentralized network. 

Combining trading software with smart contracts can simplify and automate the energy buying and trading process. Eliminating intermediaries and real-time energy price charts empowers traders to make well-informed decisions.

Blockchain Renewable Energy Trading

Renewable energy resources such as sunlight, water, and wind are ideal for generating and trading clean energy. The P2P trading system allows surplus renewable energy to be easily traded between two parties connected via the electricity grid. 

Blockchain renewable energy trading software makes selling surplus energy easier without worrying about specific conditions. 

Blockchain Fossil Fuels Trading Software

With blockchain-based fossil fuel trading software, buying and selling fuels such as oil, coal, natural gas, and others becomes easier and more secure. Integrating blockchain technology into existing fossil fuel trading infrastructure will bring more transparency, reduce operational costs, and enhance transaction efficiency and data security. 

Intriguing Features of Our Blockchain Energy Trading and Risk Management Software

User Verification

Our blockchain energy trading and risk management app comes with two-factor authentication and anti-bot verification features. This ensures the safety of users' data and offers a secure energy trading experience.

Manage Profile

With this feature of our blockchain energy trading and risk management app, users can manage different aspects such as profile edit, updating bank or wallet details, uploading documents, and more.

Putting Energy Trades

This feature allows traders to buy and sell energy commodities with just a few clicks. The user-friendly interface of our blockchain-based energy trading app assists users in executing orders and monitoring their flow of funds. 

Manage Funds

With this feature of our blockchain energy trading app, investor and traders can deposit or withdraw funds directly from or to their bank accounts with minimal effort. 

Advanced Search

Energy traders and investors can leverage this feature to find their favorite energy stocks and view real-time rates.


With this blockchain energy trading software feature, users can check their trade history and analyze each trade end result.

Alerts & Notifications

This feature of our blockchain energy trading and risk management software sends alerts and notifications about stock movement. This ensures investors or traders that they are always on top of what’s happening in the energy markets.

Risk Management Tools

Our blockchain energy trading software comes with integrated risk management and analysis tools to assist traders/investors in making well-informed decisions.

Crypto wallet

Integrated crypto wallet empowers traders or investors to use leading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and ETH for trading energy commodities.

Blockchain-powered Trading Engine

The trading engine based on blockchain is one of the core features of our energy trading and risk management app. From the price and commissions to matching up offers and bids, a blockchain trading engine will handle everything efficiently.

Automated Energy Trading

Integrated smart contacts assist traders or investors in automating energy commodities trading. A smart contract creates a decentralized and secure environment for two parties to trade energy commodities without hassle.

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How Much Does it Cost to Build a Blockchain Energy Trading Software?

Similar to any stock trading application, there are various factors that directly impact the development cost. Without properly understanding these cost-deriving factors, sharing a cost estimation won’t make any sense. 

However, if you want a customized quote for your blockchain energy trading and risk management software, then reach out to our experts. After understanding your trading software project and development needs, we will share a customized app development quote ASAP.

When it comes to building a blockchain energy trading and risk management software, multiple cost-driving factors directly impact the development cost. Cost-driving factors include - the type of blockchain energy trading software, features complexity, development tech stack, project duration, and development company’s expertise are key consideration factors.

Investing in the development of a blockchain energy trading and risk management software solution is a difficult task, but surely a futuristic solution. Most reputed FinTech software development companies charge more than $100k for blockchain-based energy trading and risk management software development. This is just a rough estimation, the overall development cost might go high based on platform uniqueness and add-on features.

Why Choose RisingMax Inc. for Blockchain Energy Trading and Risk Management Software Development?

On-time project delivery

At RisingMax Inc. we believe the faster you launch and market a product, the higher the chances of it becoming successful. That’s why during the initial stages of the project, we promise you a project development timeline and work with full dedication to delivering the project on time. Following a development roadmap, empower us to efficiently track project status and speed up the development process to ensure on-time project delivery.

On-budget Project Solutions

Our blockchain experts and trading app development team understand the challenges related to building blockchain-based energy trading solutions. Leveraging our domain expertise and software tool knowledge, we efficiently handle complex development challenges to build budget-friendly blockchain energy trading and risk management software.

Long-term Support

Building and deploying reliable blockchain energy trading software is one thing, but you need a reliable IT team to ensure that it works smoothly in the future. We ensure that future software upgrades and maintenance won’t take a huge chunk of profits. Our long-term support ensures our clients can focus on the business more while our team provides the necessary IT support.

Blockchain energy trading apps

Business Modelling Methodology 

As a leading blockchain development company, we build blockchain solutions by deploying proven business methodologies to develop the most successful solutions. Our business modeling methodology includes in-depth audits, addressing current business gaps, and integrating new technologies.

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