Web3 Potential In Shaping The Financial or Fintech World

By RisingMax

December 27, 2022

Web3 Potential In Shaping The Financial or Fintech World

Are you trying to wrap your head around: How Web3 is shaping the future of finance? Well, recent market downturns and bankruptcies are becoming the reason for transforming business models across the financial sector. 

Web3 in Financial or Fintech Industry

It's difficult to distinguish fact from hype when it comes to the term "Web3." It opens up new business prospects and models for our clients, but we need to know what's new and what's different.

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Feeling a little intimidated by this all? Not to worry. Whether you are a native crypto user or still attempting to understand web3, we have you covered. Here is how we dissect it.

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Web3 In Finance: Introducing A Decentralized Economy 

Before we dive into the intricacies of the effects of web3 in Finance or the Fintech industry, let’s get familiar with the fundamentals that lead to the creation of a decentralized economy. 

Understanding The Basics

Blockchain. NFTs. Cryptocurrencies. Go through the vocabulary so you can understand our new reality.


Cryptocurrency is an encrypted digital or virtual decentralized currency (not held by a bank or company). The basis of cryptocurrencies is a blockchain, a distributed public ledger that is updated and maintained by currency holders.


Blockchain is a decentralized, digital public ledger that simplifies the recording and managing of assets and transactions. Cryptocurrencies are powered by technology. It can be audited by anyone, just like a public database. However, editing is not possible.


NFTs, or non-fungible tokens. A blockchain record is associated with a particular digital or actual asset that can be bought, sold, or traded.

New Drop

It simply means "dropping" a fresh, frequently limited-edition NFT collection of digital wearables when a business announces a "new drop."

Emerging Economic Trends

An important development in Web3 will largely be the decentralization of currency. Greater numbers of people are abandoning banks, drastically altering the economic environment.

Digital Wallets

Coinbase, Circle, and Xapo are a few examples of digital wallets leading the way toward digital currency. They facilitate the storing and moving of money. They have more flexibility if they have more control over their digital assets or have access to smart contracts. More than $25 million users use a single wallet service like Trust Wallet.

dApps (Decentralized Applications)

Blockchain technology has a total investment of $6.6 billion in 2021; by 2024, it is anticipated that this amount will increase to $19 billion. In its most recent investment round, asset management company Andreessen Horowitz raised $4.5 billion from private investors.

However, the funds raised will support the establishment of the blockchain and dApps. According to Triple-A, the percentage of people using cryptocurrencies worldwide has topped 4.0 percent.

Ongoing Financial Approach

A collection of businesses, including banks, insurance companies, and stock exchanges, make up a financial system. There are commercial, regional, and global financial systems.

To fund projects for either personal consumption or successful investments and to seek a return on their financial holdings, borrowers, lenders, and investors exchange current currency.

To determine which projects are funded, who funds initiatives, and the conditions of financial agreements, borrowers, and lenders use a variety of rules and procedures that make up the financial system.

The financial system consists of a finance minister, the central bank of the nation, additional national banks, and other financial organizations, including regional banks and insurance businesses. These organizations have the power to influence a nation's financial system.

The issue is that the system is totally under the grip of banks and centralized governments. The general population has very little power in this situation. The only entity that can set interest rates for bank loans and deposits. Banks and central banks also decide the majority of monetary policy.

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Web3 & Defi: The Change That We Need

Peer-to-peer (P2P) technology and encryption are used in decentralized finance, sometimes known as "Defi," as an alternative to conventional financial institutions for sending and receiving money. Financial services may become more affordable with open-source platforms and technology. Defi projects like digital wallets, staking projects, and smart oracles have the potential to grow significantly.

  • Decentralized finance eliminates middlemen by enabling people, businesses, and merchants to conduct financial transactions utilizing modern technology. By utilizing the proper connectivity, software, hardware, and information security procedures, peer enables these systems to peer financial networks.
  • You can lend, trade, and borrow from any location with an internet connection using software that logs and validates financial transactions in distributed financial databases. A distributed database allows users to access it from different places, gathers data from all users, and verifies it using a consensus process.
  • Decentralized finance uses the blockchain technology that cryptocurrencies use. A decentralized, secure database or ledger is known as a blockchain. Software programs called dApps, oversee transactions and manage how the blockchain operates.

Defi Opportunities

You can begin deploying your assets once your cryptocurrency has been saved in a wallet, most likely with a certified custodian. It's important to remember that Defi also accepts other digital assets like USDC and USDT and stablecoins tethered to the dollar. CBDCs may also be utilized in the future!

The top three methods for making money in the industry are as follows. Each one has its own set of perils and opportunities.

The following are the top 3 Defi opportunities:

Borrowing And Lending

Protocols' depository assets can be utilized as lending collateral and automatically produce yields (i.e., deposit Ether, withdraw USDC against the Ether position). It is typical to only issue loans with a lot of collateral due to the volatility of cryptocurrencies.

Providing Liquidity

Providing Liquidity in applications that function as exchanges and provide liquidity for Defi products, fee-based assets ensure swift transactions.


Users may receive more stake benefits and assistance in funding secure protocols by staking assets.

Web3 in Financial or Fintech Industry

Far-Reaching Effects of Web3 In The Fintech Industry


Due to new use cases and rising latent consumer and commercial demand, innovative and unexplored assets like stablecoins, CBDCs, governance tokens, NFTs, and tokenized real estate may continue to develop. Indicating that both the traditional and tokenized versions of many assets, such as bonds and commodities, may coexist and that some assets may continue to tokenize.


To support new assets, core infrastructure will keep evolving and maturing. More infrastructure is needed in several areas, including wallets and identification, clearing and settlement, tokenization and issuance, risk and compliance, custody and asset servicing, and clearing and settlement. Current legacy gamers need to respond appropriately to these problems.


Marketplaces, payment networks, and deposit and loan systems native to Web3 are already starting to emerge. It may be possible for traditional and Web3 platforms to coexist and offer equal functionality, but predicting which use cases would grow the fastest may take time and effort.

The traditional service might provide a better user experience and more comprehensive consumer protection. Both can offer different value propositions. The native Web3 version, however, might have better user economics or be accessible around the clock.

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Upon Consideration

Since Web3's inception, it has been demonstrated to be a fascinating sector that appeals to ordinary investors by making the finance industry more safe, accessible, and transparent. If Defi keeps bringing in fresh investors and expands until it can successfully compete with traditional finance, we'll be shocked.

Web3 in Financial or Fintech Industry

Future Web3 growth could lead to the following developments:

  • The number of customers accessing or utilizing Web3 services will significantly increase.
  • Through asset tokenization, traditional assets like equities, real estate, etc., may employ Defi protocols.
  • More Web3 items will create counterparty permissioned versions that are whitelisted.
  • NFTs and other blockchain-based assets are among the collateral types permitted by these protocols.

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