AI-Based Real Estate Lead Management Software to Bring Home More Deals

By RisingMax

December 27, 2022

AI-Based Real Estate Lead Management Software to Bring Home More Deals

Real estate is one of the finest and safest investments ever. Thereby, to survive within the real estate industry, whether dealing with commercial or residential, it is important to have a client-focused approach to make the most of the industry.

This is because knowing your customer's or client's financial resources, preferences, and needs can help you meet their long-term requirements within the real estate industry.

Now, the task of collecting data about the customers and then making sales is not so easy. This is where a smart real estate lead management software application/system comes in.

Lead Management Software, You Would Love to Have

We bring in the necessary features and everything you wish to have on your real estate lead management system.

Crafted for your unique real estate business this amazing software has come out as a boon for the real estate industry. It is a one-stop solution to build lasting relationships with property buyers, builders, agents, brokers, etc.

Real estate industry which is all about building and nurturing long-lasting relationships this platform got you covered everything. One can easily get in touch with potential buyers and property buyers on time, anytime from anywhere.

For a real estate agency, it is possible to have a hectic schedule due to the demands of managing a team of real estate agents and brokers, streamlining daily property operations and portfolios, as well as the creation and storage of quotes, invoices, price books, and bills in the company's account.

In that scenario, the Real Estate Brokerage Back Office Software is an all-in-one real estate CRM platform that’s crafted for your business.

Get started for accelerated sales by having real-time alerts and in-depth analytics of lead sources, properties, agents, and more

Ready to dig deeper and fetch the wealth within the real estate industry?

What is Real Estate Lead Management Software?

Lead generation software is a program that assists real estate companies in collecting information about prospects when they visit a website to build a database of contacts to convert them into paying customers within the real estate market.

Real estate lead management software provides a variety of features that allow agents to improve their customer experience while shortening the time it takes to close a deal simultaneously.

Are you planning to adopt the software and looking for someone who can build real estate lead management software for your real estate business? 

RisingMax is here to help you out. Being a reputed software development company, we provide robust real estate lead management software. Our Variable Soft Real Estate CRM provides you with every feature required for the expansion of your real estate company.

You can take advantage of each lead generated and manage its sales channels. It draws leads from the property portal and automatically assigns leads to your sales team.

Why Do Companies Need Real Estate Lead Management Software?

As a real estate agent or broker, your primary goal is to keep your clients happy and engaged in the transaction. And to be at the top of your game, you must be able to recognize each client's specific needs, follow up with them regularly, find new customers, and perform a variety of other tasks. 

Many issues can arise during any phase of property management, including the stages of renting, leasing, buying, and selling. 

As a result, it is the location where real estate lead management software should be maintained to improve client involvement more effectively. 

Subsequently, with the introduction of real estate lead management Software, this industry has wholly redesigned itself from various perspectives. 

The most significant advantage of using real estate lead management software is that associations can manage their entire business in a single place. The use of this software is propelling the real estate industry to new heights.

Align the current state of IT with your business strategy by hiring the most trustworthy Real Estate Development Company

Real Estate Lead Management Software Features:

1. Lead Management

Real estate lead management software automatically captures and generates the leads by the leading real estate portals Magic Bricks and 99acres. Also, the leads are grabbed and taken from other websites and social media platforms, making it the best medium to get started with the real estate business. 

2. Property Management

The next feature is to manage the property with the help of software. Yes, in this, the actual property data is maintained in the property management module, which simplifies the work of property managers. They can monitor the inventory anytime and anywhere and pay close attention to dashboard reports, ultimately providing them more time to focus on selling and making profits.

3. Keyword Based Searching

Searching on our real estate lead management software is keyword-based, meaning that only keywords you can search for are used. Whether location, property type, or any other specification, one can just put it in the search bar in short form and get detailed results. 

4. Property Listing

The software is best at seeking and managing different properties at once. It lets you go through all the properties available nearby. You will come across the list of properties displayed in this module, and you can see the status of the properties, whether sold or available.

5. Property Buyers or Leads

This module lets property managers seek out buyers and generate leads. This module lets you guide the screen to capture customer needs and interests for location, profile, budget, status, and comments.

6. Booking

This module manages property reservations, details, discounts, commissions, rates, additional agreements, documents, and pending payments. In this way, it lets property buyers hold the property. 

7. Property Master/Inventory

This primary property module is used to maintain detailed information on the entire property, such as budget, size, plan, plot, available quantity, project details, and location.

8. Active Customer Care Support

Proactive customer support is always available to address customer inquiries about properties and provides our clients with valuable property information.

9. Customized Lead Status

The CRM customization module helps administrators customize the software according to the needs of the business. Fields, views, forms, emails, SMS, templates, reports, product logos, and dashboards can all be customized to meet customer requirements.

Real Estate Lead Management Software

Things You Need to Consider While Choosing Real Estate Lead Management Software

Consider the following criteria to assist you in determining which lead generation software is most appropriate for your real estate business:


The software you choose should be customizable to handle all of your real estate activities without difficulty.

Reporting Capabilities

Keep in mind that your software's reporting capabilities have a significant impact on how you run your business. Select a reporting tool that is simple to use and provides a wide range of information.

Steps of Implementation

Some software may require you to receive training on how to use them before you begin using them. Others may necessitate testing before starting actual operations. It is critical to understand the costs associated with the implementation process to avoid exceeding your budgetary constraints.


You may need to find a tool that is both affordable and has a lot of features. Each tool on the market has its own set of features and pricing structures. As a result, it is critical that you take your time in order to determine which custom software development cost is in your budget and is the most appropriate for your needs in terms of cost and functionality.

Adaptability and Problem-Solving Abilities

Why are you purchasing lead generation software in the first place? Your software should assist you in solving some problems, such as tracking and maintaining records of your customer base, managing customer relationships, tracking the activity of your leads, and so on.

Check to see if the tool you are considering purchasing has the capability of solving your problems and, in some cases, simplifying other activities in your company.

Ease to Use

You must conduct thorough research into which tool will be the most easily integrated into your existing sales and marketing strategies and complement them. Using it daily, if not regularly, should also be simple for your sales team.

Summing Up:

The real estate industry is booming with time and so are the profits. Being the safest and most reliable sector it has come a long way in providing propelling benefits worldwide.

The industry is faster than others to get on board with leading technology. In that scenario, you as a real estate business owner cannot lag behind within the industry just because of the technology constraints. Not to worry, you will not.

We at RisingMax are here to help you.

We bring you the new age real estate lead management software to combat all your real estate challenges in one go. Delineated with next-gen features, our real estate listing management software has successfully managed to boost property sales, run project marketing campaigns, managing leads making your journey worthwhile within the real estate industry.

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