How Much Does OpenTable Like App Development Cost?

By RisingMax

October 03, 2023

How Much Does OpenTable Like App Development Cost?

It’s the holiday season, and you are planning a weekend getaway in popular tourist destinations like France, Australia, Indonesia, or Thailand. After months of planning, you have finally ticked all the important aspects: Flights, hotels, clothes, airport transfer facility, and popular tourist destination.

But what about a perfect candlelight dinner?

Most travellers find it hard to locate and book a table in popular restaurants while travelling to new countries. The language barrier, time difference, and lack of knowledge make booking a restaurant table arduous. 

This is where OpenTable-like restaurant table reservation apps come in handy. These applications allow users to reserve a table in more than 80 countries in nearly 60,000 restaurants around the globe. Making it a must-have travel companion on your mobile. 

A visionary entrepreneur like you might wonder, can I build a similar OpenTable-like application?

Well, the answer is a YES.

The travel and tourism market is growing at an exponential rate. The project market volume will reach $1,016 billion by 2027, which makes the restaurant table reservation app a billion-dollar business idea.

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Table Reservation App Market Size And Forecast

  • From 2022 to 2029, the restaurant table reservation app market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13 percent. (Data Bridge Market)
  • The restaurant table reservation app and software market was valued at $64.84 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach $177 billion by 2028. (Verified Market Research)
  • The restaurant table booking app and software market is forecast to grow by 12.50 percent between 2020-27. (GlobeNewswire)
Opentable App Development Cost

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Let’s delve deep into the topic and discover some prominent factors that directly impact the overall app development cost.

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Factors Impacting OpenTable Like App Development Cost

With the increasing popularity of restaurant reservation apps like OpenTable, investing in these apps is a profitable business venture. Launching an OpenTable-like app with intriguing features and an engaging user interface allows you to tap into this potential business opportunity.

But before venturing into the new business opportunity, it’s best to understand the app development cost clearly. For this very reason, we have listed the most crucial factors that impact the restaurant reservation app, like OpenTable development cost.

Go through this post to understand the factors most app development companies evaluate before sharing an estimated development budget.

App Complexity

The complexity of an application is directly related to app development costs. A restaurant table reservation app with premium features and functionality will likely cost more than a basic application. 

App Complexity
Development Cost
Basic Complexity App
Starts from $30,000
Medium Complexity App
Starts from $45,000
Complex App
Starts from $55,000

Further, the time required to develop a complex OpenTable-like app is two to three times more than a basic app. As mobile app developers invest more time to build the application, the associated higher cost seems completely justified.

Application Type

OpenTable like app development cost depends greatly on the type or business logic behind the application. While the functionality of the application remains the same, i.e. providing on-demand table reservation services to users.

Before discussing the app's development cost, let’s discuss the two types of OpenTable like apps. 

Aggregator Table Reservation App

This type of restaurant table reservation app is ideal if you want to partner with different restaurants worldwide. In this business model, customers can book a table in any listed restaurant worldwide with just a few taps on the mobile screen. Apps like Yelp & OpenTable operate on an aggregator business model and change a fee on every table booking or transaction.

Single Restaurant Or Food Chain Table Reservation App

These types of restaurant table booking applications allow users to reserve tables with a single restaurant or food chain business. The application is limited to a single restaurant or food chain; thus, no table reservation fee is charged.

Application Type
App Development Cost
Aggregator Table Reservation App
Starts from $55,000
Single Restaurant Table Reservation App
Starts from $40,000

Location of App Development Company

The location of the app development company increases or decreases the overall app development cost. This is mainly due to the per-hour development cost charged by app developers in different parts of the world. As the app development time remains almost the same, the per-hour hiring cost of a developer majorly impacts the overall project cost.

The table below mentions the per-hour cost of hiring an app developer in different parts of the world.

Location of App Development Company
Developer per-hour charges in USD ($)
United States (USA)
United Kingdom (UK)
90 - 100
Australia (AUS)
70 - 80
Europe (EU)
75 - 85
30 - 40

Note: High per-hour cost doesn’t necessarily indicate the developer's expertise or the quality of the application to be delivered. 

From the above table, you can deduce that outsourcing OpenTable like app development to India or Asia region is a budget-friendly option.

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Application Platform

You can build an OpenTable-like application on two mobile platforms - iOS & Android. You can hire iOS or Android app developers based on the target audience. The complex ecosystem and deployment procedure in iOS increases the app development cost as compared to the Android platform.

Further, hiring cross-platform app developers becomes more affordable as you can launch an iOS and Android Play Store app with a single code.  

Application Platform
Development Cost
iOS OpenTable like App
Starts from $40,000
Android OpenTable like App
Starts from $30,000
Cross-platform OpenTable like App
Starts from $45,000

Team Strength

As you already know, the development company's location impacts the development cost. The number of professionals working on OpenTable-like app development projects can also increase or decrease the development cost. The app development team must have a project manager, app developer (Android, iOS, or cross-platform), UI/UX designer, Back-end developer, project coordinator, and an App tester.

A team of five to six professionals can build the OpenTable like app from scratch within two to three months. Further, team strength increases or decreases based on the project's complexity, features required, and customization needs. 

Project Scope

The project's scope is directly related to your vision for the application. If you plan to build a restaurant table reservation application like OpenTable that allows users worldwide to book a table, then the app development cost will be high. However, if you plan to target users in specific locations like the US or UK, the app development cost will be less comparatively.

Technology Stack

Multiple tech stacks are available in the market to build an engaging and user-friendly mobile application. Building an application with advanced technologies like AI, blockchain, and ML can increase development costs. The right AI development company will help you choose the best tech stack for your application within your budget without compromising quality.

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OpenTable Like App Development Cost Breakdown

The development cost of an OpenTable like app ranges between $45,000 to $55,000. The development cost might increase based on cost-driving factors such as project complexity, platform type, application type, and features. Add a minimum of $10,000 to $15,000 to the above-mentioned app development estimation.

Irrespective of whether you are spending $45,000 or $100k on app development, the table below provides a cost breakdown based on different app development stages. Keeping in mind the impact of different app development stages, you can keep the development cost well within budget.

OpenTable like App Development StagesCost Breakdown
App Consultation
App Development
App Testing 
App Deployment
Maintenance & Support

Regarding OpenTable, like app development, the app development and testing phase takes up most of the share in the cost. If you are working on a shoestring budget, then partnering with an app development company that offers affordable development & testing fees can reduce the overall development cost. For this very reason, outsourcing OpenTable like app development to Asian region companies becomes a budget-friendly option for businesses worldwide.

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OpenTable, like restaurant table reservation apps, provides a modern solution to modern-day customer problems. Today, the popularity of these user-friendly apps is at an all-time high and provides an excellent business opportunity. 

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