Fleet Management In Oil And Gas Industry

By RisingMax

July 11, 2023

Fleet Management In Oil And Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry is a vast industry with a large number of small and large players operating in it. To make their products reach the customers, the oil and gas companies must visit multiple locations and provide delivery gas cylinders, pipeline installations, and other products.

Managing your fleets effectively and optimistically is crucial for oil and gas companies. However, this is difficult to achieve if we perform this task manually. 

Fleet management software can be a helpful tool for businesses operating in the oil and gas industry. In this blog, we will discuss the concept and working of fleet management software in detail.

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What Is Oil And Gas Fleet Management Software?

Fleet management in the oil and gas industry helps to streamline their distribution processes and manage their fleets, vehicles, and drivers efficiently. The software provides a tech-savvy platform where businesses can review the performance of all their vehicles and drivers in one place. 

The fleet management software will help in reducing wastage and decrease the possibility of casualties and ensure safe and fast delivery. To get the best and most effective results from the software, you must get it designed by an expert software development company.

With the emergence of fleet management software and oil & gas software, there have been technological advancements occurring in the oil & gas industry. According to Statista, Remote monitoring, mobile platforms, and cloud computing are the most commonly used digital technologies within the oil and gas industry in 2020.

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Ways In Which Fleet Management Software Can Be Beneficial For Businesses

Are you planning to enter into the oil and gas business and looking for a tech partner that can make your business process efficient and automated? Well, fleet management software is a perfect choice for your business. Here are a few ways in which fleet can be helpful for your business:

Fast Transportation

Transportation is an essential part of the daily operations of a business operating in the oil and gas industry. To make the deliveries reach the customers on time, there is a need for efficient software that can track the moment of vehicles and minimize traveling time.

The fleet management software can make the gas deliveries get completed in minimum time by reducing unnecessary stops and optimization of travel routes. The software uses predictive analysis to provide drivers with the best and shortest routes.

Eliminates Excessive Fuel Consumption

Excessive fuel consumption can increase the operational cost of your business. This can impact the profitability of the business. Drivers drive recklessly, and this can cause excessive fuel usage. 

An efficient vehicle tracking software can help in minimizing fuel consumption to a great extent. The fleet management for oil and gas will monitor the vehicle and the driver’s driving skills. 

If fuel consumption and maintenance expenses are increasing, you can instruct drivers to drive carefully or make changes in the travel routes.

Improves Fleet Maintenance

The drivers working in the oil and gas businesses travel to multiple locations. Some locations have smooth and straight roads, while others have curved roads. This can cause wear and tear in fleets used for delivery. 

This will increase the repair costs, and the life span of the vehicles might reduce. With the help of fleet management software, you can schedule maintenance tasks for your vehicles at regular intervals. The reminders could be set using the software.

Helps To Keep Your Fleets Safe From Accidents

The fleets used in the oil and gas industry are highly valuable and are of high cost, and need to be taken proper care of. If not handled properly, they can be damaged. To avoid this, a foolproof safety and vehicle tracking system is needed. 

Fleet management software can be helpful in ensuring the safety and security of your vehicles. The software comes with advanced features, including 24/7 real-time GPS tracking features that can help you track the exact location of your vehicles.

Improves Communication

The drivers have to travel to numerous locations every day. To remain in touch with them, you need an enhanced communication channel. The mining fleet management software can make communication smooth and easy.

With the help of this software, you can send real-time updates to drivers during their travel. There are efficient data-sharing options through which you can easily share data with parties involved in the software. In case of emergency situations, drivers can send their location directly through the software.

Must-Have Features Of Fleet Management Software In the Oil And Gas Industry

Are you planning to get a futurist fleet management software designed for your business? Here are a few features the software must have:

GPS Vehicle Tracking

The GPS tracking feature makes the software the perfect way to manage the moment of vehicles during delivery. The feature allows you to track the real-time moment and location of the vehicles. 

You can know where your vehicles are, from where they started, and which way they are going. You can provide the approximate arrival time to your customers.

Driving Behavior Analysis

The fleet management system will help you in predicting your driver’s driving behavior correctly. You can get data related to the driver's driving pattern and behavior and then take corrective measures to improve their behavior. 

You can find out whether the drivers do harsh braking, speeding, and over-idling while driving or not. You can showcase the data to the drivers and explain to them the correct way of driving.

Fuel Management

Higher fuel consumption is a major concern in the oil and gas industry nowadays. The increased fuel cost can decrease business profitability. The fuel consumption costs a larger portion of the company’s budget. With the help of fleet management software, fuel management can be done effectively. You can monitor fuel consumption 24/7/. You can also check the fuel leakage points.

Route Monitoring And Planning

Effective route planning software like Upper can reduce travel time and prevent accidental damage. The fleet software will help in optimizing and planning the route. 

The software will help you check the route options available, its traffic level, and any obstacles in the routes. If you find that there is higher traffic, you can direct the drivers to take the fleet from other routes.

Automatic Maintenance Scheduling

To keep your vehicles in good condition and reduce repair expenses, you need to check vehicle maintenance, including tire rotations, oil changes, brake checks, and multi-point inspections. 

The fleet management software will help you in the automatic scheduling of vehicle maintenance. You will get a notification when the vehicle maintenance date is nearby. This will help in reducing your workload.

Record-Keeping Capabilities

The data related to fleet expenses, including gas, maintenance, and repair receipts, is very crucial for businesses operating in the oil and gas industry. Recording this data manually can be a time-consuming task. 

The emergence of fleet management software has made it an easy and less time-consuming task. All the data gets recorded in the software and can be accessed anytime by the oil and gas businesses for making important business decisions.

Document Management

Proper document management is very important for the successful functioning of oil and gas businesses. The driver's documentation must be done properly to make sure your products are with the right person. 

The software has a special section where you can store all the important documentation related to your business. You can access this documentation from the software whenever required.

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Development Process Of Fleet Management Software For Oil & Gas Industry

Want to take oil and gas your business to new heights? Well, the fleet management software is a perfect solution for your business. Here is a step-by-step development process for fleet management software development:

Research & Idea Generation

The first and most important step towards fleet management software is conducting deep research and idea generation. In this step, you will check the market competition level, the largest oil and gas businesses, and technologies used in the industry. 

Also, to have an enhanced fleet management software development experience, you need to pen down your business goals and requirements.

Fleet Management In Oil And Gas Industry

Hire An Expert Fleet Management Software Development Company

When you are clear about your business requirements, the next to do is to hire an expert fleet management software development company. 

The company you choose should be experienced and have knowledge of the oil and gas industry and the challenges faced by the industry. Check the skills of their software development staff.

Software Designing And Development

The company starts with the software development procedure. Firstly the experts would discuss your expectations and then create a functional interior and exterior design. After the design phase, next is the software development phase. The tech stack used for fleet management software depends upon the type of software and the client’s business requirements.

Testing And Launch

Once the software is developed and designed, the next thing would be software testing. During this phase, the software will be tested and checked to see if it functions properly. Quality assurance is done to ensure the software conforms to quality standards or not. After the testing is completed, the next will be the final launch of the software on a large scale. During the launch, proper marketing must be done, as this will help in making the app popular.

Fleet Management Software Deployment

After the software launch, the next thing would be the deployment of the app. During the deployment stage, the software will be handed over to the client by the software development company. All the login credentials and other documents will be provided during the deployment.

Post Launch Maintenance & Support

After the software is deployed to the client, the company will provide post-launch support and maintenance. In this, they will check whether the software is upgraded with the latest features and technology. This will make it function more efficiently and benefit your oil & gas business.

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