Develop Odysee Clone | Decentralized Blockchain Video Sharing App

By RisingMax

December 27, 2022

Develop Odysee Clone | Decentralized Blockchain Video Sharing App

What do you do when you want to search for a new song and you don’t remember the exact lyrics of the song?

Firstly I search on Spotify. But to be honest, every time I get the same answer from Spotify, “No Result Found.” But there is one thing that always stood by my side whenever such a situation came. That is YouTube, the video-sharing platform's AI, technology, and the working process has the excellent. 

Ends Youtube Monopoly by Launching Odysee Clone

The Monopoly of YouTube broke when Odysse US Holdings Inc. launched the video streaming platform in December 2020, “Odysee,” on the blockchain platform. 

The cryptos were at their height from 2016-18, which helped the Odysee gain more audience. People started trusting the cryptos and the blockchain as many global businesses started accepting payments through the cryptos. Many governments also showed a green flag to deal with the cryptos. 

Our Odysee Clone Supports Smart TV

The cryptos helped the blockchain development companies to serve more. Odyssey’s parent company chose the perfect time to launch the platform on the global platform.

The whole world was either suffering or getting bored in their homes. The boredom helped many companies grow in the marketplace, and Odysee is one such platform that used the time frame perfectly.

We can help you to end the monopoly in the marketplace. Hire us for the development of the Odysee clone and get free business consultation and marketing strategies from our marketing experts. No hidden charges, on-time, and error-free delivery of projects. Delivering excellent projects for the last 13 years. 

User & Creator On Odysee

As mentioned in the previous paragraph that the world was getting bored and finding new ways of entertainment and, at the same time, good earnings from the platform available. Odysee provided such a platform to the user. 

The creators and users joined the platform, and very soon, the creators started earning from the platform. They have gained 7 million monthly active users on the platform within no time. 

What’s Next?

Odysee has very few competitors in the marketplace as there are still many people worldwide who are unaware of the app like Odysee. Standing as the strong competitors in the marketplace and filling the gap between the audience and engagement and excitement videos platform. 

There are very limited competitors for the Odysee, and building the Odysse clone application as the new business is going to the way winning situation. 

Odyssee says that there are approximately 30K creators on Odysee who add a wide variety of video content material throughout subjects, from informative to downright odd.

Users can view all videos for free – in contrast to different video streaming structures, unlike Streamanity, wherein the content creators charge for showing their content. 

The demand for The Alternative

There is always some gap that needs to be filled between the audience and the company. That loophole turns out to be the USP for the business platform. YouTube is filling up the gap, but as they gained a lot of users on the platform, they are charging the content creators and users directly or indirectly. 

The gap happened between the users, and the company helped Odysee to join the marketplace. 

Similarly, Odysee has some disadvantages, and you can fill the loophole. At the end of the day, your application platform will also be one of the Unicorn companies. 

We have already found some loopholes in the application; we can help you with them. Don’t be late in the industry. The blockchain-based Odysee clone app will be the perfect business to generate revenue like YouTube. We have a team of 150+ developers with years of experience in the application development field and 6+ years of experience in blockchain application development.

How To Get Odysse Clone

For the development of the Odysee clone application, you can hire a blockchain application development company; they can help you out with building the application. 

Building the application on the blockchain platform is more difficult than other application buildings. There are limited companies that work for blockchain and build blockchain-based applications. 

Odysee Clone App Builds on LBRY Blockchain

The best thing about the blockchain is that it is non-hackable. Hackers cannot break the blockchain platform's coding, which makes the blockchain-based platform highly secure and threat-free.

Odysee application is also based on the LBRY blockchain, and it is also one of the reasons behind the success because people have great trust in the blockchain platform.

Why Building Odysee Clone App Is Profitable For Creators and Company

Current News 

While writing this blog going through the News, India, one of the leading countries and well-wishers of the USA, has banned 8 YouTube channels by describing that the channels are against the nation. Well, this is a matter of inquisition whether those channels were actually against the nation or not, but they got banned. That is the concern for now. 

Benefits On The App Like Odysee

No Restriction To Share Thoughts 

YouTube has banned content creators from delivering their ideas or thoughts on the YouTube platform. Still, the benefit of an app like Odysee is that the platform provides complete freedom to its creators to share their views freely, and the video will always be present on the platform for the users. 

The application company deletes only when the content promotes any sort of criminal activity or unsocial activity. 

The creators can freely share their political views on the platform, which will be available for all time unless the creator wants to delete them. The censorship also helps the video to be on the platform. 

No Rent From The Creators 

YouTube charges the rent from their creators to run their channels on their platform about $200-$500. Conversely, a platform like Odysee does not charge anything for its users. This attracts more content creators to join the platform because they don’t have to pay anything to publish their videos on it.

Your business of Odysee clone can choose any of the options. You can charge any amount for the videos or make them completely free. Or keeping the minimum amount for uploading the video on the channel can be a good option as the income flow will be continuous on the platform and does not feel like a burden for the content creators. 

Fill The Loophole With Odysee Clone

Our team has gone through the in-depth research of the video sharing platform “Odysee” and recognized multiple loopholes in the application. That gap can be fulfilled by your Odysee clone application.

Here are some we are describing:

Lack In Analytics

Odysee platform is providing free uploading for the creators, but they lack in providing the analytics to their content creators. The creator on the Odysee platform cannot get the in-depth analytics of how many subscribers they are gaining or how many views they are getting from the platform.

This is a loophole by the platform, but you can add such features that help the content creators to get to know about their daily views, specifications of the user, and description of daily views.

Videos Cannot Be Embedded On Other Websites.

This feature makes the platform quite lesser user-friendly. You can get the Odysee clone platform with the feature so that it can go along with the other website bt with complete credits to the creator and your platform.

To know the other loopholes, you can get in touch with our team, and they will provide a free consultation about how you can develop an Odysee clone app and how you can grill the gap that Odysee is missing fill. Click on the box to schedule a meeting with our executive. 

Must-Have Features For Odysee Clone

The USP is different, but for running any blockchain-based application, certain features should be there to run the application perfectly on the platform or make it more user-friendly.

Here are some of the must-have features:

Sign Up

The guest joining the platform to enjoy and share the video has to make the id on the platform so that you can know how many active users your p[latform has and what kind of videos they prefer to watch. With the help of AI, you can show them the videos they would like. 

General Settings

The general settings can include the option of autoplay, the night mode screen adaptation, mini player, etc., which will help your users personalize the application. 

Crypto Wallet For Tip or Rent

You will need to develop the crypto wallet for the users of the platform. To complete the task of taking the video on the rent or tip top the content creator for good work, the users will have to pay via cryptocurrency, which cannot be done without the help of the crypto wallet for the platform.

As we said, we are the one-stop solution; our developers have expertise in crypto wallet development. With the Odysee clone application, you can only get a crypto wallet for our station. 

Feature For Analysis

Odysee is lacking in the feature to provide the in-depth analysis for the content creators, and your application can provide this feature for the creators. 

Features We Can Provide on Odysee Clone

Fully Secured Platform

The security and privacy of the platform is the most crucial thing for any application. Once the application comes in demand, the hackers try to hack the platform, but as we develop the platform on the blockchain platform, the threat of hacking will be 0% for the platform.

Advanced Search AIs 

The advanced artificial intelligence feature helps to know the most searched content on the platform and what new content on the platform audience may like. An ace quality artificial intelligence is tough to build because the whole user experience of the platform majorly depends on the AI. 

User-Friendly App

The application on the platform should be error-free and with perfection to provide an excellent user experience. The application should be user-friendly as well for the easy and smooth running of the application. 

For the complete information, schedule a meeting with our experts. 

How To Make Money On Odysee

Sponsored Videos

Your Odysee clone could make cash via subsidized advertisements. In the above picture, the end result of this is turned around as a paid advert. It is a subsidized video, and the advertiser can pay YouTube primarily based totally on the number of perspectives it receives after such an advert has been clicked on. It is referred to as SERP advertising.

Ads From Companies 

Another commercial sales flow of your application can be with embedded commercials. The above photograph indicates how a commercial is embedded in a video-sharing platform. This commercial is performed earlier than the real video begins. Also, brief commercials are located among videos, producing income.

Here, the employer earns cash from the advertisers primarily based on the ad's wide variety of views. A percentage of that rate is paid to the writer of the video.

Premium Subscription 

It is another model by which you can earn money by providing videos without advertisement. This model to earn revenue from the platform is also proven successful. The subscription model can be either on a monthly or quarter-a-year basis or can be for a yearly subscription model. 

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Experience Matters 

When someone invests a huge amount of money in any project, they expect perfection from the software or platform. And for software development, one should always go for the companies which have been in the industry for years and have delivered multiple projects. You can also go for the review available on the internet to know their service.

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Wrapping Up

Video sharing platforms were always in demand and making an alternative to fill up the loopholes between the audience and entertainment or informational videos. Get Odysee clone application based on blockchain to reach the maximum users. 

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