Insurance Claims Management Software: An Inevitable Move For The Insurance Sector

By RisingMax

January 11, 2023

Insurance Claims Management Software: An Inevitable Move For The Insurance Sector

According to Statista, the global insurance market is expected to grow at a compound rate of nine percent per year between 2022-26. And projected to become an 8.4 trillion U.S. dollars industry by the end of 2026.

The huge growth potential in the insurance sector opens up wider digitalization opportunities for better management and effectively serves customers. This is where insurance claim management software solutions come into the picture.

Irrespective of insurance business type, these insurance management solutions can settle claims, address customer queries, and offer personalized insurance services.

Furthermore, insurance claim solutions effectively enhance retention rates and streamline claim management processes for a smooth claim settlement experience.

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RisingMax Inc., as a top insurance software development company, assists insurance companies in integrating advanced software solutions. Our team leverages its domain expertise to build insurance claim solutions that are highly reliable, enhance efficiency, and simplify day-to-day processes. Adapt to fast-changing market needs and improve business profitability with our tailored insurance claim management solution. Connect with our experts to know more!!

What is Insurance Claim Management Software?  

Insurance claim management software solutions are digital platforms that aim to speed up the claim management process and deliver efficient outcomes. These types of insurance software solutions are cloud-based and enable easy access to customers, agents, and insurance employees.

Implementation of the insurance claim management software allows companies to digitize their claims management process and enhance efficiency. From claim form filling by the customers to final claim settlement, the entire process can be monitored on a single app screen. To ensure that an insurance claim management software solution serves its intended purpose, here are some key features to look out for;

Key Features of Insurance Claim Management Software Solutions

Easy Submission

The insurance claim management software must have an easy submission to make it easy for users to start the insurance claim process. The software solution can be easily accessible using smartphones, tablets, or IoT devices to make it convenient for customers to start the insurance claim process. Integration with the existing customer database results in automatic verification and easy submission of the claim process.

Claim Tracking

This is a must-have feature for insurance claim management software. The claim tracking feature enables customers to track the entire process on a single dashboard, from form submission to final claim settlement. In addition, customers can opt for a one-on-one consultation in case the claim settlement takes more than the required time.

Easy Document Upload and Access

An insurance claim management software with easy-to-upload document features can make things super easy for customers. With just a click, they can attract the required documents with the claim form, thus speeding up the entire claims management process. On the other hand, easy access to uploaded documents makes it easy for the insurance agent to verify insurance claims.

Multi-Payment Method

Make sure the insurance claim software solution comes with multiple payment methods. This feature allows customers to pay their insurance claim fees and thus brings transparency to the claim settlement. Paying online speeds up the claim process and gives clients the freedom to pay as they like.

Enhanced Security

Insurance claim management software comes with multi-factor authentication features. Integrate MFA ensures that the customers’ claim details and information are encrypted and secure.

Advanced Search Filters

The integrated advanced search filters of insurance claim management software make it easy for customers to easily find what they are looking for. Entering any insurance details, such as policy number, customer details, etc., allows customers to initiate the insurance claim settlement process.

Other insurance claim management software solution includes the following;

  • Insurance coverage verification.
  • Easy document access.
  • Claim form intake.
  • Easy payment processing.
  • Document production.
  • Secure data storage.
  • Insurance processing and monitoring.
  • Estimation.
  • Add-on search filters.
  • Automation of repetitive insurance processes.

Insurance Claim Management Software Solutions We Provide

RisingMax Inc. is an NYC-based blockchain software development company that acts as a digitization catalyst for businesses worldwide. Our team provides a wide variety of insurance claim management solutions to empower insurance companies to serve customers better and enhance their services. Our insurance claim management solutions include the following;

Vehicle Insurance Management Software

Hire our experts to streamline the claim management process using our vehicle insurance management software. Claim management software makes it easy for insurance companies to operate smoothly and effectively, thus creating an error-free claim settlement ecosystem. These vehicle claim management can be leveraged to automate processes, saving valuable time and enhancing customer experience.

Life Insurance Management Software

Our life insurance management software makes it easy for life insurance companies to efficiently manage agents, brokers, and customers. Insurance companies can leverage our management software to provide customized insurance products based on user's requirements and needs.

Hire our experts to integrate life insurance management software solutions for swift data sharing, document upload, policy information, claim management & settlement, and streamlining administrative efforts.

Health Insurance Management Software

Increasing medical & hospitalization costs resulted in the high demand for health insurance to secure families. With integrated health insurance software, businesses can make it easy for customers to avail of their insurance services and find customized insurance solutions. Health insurance processes like documentation, policy information, policy type, claim management & settlement can be automated with these highly advanced software solutions.

Travel Insurance Management Software

Hire our software developers to integrate travel insurance management software to automate business processes and provide unmatched experience to customers. Our travel insurance management software is equipped with the necessary management features and operational tools to simplify business processes. Leverage our insurance management software to automate operations, explore new business opportunities, manage risks, and provide customized travel insurance solutions.

Marine Insurance Management Software

Reach our experts to integrate fully-customized cargo insurance software to offer customers unique B2B insurance solutions. Integrate our cargo insurance software solution, making it easy for customers, shippers, and claim settlement agents to enhance engagement and speed up settlements. Multi-lingual, user-friendly interface and customized marine, lang & air cargo insurance solutions allow companies to digitize their insurance claim management process and enhance business reach.

General Insurance Management Software

RisingMax Inc., as a global insurance solution development company, provides general insurance solutions to meet market needs and digitize business operations. Businesses can make better decisions and swiftly address customer needs by leveraging our industry-specific software solutions. Our general insurance management software solutions can provide customers and businesses with insurance products based on requirements and needs.

Medical Insurance Management Software

Connect with our experts to build your own home healthcare management software solution. Integrate our cloud-based medical insurance software solution to digitize your medical business processes and enhance customer experience. Digitize your medical claim denial management and approval with our cloud-based software solutions. Our AI-based software solution actively analyzes data to find errors, irregularities, and frauds within the system.

Insurance Software Development Services For Insurance Companies

Our domain expertise in the insurance sector is not limited to claim management software solutions. As a leading classroom software development services provider, RisingMax Inc. assists insurance companies in speeding up their digitization process and streamlining business operations. Our insurance software development services include the following;

Documentation Software Solution

Our domain experts can integrate document software solutions within your existing insurance software, thus making it easy to upload or access documents without any hassle. 

Quoting Software Solution

Enhance customer satisfaction by integrating an insurance quoting software solution within business processes. Our quoting software solutions can effectively assess risk, calculate premiums, and share customized insurance quotes.

Risk Management Software

Integrate our risk management software solution to mitigate human error while evaluating key risk indicators. Our insurance risk management software solutions assist insurance companies in adapting to changing industry standards and regulations with effective risk analysis.

Compliance Software Solution

We leverage their domain expertise to build highly advanced software that assists in easy insurance regulatory compliance. No matter how complex the insurance regulatory standards are within your country, our insurance compliance software solutions will swiftly handle the compliance task.

Mobile Insurance App Solutions

RisingMax Inc., as a top insurance software solution development company, assists insurance companies in expanding their digital presence with mobile applications. We build cross-platform and hybrid mobile apps to enhance engagement rates and widen insurance product reach.

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Wide Variety of Insurance Quoting Software Solutions We Provide

As a reputed insurance software development company, we build a wide range of insurance software solutions to take our client business to the next level. Our expert development team can create unique insurance quoting software solutions that can be easily deployed and integrated to smoothen businesses' workflow. Our insurance quoting software solution includes the following;

Life Insurance Quoting Solutions

Hire our experts to build a life insurance quoting software solution for your business. You can integrate our quoting software solution within your website or application to automate the insurance quoting process. Share instant insurance quotes and enhance customer engagement with customers.

Health Insurance Quoting Solutions

Our health insurance quoting solutions are built keeping in mind the complexities of the insurance sector. Reduce the burden on your frontline team and share instant health insurance quotes with customers 24*7, thus enhancing your customers' services and retention.

Auto Insurance Quoting Solutions

Our expert insurance software development team builds web & mobile auto insurance quoting software solutions. Integrating these software solutions allows auto insurance companies to streamline business operations and share instant quotes.

Travel Insurance Quoting Solutions

Streamline the travel insurance quote-sharing process with our web and mobile-based software solutions. Our insurance quoting solutions can easily be integrated with insurance software solutions to streamline the insurance process.

Medical Insurance Quoting Solutions

Hire our development team to build a medical insurance quoting solution specifically per your business needs. Our medical insurance quoting solutions can share customized quotes based on customer insurance needs and requirements.

Software Integration Services We Offer For Insurance Companies

RisingMax Inc. is a top insurance software integration service provider assisting insurance companies to smoothen their day-to-day operations and offer unmatched services to customers. Insurance companies can take advantage of our software integration services to widen their service reach and enhance customer satisfaction. Our insurance software integration services include the following;

Payment Software Integration Services

Avail of our software integration services to integrate payment processing systems within your business. Our payment processing software solutions are well capable of handling the needs of small to large-size insurance businesses.

Claims Processing Software Integration

Provide a smooth claim management process by integrating our claim processing software solutions. Integration of claim processing software solutions makes it easy for insurance companies to automate claim submission, claim processing, and approval/collection.

Commission Software Integration

Automate the incentive to insurance agents and employees with our commission software solution to enhance efficiency and streamline commission distributions. With customized incentive plans, you can send incentives directly to employees' bank accounts without any delay.

Insurance Policy Software Integration

Streamline your business tasks from insurance quote sharing to policy generation and renewal with our insurance policy software solutions. Our software solutions make it easy to manage your day-to-day operations, reduce operational costs and enhance workforce efficiency.

Commercial Insurance Services

Leverage our affordable insurance services to simplify business operations for both issuers and brokers with our commercial insurance solution. From insurance quotes to claims, our software solutions can handle all your insurance business needs.

Insurance Audit Software Integration

Avail of our cost-effective insurance integration services to integrate insurance audit software within our business processes. Our insurance audit software can analyze data and find irregularities, thus creating a fraud-proof system.

Claim Management Software Development Process We Follow

With our domain knowledge and development expertise, we have curated a six-step insurance claim management software development process. Following this development workflow enables us to tackle all business complexities and deliver exceptional software solutions that solve real-world business issues. Our insurance claim management development process starts with the following;

Requirement Gathering

Our subject matter experts connect with the client to understand their development requirements and address project-related queries. The main objective during this interaction is to gather insurance software development requirements and needs in detail before moving to the next development stage.

Requirement Analysis

During this insurance claim management software development phase, our team gathers to analyze project feasibility and requirements. Our team does a thorough project analysis to share valuable inputs for the project that will add to the clients’ insurance project. The team moves to the project planning phase after getting approval from the client.

Project Planning

Our insurance software experts at RisingMax Inc. carefully design a project roadmap based on the client’s business requirements. We divide the entire project into smaller milestones to speed up the development, easy management, and timely delivery.


Our team will move forward with the insurance claim management software solution based on the above project planning. Our project planning is entirely based on client business needs and project requirements. We build highly engaging insurance solutions by leveraging our domain expertise and development tools.

Quality Assurance

After the insurance claim management software development phase is completed, our QA team takes over the process. We deploy the latest testing methodologies to test software compliance with insurance rules and ensure there are zero bugs with the project.


Our relationship with clients doesn't end with the deployment of insurance claim management software solutions; it starts there. To ensure that insurance software solutions keep on running smoothly, we provide affordable maintenance and support services. Want to scale up your insurance business? Fret not our technical team will handle it for you.

How Much Does Insurance Claim Management Software Development Cost?

There’s no golden rule regarding sharing an exact development cost for insurance claim management software. The claim management software development cost is directly impacted by multiple factors, thus making it extremely difficult to share an exact cost without understanding project requirements in detail.

If you are planning to build a claim management software solution for your insurance business, then connect with our experts at RisingMax Inc. Our experts, after carefully understanding and analyzing project requirements, will share a customized website development quote ASAP. Avail of our FREE consultation call to discuss your claim management software queries and requirements in detail.

Factors that impact the insurance claim solution development cost:

  • Type of insurance business.
  • Claim management software features.
  • In-built security features.
  • Claim management services.
  • Software solutions and technologies needs.
  • Location of the software development company.
  • Team strength and development expertise.
  • Add-on software features.

After carefully evaluating all the above-mentioned factors, most development companies share the project cost. Most companies in the USA charge $30k to $50k for basic insurance claim management software solutions.

Why Choose RisingMax Inc. For Claim Management Process Software Development?

RisingMax Inc. has leveraged its domain expertise to assist insurance companies in speeding up their digitization process and integrating advanced software solutions. Irrespective of what type of insurance services you provide, our highly qualified development team will design a claim management software solution for your business.

Here’s why you hire us;

  • Unmatched domain expertise.
  • Affordable software development services.
  • Tech prowess.
  • Reliable and secure business solutions.
  • Certified software developers.
  • Transparent pricing policy.
  • 24*7 customer support.

“Take the first step towards digitization with RisingMax Inc. and strengthen your digital footprint to stay competitive in the insurance sector.”

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