Initial Game Offering (IGO) Launchpad: Future Of Decentralized Fundraising

By RisingMax

December 27, 2022

Initial Game Offering (IGO) Launchpad: Future Of Decentralized Fundraising

The advent of blockchain technology resulted in major evolution in the various business sectors worldwide, and the Gaming industry is one of them. The evolution of games from the Free-to-play model to the Play-to-earn model provides gamers a new opportunity to earn real-world money while playing.

Initial Game Offering (IGO) Launchpad

The popularity of new-age games like Axie Infinity and CryptoBlades are prime examples of how players are earning money while having fun.

To take advantage of this changing trend in the gaming industry, thousands of startups are jumping on the bandwagon and launching new games.

These newly launched projects need financial support either for marketing or moving to the next game development phase.

For this very reason, there is a huge demand in the market for initial game offering (IGO) launchpad platforms to get financial support.

Budding entrepreneurs worldwide quickly capitalize on this huge demand and invest in IGO launchpad development.

These platforms allow new game projects to raise capital while offering the community game tokens and in-game assets.

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But first!!

Let us start from the basics and understand what IGO is.

What is IGO (Initial Game Offering)?

IGO stands for initial game offering, a fundraising method utilized by blockchain game developers. It is a presale of tokens different from ICO as it solely focuses on crowdfunding for the game industry.

Game tokens and in-game assets are offered at a discounted price to investors before the public auction. The purpose of offering game assets at a lower price is to raise funds for the next stage, such as game development, marketing, etc.

Investing early allows investors to buy game assets at the lowest price before the public auction and earn significant (5x - 50x) returns and even more in the future.

IGO is a new crowdfunding concept in the blockchain gaming industry with the potential to take crypto or NFT gaming to the next level. The crowdfunding method helps new game ideas and projects get the right exposure and meet the crypto investors. Traditionally lack of funds has resulted in many great ideas being shut down and unnoticed.

Now, you know about the initial game offering (IGO). Let us move further deep into the topic and understand the IGO (initial game offering) launchpad.

What Is IGO (Initial Game Offering) Launchpad?

The initial game offering (IGO) launchpads are a platform where new gaming ideas and investors meet. IGO launchpad aids a new blockchain game idea to sprout during the earlier stages when it needs funds.

One of the biggest advantages of the IGO launchpad is that anyone can participate as it is open to all investors. A gaming startup or game developer no longer needs to meet investors or approach VCs to get the financial support to complete the project.

A gaming startup can secure financial support by listing their game tokens or in-game assets with the IGO launchpad. Investors can either lock their tokens in a pool or stake them, depending on the Launchpad platform.

Game assets are available to the investors at the lowest price before the public auction to the investors. With this method, the gaming startup can raise capital, and investors can make huge profits when the game evolves after release.

A project must meet different criteria set by the launchpad platform before potential investors can participate in crowdfunding. IGO launchpads are designed to launch new game projects based on different blockchains - Ethereum, Cardano, etc. 

Popular IGO (Initial Game Offering) Launchpad:

  • Seedify Fund
  • Game Fi
  • TrustPad
  • Game starter
  • EnjinStarter

How Does An IGO Launchpad Work?

Initial Game Offering (IGO) launchpad is a platform where gaming startups raise money for their upcoming project by selling game tokens or in-game assets at a discounted price.

An IGO launchpad allows gaming startups to list their new gaming project with them. Only after completing all the pre-required details and documentation, a gaming project will be listed on the IGO launchpad platform.

Investors or participants can view the upcoming gaming project on the platform and gather all the details before investing. The participants can buy the in-game assets like skins, weapons, mystery boxes, or game tokens at a lower price ahead of the game's public release.

When the game goes live, investors can earn huge profits as the value of these in-game assets increases with time. The biggest advantage of these in-game assets is that some are required for players to access or play the game. Thus, provide a huge earning potential for investors if the games become popular in the future.

Salient Features Of Our IGO Launchpad Platforms

Instant Trading

Our IGO launchpad platform allows an instant trading option which means you don’t have to worry about transaction time or wait for the cooling period. Participants or investors can invest in new gaming projects without any restrictions.

High Liquidity

Leverage the expertise of our blockchain development team to launch an IGO launchpad on well-known platforms that can handle high liquidity. With our blockchain-based IGO launchpad platform, liquidity is not at all an issue.


Our development team, with their in-depth knowledge and expertise, takes to account every possible factor that can hamper platform growth in the future. With this, we ensure that the end product is more efficient and allows our clients to stay competitive in the fast-changing crypto market.

Multi-Chain Compatibility

The multi-chain compatibility of our IGO launchpad platform allows us to address the emerging interoperable issues with different blockchains. With multi-chain compatibility, our IGO launchpad platforms can be deployed anywhere as they are familiar with the blockchain.

Know Your Customers

Our IGO launchpad is integrated with KYC support to prevent any kind of scam or money laundering activity. The privacy of IGO launchpad users is important, and thus our platform follows a strict KYC policy and guidelines to prevent scams.


Transparency of our IGO launchpad project NFT gaming launchpad allows us to win the trust of developers and investors worldwide. The decentralized nature of our IGO platform makes it easy for everyone to access every function and completely open for people to verify.

Cross-chain compliance

The cross-chain compliance of our IGO launchpad makes it easy to bring the assets of different blockchains onto a single platform. Our IGO launchpad development team widens the ground for market growth with interoperability.

Multi-Wallet Support

Our IGO launchpad platform supports multiple cryptocurrency wallets, so users don’t have to worry about anything. Participants can easily invest their money in-game ideas and projects without hassle, as our IGO launchpad offers multi-wallet support.

IGO Launchpad Development Solutions

Our Wide Range Of IGO Launchpad Development Solutions

RisingMax is a leading IGO launchpad development company that offers a wide range of niche-specific IGO platform solutions to serve wide industry verticals. With our expertise in blockchain and robust development methodologies, we help you launch highly secure, scalable, and 100 percent customized IGO launchpad software.

Have a look at our niche IGO launchpad development solutions:

IGO For Educational Games

Leverage the popularity of Educational games and launch an IGO launchpad specific for educational games. Allow users to invest their money in revolutionary new educational game ideas and projects.

IGO For Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports are online players’ favorite pastimes that allow them to enjoy their favorite sport in virtual space. With an IGO launchpad for fantasy sports, you can build a platform for gaming startups to raise funds and meet investors worldwide.

IGO For Pvp Battle Games

PvP battles games are popular for unique player superpowers, weapons, avatars, and outfits. An IGO launchpad for PvP battle games will promote a new PvP game project and allow them to crowdfund with the security of blockchain technology.

IGO For Card Games

Undoubtedly, card games are most users’ favorite pastimes over the internet. Budding entrepreneurs can take advantage of their popularity and launch an IGO launchpad for card games and promote newly launched card games ideas based on NFT card collection or others.

IGO For Action Games

Hire our IGO launchpad development team and create a platform for action games to organize crowdfunding by selling in-game assets and tokens. New game startups can raise the capital needed to complete the game development in time.

IGO For Racing Cars

Virtual racing games with unique vehicle skins and in-game assets are a valuable investment. With an IGO launchpad racing car game, investors can buy game tokens before the public launch and earn huge profits when the game is live.

IGO For Simulation Games

We offer IGO launchpad development services for simulation games. The growing popularity of these games allows investors worldwide to put their money in future online games and invest in them before public launch.

IGO For Sports Game

With our IGO launchpad development services, you can launch an IGO platform for Sports games startups. Users can invest in upcoming sports games and help startups raise funds for project development, marketing, etc.

IGO For Arcade Games

The rising popularity of Arcade games in the NFT and virtual world resulted in startups developing new arcade games. An IGO launchpad for arcade games allows game startups to raise capital to complete the development process.

IGO For Board Games

In combination with NFT tokens, cards, and other in-game assets, board games are the new normal in web 3.0 games. Crowdfunding for new board game developers can be simplified with an IGO launchpad platform for board games.

IGO For Casino Games

The addition of NFT and blockchain have taken casino games to the next level. Hire our IGO launchpad development team to launch a platform where investors and casino game startups meet.

IGO For Adventure Games

Adventure games are popular for their unique in-game assets like avatars, weapons, maps, utilities, etc. Launch an IGO launchpad for adventure games and allow them to organize crowdfunding to raise funds for project development, marketing, etc.

Our Initial launchpad Offering (IGO) Launchpad Development Approach

Project Analysis

Our expert team will thoroughly analyze the project based on initial inputs and development requirements. We will prepare the documentation demonstrating our development objectives and methodologies to meet users’ expectations.

Development Planning

Next, our team will prepare a development outline to convert your project idea to reality with a detailed plan. With this, we assure you that we are on the right track and will complete the project within an agreed timeframe.

IGO Design

Our team will then move to the design phase and prepare various prototypes to identify how various elements will look and interact in your IGO launchpad platform.

IGO Launchpad Development

After the finalization of the prototype, our team will move forward to the development phase and ensure that the end product meets and exceeds your requirements.

Launchpad Testing/Deployment

We follow rigorous testing methodologies to ensure that your IGO launchpad project meets all the quality standards and works as it intends. To ensure that the IGO project is 100 percent bug-free, we perform various testing and check all parameters precisely. We then launch your platform on various platforms to reach a wider audience base.

Post Deployment Support

With our post-deployment support, we provide 24*7 maintenance and tech support for timely updates and resolve issues that hamper platform working efficiency in the future.

Why Are We Counted As A Trustworthy IGO Launchpad Development Partner?


Over the years, we have successfully delivered projects based on blockchain, NFTs and cryptocurrencies, and other leading technologies. We leverage our development expertise to offer our customers the best development solutions.

Scalable and Bug-Free

Our team at RisingMax follows rigorous testing methodologies to ensure that the end product is secure, scalable, and 100 percent bug-free. With this, we aim to meet your expectations and provide a seamless experience to your users.

Transparent Pricing

We follow a transparent pricing policy regarding the development cost of your IGO launchpad project. Our team will share the complete costing details and any additional charges to avoid hidden fees.

24*7 Support

Our tech support and maintenance team is available 24*7 to handle any technical issue with your IGO launchpad platform. With our professional monitoring of your IGO platform, you can focus on the growth and marketing of your IGO project.

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