How To Start A Vacation Rental & Property Management Business in 2024

By RisingMax

December 27, 2022

How To Start A Vacation Rental & Property Management Business in 2024

Probably, you are aiming to invest in a vacation rental management business like Airbnb,, Expedia, HometoGo,, Tripadvisor, and Tripping. That’s why you are here. But do not forget, 

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

So, don’t let your plans be just a wish. Give your 6 minutes to read this blog and learn how to make the vacation rental management business a reality. 

Let’s start from scratch

Think. Launch. Grow.

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A vacation rental business involves lots of details, such as:

  • Market Niche Study 
  • Figure out all your costs
  • Register as a legal business entity
    • Articles of Incorporation or Organization
    • Certificate of Assumed Name
  • Check out the required licenses and permits 
  • Register for taxes
  • Open a business bank account
  • Pick rental properties location
  • Stock up inventory smartly
  • Apply for insurance
  • Finding the right inventory tracking system
  • Flesh out the right pricing strategy 
    •  Rental rate
    •  Late fee
    • Damages and security
  • Establish inventory maintenance processes
  • Clarify the terms of the rental agreement with the host
  • Hire your employees
  • Order business cards

You might be assuming that we have covered every aspect of the vacation renting business, Indeed not. There is still something missing. Yes, you might be Right. It’s a Vacation Rental Management Business Software solution to connect property hosts and customers. 

Airbnb facilitates renting without owning any rooms itself. Similar to your plans. The company charges commissions from travelers and property owners.  Therefore, Airbnb generated USD2.24B profit in Sep 2021.

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Understand the need For Vacation Rental Business App

A digital rental app becomes a need of an hour for every vacation real estate rental management business. The app does every task whether it is tedious or requires legal advice. From collecting online rents to handling travelers’ feedback everything is in your hands. 

Check out more benefits of the vacation rental app and website. 

  • Virtual Tours to Receive Rental Applications 

Digital rental apps allow visitors to take a virtual tour of the property. Property owners upload real pictures and videos of the property. Customers can make decisions based on it. The feature works as an ideal choice for hosts and travelers. Adding this feature in the app allows two-way traffic like other vacation property rental apps. 

  • Online Payment Collection 

The app has many advantages, but the one highly appreciated by property owners and customers is online rent collection. It provides ease to property owners that they will get paid on time. On the other hand, eliminate customers' ease to withdraw cash before leaving the property. If someone wants to gift rental property for a honeymoon or birthday present, online payment is a perfect option. The app collects security changes and calculates late fees in a few seconds. 

  • Suggestion And Feedback Sharing 

Rental apps work as a medium for customers to share suggestions before and after using services. Want to know how? Before booking - customers can ask for add-features/services in the property. After using rental properties - customers can share their valuable feedback about property and services on the app. It helps travelers get an idea about rental property and your services. Do not leave any chance to flourish your rental management business. 

  • In-app chat function 

Instant messages work as a great asset for the rental business's success. If your customers need assistance - chatbots should be there for their assistance. Customers can know about a property, its features, and charges. In the case of other queries, messages are the perfect option to get an immediate response. 

  • Digitally Paperwork

The legality of digital paper is the same as ink and paper signatures. It saves time and effort to visit a specific place and sign a rental property deed. A single property management app can complete the entire process and only a few clicks. Therefore as long as customers have digital copies, they don’t have to worry about hard copies. 

  • Complete Business Reports Analysis 

The app works effectively to manage your business income and expenditure. Your business reports will be just at a distance from your taps. Whether you want to see which properties or locations are generating more income or lagging behind. You can also find business opportunities with it. Everything in the graphical form will be at your click. 

  • Push Messages

Push notifications keep the users engaged and alert about booking services. The best part, this feature is highly appreciated by customers. You can use a preset calendar that reminds users about their booking after fixed intervals. It ensures they will not miss important dates. 

Brainstorming Features in Vacation Rental Management Business App

Hopefully, you have understood the need for a rental property app for your business. Let’s plan further and decide on the ultimate features of your rental property management business app:

  1. Cloud Compatibility: Cloud computing, including virtual machine hosting, enables users to access data anywhere and at any time. So do not forget to cover up cloud storage, cloud backup, cloud hosting, and SaaS solutions that provide ease to use your website and app solution.
  1. Booking Engine: Instant booking engine boosts conversion rate, saves time, and eliminates manual entries to make better decisions. Guests can enjoy the freedom to self-serve, easily check rooms, availability, and rates in real time. Most importantly, you can win over a competitor's strategy that doesn't have one. 
  1. Accounting: An accounting software accepts and processes reservations, tracks income, and expenses, and generates financial reports. You can also calculate commissions, change percentages, and set different prices for different accommodations. 
  1. Websites Integration: The feature allows you to integrate websites with other apps like social media apps, POS systems, or others. The complete process boosts performance, from informing the audience to keeping a record of your transactions.
  1. Reservation System: Vacation Rental Management Business software allows users to reserve the property online. Guests can check images, and videos and read past customers' reviews before reservation. It helps the admin and property owners to know the number of bookings with the date and other details. 
  1. Reports: The admin can generate quick financial and non-financial reports from the dashboard. It helps you to know about lucrative property details, peak season, and the number of visitors. You can further policies and business advertisements based on them. 
  1. Channel Manager: An app and website provide a channel manager facility to hit marketing and sales strategies. This means you can advertise your hotels or rental property across all channels at the same time, without fear of overbooking. 
  1. Add-ons: These are also called customized features based on your app or business demand. Like whether you want your app to work in specific areas, want to put ads, offer ticket booking, or else on the home page. These are customized features that change with customer demand and business needs. 

Do Not Underestimate the Power of the Calendar. 

The calendar seems a normal feature in any software. But when it’s to your vacation property management software, the calendar has a significant role. You can find check-ins/outs, manage availability, and schedule tasks with powerful multi-calendar features. Here are some details:

  • Set different pricing for different dates to increase income
  • Enabling/disabling the availability feature allows travelers to know specific space or property availability.
  • You can manage various cleaning tasks such as bed, and property, or define other task details for the staff.
  • You can find out customer reservation details like the customer’s check-in and check-out dates, the number of guests, stay duration, billing details, and arrival country.
  • If there are some issues similar to power outrage or water issues, you can add daily notes to notify guests. 

Time to Build A Vacation Property Management Business App

Developing a rental properties management app or website app is not easy. Especially in today’s world. There are lots of challenges that come in your way, such as 

  • Lack of Resources and Platforms knowledge 
  • Wrong Assessing and Development Directions
  • Compatibility Problems with Certain Devices
  • Fail to Come Up with New Ideas
  • Does Not Have Enough Funds to hire various software
  • Selecting Outdated Technology
  •  Insecure Data Storage and Authentication
  • Going for an Unsuccessful Architecture Pattern
  • Incomplete Ways of Advertising
  • Lack of software Performance
  • Backing Up Issue
  • User’s Experience and Review

The issues not only end up here. Nonetheless, there is a lot when you start building an app. The best advice is to choose a professional team in advance which provides world-class solutions and on the stipulated time. 

Still, something might be holding you back. Let us guess, IT’S YOUR BUDGET. 

Don’t fret, we have solutions for everything. Based on your needs and expectations, we have an affordable solution for you. Let’s have a look at these:

  • One-shot payment: If you want a fully-featured app, you can pay in one shot and get a solution in your hand. The app will be powered with all the modern features, as discussed with you.
  • Hourly-renting model: Renting per hour will be a more suitable choice if you don’t want to go with a one-shot payment. You will pay rent for the number of hours you choose to hire it. Startups choose this plan as it's a more affordable option and has less risk of business failure. 
  • SaaS-based model: Software as a Service is a monthly rental software model. You will pay a monthly payment and can access all the features of the app. No bugs and maintenance cost of the model works as icing on the cake. Companies like Facebook, Dropbox, WhatsApp, Uber, and Airbnb are also using the SaaS model. 
  • Hiring a developer: If you are not happy with either of the models, you can hire a developer too. The professional will work on your project from start to end. You just need to pay developer charges. 

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Yet, you seem to be confused about cost……. Never mind, 

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Do Not Get Confused With the Cost Of Develop Vacation Rental Software.

The cost of rental software depends on your customization features. Mainly its features include API integration and Payment gateway. Let’s discuss more features that decide your software cost. 

  • Android, iOS, and Both platforms are available.
  • Functionalities and Features.
  • UI/UX Design
  • Online booking engine
  • Cloud compatibility
  • Blockchain technology
  • Testing with Every Feature
  • Support and Other Services

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