How Much Does it Cost To Hire Someone to Build an E commerce Website?

By RisingMax

December 27, 2022

How Much Does it Cost To Hire Someone to Build an E commerce Website?

Are you among those online businesses who don't have a website to represent themselves due to unawareness about how much it costs to hire someone to build an Ecommerce Website? We are here to help you with a brief guide.

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The popularity of online shopping is growing. It is bringing enormous revenue to the businesses and presents great potential for them. With more than 1.8 billion buyers visiting online stores, which is more than 25 percent of mankind, the need for having an E-commerce website has increased.

Such websites help them represent the products and services online and grab the attention of online users. An E-commerce website provides a medium for both business owners and customers to get in touch with each other and maintain a smooth workflow between customers and businesses. 

Apart from benefits still there are E-commerce business owners who are far from building a website. And the reason behind this is that it is hard for them to predict the basic website cost, which is why they never stepped in to create it. If you are dealing with the same, we are here to assist you.

Take a look at the below post describing every component associated with estimating the cost and how much it costs when you hire someone to create it for you. Keep reading to learn in detail. 

Constraints That Determine The Cost Of E-commerce Website

When you estimate the cost of an E-commerce Website, it is essential to understand that it will be the combination of several segments. All the segments together make an E-commerce website building successful.

Thereby, the cost can vary with the factors associated with website building impacting its overall costs. Read to learn more about the factors that affect the cost of an E-commerce website. 

Hosting and Maintenance

Hosting is one of the significant factors that decide how the website will function and work. Also, it accounts for the maintenance within it, which includes updating and removing features within the website.

Maintenance goes hand in hand with E-commerce website development. And also, the charges for the same vary with the amount of maintenance the E-commerce website requires. 

User Interface 

No doubt you won't like to have a website that is not user-friendly and make it a hassle for the customer to use. This is where this factor of E-commerce website development comes in. This ensures that the site is easy to use, gets quickly open, and provides customer service reps. The more user-friendly the website is, the more costs it will require to build. 

Customer Relationship Management

Every E-commerce website must include a separate segment of customer relationship management. In this, email, phone, and online chat are considered while building a website. The more you will add such features to your website; the more will be the cost of the website. 

CMS Platform

CMS platforms for every E-commerce website differ and change the cost you need to build it. The more your site requires content, the more costs will be added to create a website. So the content management strategy (CMS) is a significant factor in varying website building costs. 

Site Themes 

The more alluring the E-commerce website, the more it will attract potential customers. And with this plan, several companies spend extra costs on setting up the site and designing. Thus, the more quality and design you use within the website more will cost. 

Safety and Security

Safety and security are a must for any E-commerce website. Now, to add security features, you need extra costs. And as a business owner, it is a reliable cost rather than getting your website hacked by unknown users. There are several ways to secure the website, and each of the methods has its costs. So, the price to build a website varies with different costs.

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Closer Look At How Much Does it Cost To Hire Someone To Build an E-commerce Website?

Estimating the cost to build an E-commerce is not so easy. There is no such exact estimation that can as the range varies with the factors associated with the However, the average cost of building your website is roughly $200, and approximately $50 is required per month for maintenance.

The price can vary when you hire someone to create an E-commerce website or opted the upfront development.

However, when it is the case to pay someone for making an E-commerce website for you, then the estimation varies. This is because there are several variables that affect it. Some of them are discussed below:

  • The type of company the person is associated with as the charges, after all, is set by the agency. 
  • The next variable is the number of products and stores for which the E-commerce website needs to be created. 
  • The third variable is functionality; the more unique the website's functionality, the more it will defy the costs needed. 

If we dig more towards it, then the exact costs to hire someone to build an E-commerce website start from around $500 if you go for Shopify and can vary. If you go for a WordPress-powered eCommerce store, then the price is approximately $5,000. Rest the cost is never exact. It is just based on the products, functionality, interface, platform, and strategy you use. 

What Do You Need To Build An E-commerce Website?

Now, when you are out to create an E-commerce website for your business, you require several things to make it perfect. And these are the factors which in last decide the cost of the website no matter whether you hire someone to build it for you or do it by yourself. Nevertheless, here are some basic needs that you need to know for building an E-commerce website for exact cost estimation. 

Domain Name

The domain name is the first requirement. It is your website address, basically, a URL that appears on the address bar. Thereby, registering the domain name before blogging and creating a website is essential. On average, registering the domain name is around $ 10 to $ 15 approx a year. Rest the cost varies with the type of firm and from where domain registration service is being taken. 

Website Builder

Whether it is someone who is building an E-commerce website for you or you is doing it, there is some sort of website builder that you need. Be it WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace there is a lot of popular website builder having their own cost to build an E-commerce website.

With a website builder by your side, you can add plugins, SEO tags, a content management system, and other features easily which in turn is important within the website to make it more effective and efficient.

Web Host

A web host is the website home where you post content and store files. When you are out to put the website address, you are directed to the files stored in it. Now web hosting is done in 2 ways through VPS hosting, which costs around $20 to $30 per month approx. It’s possible to have Windows VPS or Forex VPS of your choice.

And another is shared web hosting, which is budget-friendly, costing around $3 to $7 per month. Although the cost can vary according to the expertise and working style of the person who is creating the website.  

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Simple Website?

Also, the other way to estimate the cost of an E-commerce website is to know the cost of a simple website. If you are known about the cost of a simple website, you become well aware of the cost of an E-commerce website.

On average, the cost starts from $500 and can even go up to $30,000 or more. And E-commerce website, on the other hand, will be around the same budget, and one can easily judge the cost based on it. 

Features of A Good E-commerce Website

Look, building an E-commerce website is an important investment, and you can't end up having a website that is not good to go. So, when planning to create an E-commerce website and thinking to spend a cost on it, then make sure it is perfect to the peak.

In that case, there are several features that your website must possess to complete the cost you spend on it. Let's go through the features one by one. 

High-Quality Images and Videos

Having quality images and videos on the website is important to make it more compelling for the customers as customers are visiting your website to search for the products and services they need. And you as a business owner must provide them with clear pictures of all the products so that they can feel satisfied and order like a pro. 

Easy Navigation

The best E-commerce site is one that offers convenient navigation. Like if your visitors are looking for something, they must get it easily on your website. Any delay or error can make them offensive and end up losing them in the end. Thereby making sure the website is intuitive and offers easy navigation to the customer. 

CTA is Must

Your CTA on the website is what drives visitors to opt for purchases and sales on the website. Make sure the call to action is attractive and effective enough that they get your customers directly to the E-commerce store. If possible, opt for the newsletter, PPC, and other features to drive conversion and sales. 

Mobile Responsiveness

Since smartphones have become an integral part of our lives for everything, customers doing online shopping through smartphones are rising. In that scenario, it is a must that the website you create is easy to navigate on smartphones as there are websites that have limitations for mobile phones.

When planning to spend a cost on website building, ensure it is mobile responsive. 

Chatbots are a Must for Customers

Your business is successful when your customers are happy with you. And for that having chatbots in an E-commerce website is a must. Chatbots are conversion platform that automatically replies to customer queries.

With chatbots, you assure your customers that you are available 24/7 for their queries. Also, you can directly communicate with them to enhance customer relationships. 


What if every customer feels special and unique when they visit your website? Well, that's a wow feeling, and if you want to have the same in your E-commerce website, then it is a must to put emphasis on personalization.

Another way to achieve this is by implementing ecommerce microservices, which can help you break down your website's functionality into smaller, more manageable components that can be customized and optimized for specific tasks.

Security Indicators

The customer, when visiting your website, must feel secure and safe to navigate and explore. And many websites lack as there is no security feature which in turn breaches their personal information. So it is important to ensure that the website is featured with the security indicators and offers the highest security to the customers. The more secure is the website, the more it will be good for your customers.

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In a nutshell

Having an E-commerce site is one of the best ways for businesses to get themselves online, build customer relationships and generate sales. No matter whether you are starting a new business, shifting some of your in-person business to online platforms, or redesigning your existing website to become E-commerce, estimating cost is an important thing that you must know.

This is where we at RisingMax Online help you understand How Much it Cost To Hire Someone to Build an Ecommerce Website.

With a brief overview of the factors and other important segments that impact the website creation in the above post hope you got clear about your budget. Still, if you are confused, our team of experts is here to help you.

We have come a long way in helping businesses in revamping themselves to online platforms through an E-commerce website.

We have successfully provided an E-commerce website to a wide range of businesses across the globe. Contact us anytime for all your website-related needs. 

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