RisingMax Inc. Proffers An Ample Range Of Real Estate Auction Software Accommodating Your Needs

We at RisngMax Inc. are delighted to have been a part of the auction industry for more than two decades.Our auction software supports all possible auction types such as

  • Real Estate Reverse Auction Software Icon

    Reverse Auction

    Our real estate auction software validates your supplier list and creates bid strategies based on the sourced category.

  • Real Estate Forward Auction Software Icon

    Forward Auction

    Our solution reaches out to potential buyers, and getting the unbeatable price for the product/service is what every seller needs.

  • Real Estate Classic Auction Software Icon

    Classic Auction

    Our real estate auction solution expands your marketing threshold & provides insights to your classic auction of every size digitally.

  • Real Estate Custom Auction Software Icon

    Custom Auction

    Auction houses get the privilege to run their own online auctions as a single seller or with multiple sellers with our real estate auction software.

  • Real Estate Absolute Auction Software Icon

    Absolute Auction

    Set the bar of your auction event on your own and manage the seller's bids and data effortlessly with our real estate auction solution.

  • Real Estate Hybrid Auction Software Icon

    Hybrid Auctions

    Our hybrid auction software combines the key elements of other types of auctions offering sellers to create additional bids for a real estate.

Keep Up With The Ever-changing Auction Market Trends Along with Our Software

Stay on the top of the game with our real estate auction software and allow your business to expand alongside. We have got advanced auction software for advanced houses.

A Custom Auction Website On Your Domain

Build your brand – Not a portals brand

Real-Time Updates

Simple Bidding On A Mobile Device

SAFE & SECURE Data & Hosting

Consolidated Platform

Fully Customisable According To Your Business

real estate auction software

Make Your Business The Next Buzzing Thing On The Internet With Real Estate Auction Software

Our tailored real estate auction software solutions empower companies to excel in an increasingly popular competitive real estate marketplace. We customize our software to assist businesses in streamlining operations and efficiently manage real-estate auction processes.

Seller Register in Real Estate Auction Software Icon

Register As A Seller

This feature allows users to register on real estate auction software as a seller and start listing real estate for auction.

Post Your Auction in Real Estate Auction Software Icon

Post Your Auction

With this feature of our real estate auction software allows sellers to post real estate details before starting auction.

Activate Your Auction in Real Estate Auction Software Icon

Activate Your Auction

After meeting all the pre-defined auction requirements and posting details, sellers can activate the real estate auction.

Track Auction Status in  Real Estate Auction Software Icon

Track Auction Status

This feature of our real estate software solution enables sellers to track the current auction status after activation.

Indispensable Features Of Our Real Estate Auction Software

Leveraging our domain knowledge and keeping in mind the clients’ auction software development needs, our team designs a real estate auction software that offers unmatched user experience.

  • Mobile Friendly Feature of Real Estate Auction Software

    Mobile Friendly

    Buyers can bid conveniently from any device, including mobiles, laptops, desktops, and more.

  • HD Video Streaming Feature of Real Estate Auction Software

    HD Video Streaming

    You can showcase your real estate auctions with HD video quality across all web browsers.

  • Flexible Pre-bidding Feature of Real Estate Auction Software

    Flexible Pre-bidding Options

    Bidders can place their bids before and during your live webcast auction using the pre-bidding tool.

  • Simple Set Up Feature of Real Estate Auction Software

    Simple Set Up

    The setup is Cloud-based, which means there is no need for expensive hardware.

  • Custom Wording Feature of Real Estate Auction Software

    Custom Wording

    Building up a platform for virtual events to take place allows meetings, various trade shows, presentations, and launching of a product,etc.

  • Custom Branding Feature of Real Estate Auction Software

    Custom Branding

    You can choose custom branding and integrate your live webcast auctions with your website.

Our Real Estate Auction Software Aids Everyone In The Market

With the rise in digitalization, where everything is tech-based, auction software in real estate has come into the picture. Such platforms bring together buyers and sellers, allowing them to sell and buy properties in one place.


Our solution allows buyers to directly buy properties from homeowners, investors, real estate professionals and brokers according to their budget.


Our real estate auction software allows sellers or auction houses to add new auctions, edit details, manage the auction product list and more.

Marketplace Operator

It may seem challenging to manage both the buyers and sellers simultaneously, and our solution helps to manage & operate the auction seamlessly.

Real Estate Auction Software Aids

Who Can Benefit From Real Estate Auction Software?

At RisingMax Inc, our team takes advantage of in-depth domain expertise to build feature rich software that enhances users experience and meets their expectations.


Auctioneers can leverage a transparent and smooth auction process with high-end privacy.

Brokerage Firms

A complete real estate auction solution for the agents who are looking to list properties.


Customized real estate auction software to manage the listed properties & promote it digitally.

No One Develops Online Real Estate Auction Software Better Than Us!

We firmly believe in assisting our clients with solutions to overcome challenges that real estate businesses face. The team at RisingMax develops real estate auction software to align the industry with the latest trends. Our solutions help investors and homebuyers in closing deals effortlessly. The solutions that we offer are world-class and cater to the different segments of the real estate business.

Online Real Estate Auction Software

Have a Look Through Our Real Estate Software Solution As Per Your Requirement

We offer a plethora of software solutions that are unparalleled and boost real estate management to a significant degree.

  • Real Estate Auction Software Solution

    Auction Software

    Our online real estate auction software solution advocates transparency buyers & sellers to render end-to-end real estate auctions. Easily browse the listed properties while searching for a home, bid on the desired property, and close the deal without hassles.

  • Real Estate Virtual Auction Software

    Virtual Auction Software

    We help you design virtual auction software that empowers real estate businesses to attract worldwide users to property auctions. Integrated with high-end features, the software facilitates scheduling auctions and virtual participation.

  • Real Estate App Development Solution

    Real Estate App Development

    Our real estate apps bring enough efficiency among the staff of a real estate company to manage their processes of buying, selling, and managing properties. We provide seamless services to address the ever-growing needs of real estate firms.

  • Real Estate Multiple Listing Services

    Multiple Listing Services

    We devise custom MLS software to analyze various property listings efficiently. The brokers can see properties listed for sale in their localities as they see one another’s property listings for sale.

  • Real Estate Valuation Engines

    Real Estate Valuation Engines

    Our team develop custom real estate valuation software, data analytics software, commercial analytics software, and other relevant software to take the burden off the shoulders of your real estate firm.

  • Real Estate CRM Solutions

    Real Estate CRM Solutions

    From managing incoming requests to the preparation of price quotes, and selling the property, a real estate CRM does it all. The solution reduces error occurrence and merges with the real estate management process.

Stand Apart & Ahead With Our Online Auction Software Solutions

We bring the most innovative and professional services to help clients outsmart competition.

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Salient Features Of Our Ideal Real Estate Auction Software

As a leading real estate auction software development company, we integrate features that empower auction houses to bridge the gap between buyers and sellers with tech-powered solutions.

Smart & Easy Auction Registration

The personal account creation process is simple for users wherein the user can provide personal information like name, address, and others. This will help in better management of real estate functions.

Excellent Filter List

A filtering list allows buyers to sort by property type and other parameters. The feature allows narrowing down the choices and making the process of finding the property convenient.

Virtual Tours

Virtual tours give would-be bidders /investors a better idea of the property they are going to buy. They get a chance to see whether there are any issues with the property they are about to buy.

Pre-Auction Listings

Our real estate auction software puts an end to your buyers search as we provide listings for pre-auction software and the buyers won’t have to go through the auction process.

Why Choose RisingMax Inc. For Custom Real Estate Auction Software Development?

We have the privilege of assisting real estate firms and auction houses to swiftly integrate next-gen technologies and invest in custom software development. Here’s why our clients’ trust us for real estate software development.

  • Unmatched Expertise Icon

    Unmatched Expertise

    Since inception in 2011, our software development team has been successfully designing and developing softwares for our clients.

  • Innovative Solutions Icon

    Innovative Solutions

    Keeping abreast with the changing tech trends, our experts craft innovative solutions that are at part with current industry standards.

  • Tailored Software Icon

    Tailored Software

    Leveraging our in-depth domain knowledge, we develop tailored real estate solutions to meet our client’s expectations and goals.

  • Flexible Engagement Icon

    Flexible Engagement

    At RisingMax Inc. we offer flexible engagement models to cater to our clients' real estate software development needs.

  • Rigorous Testing Icon

    Rigorous Testing

    We employ industry-best testing tools and methodologies to ensure zero bugs and deliver unmatched software solutions.

  • No Hidden Cost Icon

    No Hidden Cost

    We follow a transparent pricing policy to ensure that our clients only pay for software and no other additional charges.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Security Features Are Integrated With Your Real Estate Auction Software?

    Our team at RisingMax Inc. while designing a real estate auction software focuses on adding security features that ensure platform data and protect users personal information. We have integrated a wide range of security features such as 2FA, biometric authentication, multi-factor authentication, and others to strict any unauthorized access to sensitive information.

    How Much Does Real Estate Auction Software Development Cost?

    For a basic real estate auction software most software development companies charge $25,000 - $30,000. The software development cost directly depends upon the type of software, project complexity, integrated features, project time duration, and others. Connect with our experts for an exact cost estimation of real estate software.

  • How Much Time Is Needed To Build An Online Auction Software?

    Our software experts at RisingMax Inc. can build an online auction software within 1-2 months. However, if you plan to add new features or are looking for customization, then the development might take 3-6 months.

    Do I Need Any Prior Training or Knowledge To Use Real Estate Auction Software?

    Our real estate auctions software is user-friendly and easy to use. You don’t need any prior knowledge to use our online auction software. However, if needed our experts can provide you a demo on how to effectively use the software for auction.

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