Remote Notary Software Development Company

By RisingMax

November 10, 2023

Remote Notary Software Development Company

Partner with us to build remote notary software that provides users with the convenience of notarizing documents online securely. Simplify the notarization process - upload documents, prove identity, connect with online notaries, and notarize documents securely. For more details, schedule an appointment with our experts today!

Remote Notary Software Platform Development Company

Remote Online Notary Software: Notarize Document Securely & Instantly

Remote online notary software allows customers from other states or countries to notarize documents and create opportunities for Notaries to generate income and serve beyond geographies. These softwares are becoming the most preferred option for remotely notarizing important documents and legal agreements due to the following reasons:

  • Mitigating the need to be physically present for notarization.
  • Provide convenient, secure, and instant notarization.
  • Streamline the notarization process, reduce errors, and save time.
  • Available 24/7, wider market reach, and revenue generation.
  • Easy storage and sending of notarized documents.

RisingMax Inc. as a leading software development company, has been designing and developing advanced business solutions for over 10 years. Our development team leverages its extensive tech expertise to build advanced solutions like remote notary software. Get in touch with our experts and discuss your project idea today!

Do You Know?

The global mobile public notary market is expected to reach a $347.2 million valuation by the year 2023 and grow at a CAGR of 18.4 percent from 2023 to 2033.

Let’s delve deep and understand the workings of remote notary software.

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Remote Notary Software Working

We help you design remote notary software where users can easily upload documents, verify their identity, and notarize a single or bulk document within seconds. The software follows a seven-step process to notarize a document with the least amount of user effort.

Create Account

Users need to create an account to start using remote notary software. Document uploaded for notarizations and eSigns will be securely stored in the user's verified account.

Document Upload

The software supports .pdf, .docx, and other file formats that users can upload to notarize the document. The integrated scan feature makes it easy to scan and upload any document for notarization.

Notary Meeting

To start a notary meeting, users are required to connect a camera with a Wi-Fi-enabled device such as a laptop or PC. Without a camera, the notarization process or notary meeting won’t start.

Identity Verification

To start the notarization or eSign process, users must complete the identity verification process, which involves uploading an ID photo, answering a few questions, and confirming identity.

Video Call To Notary

The software will connect users with the notaries and start the notarization process within seconds.

Document Access

The documents will be stored directly with the platform and can be easily accessed anytime.

Download or Send Document

The remote notary document allows users to share or send their documents within seconds.

Why Invest in Remote Notary Software Development?

Simple & Easy

Traditionally, to complete the notarization procedure, people are required to book an appointment and bring all documents to the notary's office. A lot of paperwork is involved, and a physical visit to the appointed notary office makes the entire process time-consuming and cumbersome.

Remote notary software digitalizes the entire process. People can notarize the documents anytime, anywhere, with just a few simple steps. eSign or Notarization tasks that earlier take days or hours to accomplish, can be completed in minutes, if not seconds.

Sustainable Solution

Remote online notary software becomes a sustainable alternative to traditional notary practices. Shifting from the traditional paperwork process to online substantially reduces the paper wastage for affidavits, living wills, power of attorney, minor travel consent, and other legal documents.

Wider Reach

Traditional notaries can serve signers in a particular geographic location; there’s no such limitation with remote online notary software. This means notary businesses can serve clients in multiple geographic locations and generate more revenue in less time. 

Manage Workflow

The integrated features of remote notary software such as easy upload, scheduling and storage tools, make it easy to manage notary business workflow. Built-in tools and features assist in streamlining, enhancing efficiency, and improving the client’s overall notary experience.

Easy Accessibility

State-approved notaries are located within the commissioning state, while signers seeking eSign or notary services can be located anywhere. Online notary software allows signers to access notary services from any geographical location easily.

Eliminate the Need for Physical Presence

Traditionally, the physical presence of everyone is a must to complete the notarization ceremony. Failure to meet the same results in adjournment or, in some cases, rejection of the notarization process. However, remote online notary software eliminates the need for a physical presence, and signers can participate virtually on video calls to complete the notarization process.

Flexible Process

Remote online notary software provides an easy and flexible way for users to get documents notarized, manage, and share documents. Signers or business owners who are too busy to visit the notary office physically can leverage the flexibility offered by remote notary software to get documents notarized.

Cost Effective

Eliminating the need for physical presence, paper, printing, and postage, remote online notary softwares is becoming a cost-effective option for the signer to get documents notarized. For this very reason, startups and enterprises are taking advantage of the notary software to save time and money.

Remote Notary Software Use Cases

Banking and Finance

Banks, credit unions, and wealth management companies are taking advantage of remote online notary software for notarizing documents. Loan agreements, power of attorney, loan modifications, agreements, affidavits of domicile, and other documents can be notarized within minutes.


With remote notary software, Government agencies can validate legal documents and forms without the need for in-person visits or appointments. Power of attorney, affidavit, identity affidavit, travel consent, and application to practise as an attorney, permits, and licences can be notarized with software.


Financial and automotive services providers can take advantage of remote online notary software to notarize documents such as power of Attorney, affidavit forms, trade secret affidavits, proof of loss statements, and litigation affidavits. The software assists in streamlining processes and making the overall process more convenient for users.

Law Firms

A growing number of legal businesses and law firms are integrating remote notary software for the speed, convenience, and accuracy they offer. Legal documents such as financial affidavits, litigation affidavits, power of attorney, application to practise as an attorney, and other legal documents can be notarized from anywhere. We also develop AI based legal assistance software for more streamlined business operations.

Travel Businesses

With remote notary software, travel businesses can streamline the notarization of travel consent, minor (child) travel consent, power of attorney, international travel papers and other travel documents.

Real Estate

Remote online notary software in real estate assists in easy notarization of important documents like affidavits of ownership, bill of sale of personal property, statements of authority, power of attorney, small estate affidavits, and loan modification affidavits. The software creates a secure ecosystem for real estate buyers, sellers, and agents with an instant document notarization facility.

Top Features of Remote Online Notary Software


This feature allows users to digitally sign and seal documents as a single entity or invite others to participate in e-sign documents.

Bulk Document

Users can leverage this feature to send documents in bulk for eSignature or notarization.


The software follows the 2FA feature to make signing into the account more secure and safe.

Edit Document

Users can leverage this feature to add, remove or change the sequence of the document pages for notary or eSignature.

F2F Signature

This feature allows users to sign documents digitally when meeting in person.

Signing Order

Users can change the sequence order in which particular document or documents are to be signed by the participants.

Add Invitee

This feature allows users to add an invitee to join the document signing process without becoming a part of the signing process.


Users can leverage this feature to add an invitee’s email and send a personalised invitation for the document signing process.

Broadcast Message

This feature allows users to broadcast messages to a large number of signatories and invite them to sign.

Email Templates

Users can choose from a variety of email templates that work best for them.

Track History

This feature allows users to keep track of the documents submitted for digital signature or notarization.

Add Attachments

With this feature, users can attach additional files and documents to your invitees.

Form Templates

The software comes with multiple legal form templates to streamline the document creation and notarization process.

Signing Witness

Users can take advantage of this feature to add witnesses to the document signing process.


This software feature allows users to send reminders and notify invitees.

Form Templates Within Remote Notary Software

The software comes with multiple documents and form templates to streamline the document creation and notarization process. Users can take advantage of integrated form templates to speed up the entire process.

  • Affidavit
  • Power of Attorney
  • Advance Directive
  • Living Will
  • Vehicle Bill of Sale
  • Small Estate Affidavit
  • Identity Affidavit
  • Minor Travel Consent

Our software development team can add various other documents and form templates based on your remote notary software requirements and needs. Connect with our experts and discuss your project requirements today!

Leverage our 10 years of experience in developing result-driven solutions.

We at RisingMax Inc. have been assisting clients to start their digital transformation journey. Our team leverages its extensive domain expertise to develop result-driven business solutions.

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How Much Does It Cost To Build A Remote Notary Software?

The development cost of remote notary software varies between $45,000 to $50,000. Further, the project cost might increase based on the cost-driving factors mentioned below. Most software development companies carefully analyze and evaluate cost-driving factors before sharing an estimated development budget.

Prominent cost-driving factors of remote notary software include;

  • Project Complexity
  • Software Features
  • Project Scope
  • Integrated Security Features
  • Tech Stack
  • Location of software development company
  • Team Expertise and Strength
  • Add on Requirements

RisingMax Inc., as a reputable software development company, shares an estimated project development cost after analysing cost-driving factors. If you are looking for a customised remote notary software development cost, then share your requirements with our experts over a free business consultation call. Our team will share an estimated project development quote ASAP.

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Since our inception, we have been serving clients with our affordable software development services and assisting them to start their digital transformation journey. Over the years, we have had the privilege of designing and developing softwares and applications for our clients in multiple business domains. We leverage our multi-domain knowledge and tech expertise to build custom solutions that meet client’s requirements.

Here’s why we are the right business partner;

  • Unmatched development services
  • Hands-on working experience with cutting-edge technologies
  • Tailored business solutions
  • Flexible hiring model
  • Affordable development services

Remote notary software is becoming a digital connection between notaries and customers. The software assists businesses in streamlining and digitalizing the signature and notarization process. Easy accessibility, security and instant notarization make them an ideal alternative to the traditional notarization process.

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