Patient Portal Software: A Better Way To Enhance Patient Engagement

By RisingMax

February 07, 2023

Patient Portal Software: A Better Way To Enhance Patient Engagement

Implementing patient-centric solutions allows healthcare facilities to bridge patient-care gaps and enhance patient engagement. The patient-centric healthcare software can provide accumulated protected health information as defined by HIPPA. Nowadays, hospitals and healthcare facilities employ these futuristic solutions to provide patients with a convenient, secure, and 24*7 assistance platform.

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A healthcare facility must securely maintain a hundred or even a thousand patient profiles & health records. With a patient portal solution, healthcare facilities can securely maintain these patient profiles and enhance the quality of healthcare services provided to patients. Patients can use these healthcare solutions to access information about their health whenever needed. 

The patient portal solutions are used for checking lab results, booking appointments, paying bills, updating insurance information, and more. These software solutions can effectively fill the communication gap and improve the patient-doctor professional relationship. For this very reason, we are seeing an exponential increase in the demand for patient portal software solutions.

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What Are Patient Portal Solutions?

These are patient-centric software solutions designed specifically to improve how patients and healthcare professionals interact. Patient portals are simple solutions for patients to avail of healthcare services and access their healthcare information. These effectively reduce the physical football at the hospital for lab results, solve health-related queries, share insurance information, and update profiles.

Patient portal software is widely used in the healthcare sector for enhancing patient engagement, streamlining workflow, and offering personalized care. Nowadays, some patient portal software is integrated with calendars for appointment scheduling and telemedicine apps for providing remote healthcare services.

So, now you know what patient portal software is. Let’s look at the key benefits of implementing patient portal solutions for healthcare facilities.

Key Advantages of Implementing Patient Portal Solution For Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals and healthcare facilities worldwide are implementing patient portal solutions to establish better patient-doctor communication and streamline processes. Here are the key advantages of implementing patient portal solutions within your healthcare business.

Enhanced Efficiency

The patient portal software solutions bridge the patient-doctor gap and establish smooth communication. One-step registration, digital health records, and an automated appointment schedule save time and enhance system efficiency. Digitization of the operation allows healthcare facilities to reduce human errors and offer better healthcare services.

Streamlining Process Workflow

Integrating patient portal solutions allows hospitals and healthcare facilities to enhance cooperation and streamline process workflow. Following an online mode of communication allows patients to skip the repetitive questions and mitigate the language barriers with frontline staff to avail of healthcare services. The reduced workload on the healthcare staff enables them to focus on urgent and critical tasks.

Limit Unnecessary Visits

Investing in patient portal software development allows hospitals and healthcare facilities to integrate and implement telemedicine services effectively. Patients can leverage this feature to connect with a doctor or physician for medication or prescription changes. Instead of standing in long queues and scheduling appointments, patients can avail healthcare services and limit unnecessary visits.

Eliminate Human Errors 

Miscommunication or misinterpretation often happens between healthcare staff members and patients about required healthcare services and medical concerns. The inaccurate information often delays healthcare services and aggravates patients’ health conditions. With the patient portal solution, patients can write and convey accurate details via message, thus eliminating any miscommunication or misinterpretation. Investing in patient portal software development results in effective healthcare treatment and medication management.

Personalized Patient Care

The patient portal development empowers healthcare facilities to provide patients with personalized care. These healthcare portals make it easy for doctors and healthcare staff to access patient medical records and offer customized healthcare services as per patients’ medical needs. No need for patients to wait in long lines for lab results and check appointment status. This can be simply done via the patient portal solution dashboard.

Patient-centric Healthcare Service

Integrating patient portal software development enables healthcare facilities to effectively serve the increasing number of patients. Healthcare facilities can leverage these healthcare software solutions to provide 24*7 support, health-related information, and resolve health-related queries. From booking a doctor's appointment to accessing health information, patient portal solutions are designed to offer patient-centric healthcare services.

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Intriguing Features of Our Patient Portal Software Solution

Developing a patient portal solution becomes easy when you clearly know the integrated features. Certain app features can prioritize patient healthcare needs and widen the scope of healthcare services. Let’s look at some of the must-have features of the patient portal solution. Let’s take a look at the must-have features of the patient portal development software. 

Patient Registration

Make patient onboarding smooth with our patient portal solution. The single-page sign-up process makes it easy for patients to provide necessary health-related information and easily access healthcare services.

Booking Appointment

This feature of our patient portal software allows patients to book a face-to-face or virtual appointment with a doctor or healthcare specialist based on their health conditions. Integrated with the calendar, this feature enables doctors to optimize their schedules and avoid unnecessary appointments.

Manage Prescription

While investing in patient portal software development, it is recommended to integrate a prescription management feature. This feature allows healthcare professionals to improve patient engagement and reduce the physical football at the hospitals or healthcare facilities for prescription refills or changes in medical prescriptions. Integration of telemedicine features eliminates the need for patients to visit the healthcare facility to access basic healthcare services physically.


This feature allows patients to access healthcare services 24*7. Integrated with FAQs, health-related information, and chatbots allow healthcare facilities to reduce the burden on front desk staff and provide patients with specific health-related information.

In-App Chat

Leveraging this feature allows the patients to chat directly with doctors and healthcare staff members. This feature can be utilized to connect with doctors and share daily health status remotely.

Manage Payments

Integration of payment solutions in the patient portal enables streamlining the entire payment process. From settling medical claims to insurance and bill settlements, this feature makes the process smooth and saves time.

Manage Health Records

This feature allows patients to manage health records effectively and have a bird's eye view of health data. Doctors and healthcare workers can leverage this feature to access patients’ real-time health reports, diagnoses, ongoing treatments, and medications.

Push Notification

With this feature, the patient portal software can send customized reminders to patients regarding appointments, health checkups, follow-ups, necessary tests, test results, and customized notifications.

Remote Monitoring

Patient portal software solutions can be easily integrated with devices like smartwatches and smartphones for real-time patient health tracking. Doctors and healthcare staff members can actively analyze patients' health data and remotely monitor health status.


Patient portal solutions can be integrated with telemedicine software to allow patients to connect with doctors or physicians and avail of healthcare services from the comfort of their homes.

Patient Portal Software Development Process We Follow

RisingMax Inc. as a reliable healthcare software development company leverages its domain expertise and development knowledge to build advanced healthcare solutions. Our team first analyzes your healthcare business needs and devises a perfect software development workflow to deliver the best healthcare software solutions. Our patient portal software development process starts with the following;

  • Project Requirement
  • Project Analysis
  • Project Planning
  • Project Development
  • Project QA
  • Post-Deployment

Following an agile healthcare software development methodology, our team at RisingMax Inc. has built high-end patient-centric healthcare software. Our healthcare experts will get the job done for you regardless of how complex or unique your healthcare software development needs are.

How Much Does Patient Portal Software Development Cost?

Multiple cost-deriving factors affect patient portal software development like any application development. This is one of the biggest reasons why top-rated IT firms in the USA can’t share an exact patient portal solutions development cost without carefully analyzing the requirements.

If you are planning to build your patient portal solutions, we recommend connecting with our healthcare experts at RisingMax Inc. We will carefully analyze your patient portal software development needs and share a customized project cost ASAP.

Major cost-driving factors of the patient portal solution include the following;

  • Type of software.
  • Integrated features.
  • Tech stack
  • Location of the healthcare development company.
  • Team expertise and strength.
  • The time needed for project development.
  • In-built security features.
  • Add-on features.

Top healthcare software development companies in the USA share a development quote based on the above parameters and client project requirements. However, most healthcare software development companies charge $30,000 to $40,000 for basic patient portal solutions.

patient portal software development

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