AR Furniture Placement App: Building Steps and Features

By RisingMax

May 03, 2024

AR Furniture Placement App: Building Steps and Features

AR furniture placement app is a custom solution that allows for a convenient way to place furniture virtually without moving. The app makes the decorating and renovating experience more dynamic and engaging. It encompasses out-of-the-box options for furniture placements, empowering decorators to witness their design choices in real-time.

AR Furniture Placement App

Key Insights of AR Technology in the Furniture Industry

  • In 2023, the mobile AR market was worth $21.1 billion, while the AR software market reached $11.6 billion and the AR advertising market $4.3 billion.
  • The AR market is growing and is projected to skyrocket, reaching a staggering $50 billion by 2028.
  • Consumer demand for AR is strong, with 40% of shoppers expressing their willingness to pay more for a product if it offers an AR option.
  •  77% of shoppers prefer using AR to see product differences, such as a change in color or style. It is helpful in furniture selections.
  • Only 1% of retailers utilize AR, but the tide is turning. 63% of the population will adopt or consider the technology in the next two years.
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Special Features in Apps for AR Furniture Placement

App developers curate the best designs to convince prospects and satisfy their curiosity about furniture designs. Augmented Reality technology is the cornerstone of the app development process. And using it with immersive experiences can amplify user experiences.

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What features must be there? Below are the top facets to consider.

Virtual Reality Visualisation

Your app acts as a catalyst for feeling the real world virtually. Users see and explore their ideal home decoration with the furniture of their choice. They can discover creations in a lifelike 3D world, giving them a sense of presence. 

VR Layout, Decor, and Furniture Editing

Letting people see virtual furniture and decor items through your app helps them move objects around, try different layouts, and alter their color. This gives them practical experience in space design.


AR Furniture placement app makes designing a fun game. In addition to participating in community voting, users vote for their favorite furniture designs and decor systems. This app is full of entertainment with a high reach and many choices.

User-friendly Design

With design visualization, your app features user-friendly design and elements that allow users to edit and arrange items easily. It allows them to connect with like-minded people, elevating the experience to a new level.

360° Furniture Tour

AR offers a 360° experience. Users can check furniture from all sides, check dimensions, change their preferred color, rotate it, and place it in their preferred place.

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How to Make Money With AR-based Furniture Placement App Development?

When harnessed effectively, AR furniture placement app solutions can be a game-changer in the industry, offering a path to enduring success. By defining your solutions and maximizing your ROI, you can turn AR technology into a lucrative venture. Here's how to start making money with AR-based furniture placement app development.

One of the many revenue models in AR app development is the free App with Sponsored Ads. This model allows easy app downloads, use of default features, and payment for premium features. You can earn from your app by promoting advertisers' or third-party ads.

  • Premium Model: Keep updating your app and releasing its advanced version that simplifies its complexities and functions for your users. Understand the business model where customers pay to access the app's functionalities.
  • Freemium Model: Here, you can give away some premium and free aspects of the virtual furniture placement app. We take great care to ensure that our solution is precisely defined and built to match your business needs.

With our virtual software for furniture placement, we assure you that you cannot only compete but also dominate the industry. These are just a few popular methods for generating revenue, helping you excel, and becoming the best in the field. Get connected with RisingMax!

Planning to land on the furniture business?

Add AR and lead the digital landscape with a smart furniture placement platform! Connect with RisingMax and get your app with advanced features and functionalities.

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Why Augmented Reality for Furniture Placement App is Important?

Every app for the furniture business in the Play Store or Apple Store offers some convenience. However, the AR furniture placement design app you wish to launch takes this convenience to a whole new level, offering users an incredibly practical and user-friendly solution.

  • Customer Retention: An integrated application with immersive designs allows users to view a real-time image of the furniture they can experiment with on the screen. It is fruitful for your business as such experiments appeal to users, retaining more footfall. 
  • Personal Preferences: Building an online furniture app with AR for placement features is beneficial for generating solutions beyond customization. With such apps, you can select what you want and how you want to style your furniture, catering to your customers' needs and preferences.
  • Reliability: We build AR furniture placement apps that are rigorously tested and proven efficient in allowing users to see the product virtually and how it can match one's home or commercial location. For instance, RisingMax development wizards test the app's reliability and potential to boost users' purchasing experience.
  • Fruitful Investment: Building an AR app for a furniture store saves business time and effort. Our development process includes planning, execution, and launch, which benefits app owners lucratively.
  • Digital Win: A virtual furniture showroom is a digital version of a physical store. People connect with businesses 24/7 and engage for the long term, leading to winning the digital market.
  • Competitive Edge: Adding augmented reality to your furniture business offers a product and a unique and innovative experience. It offers customers a rich, immersive journey that personalizes their experience and gives your business a competitive edge.

Development Cost of AR Furniture Placement App

The cost of building an AR furniture placement app depends on the project's complexity. AR technology is costly, and businesses must prepare to invest significant money in it. So, investing in an AR-based platform is worth it for the long term.

There are more things to note. The development cost of an AR Furniture placement app begins at $15K and increases with added features and requirements. Such an application requires a hefty budget, but its advantages outweigh the costs for some businesses.

Top Reasons to Choose RisingMax For AR Furniture Placement App

RisingMax is renowned for providing customized app development solutions to different industries.

  • 24/7 Support: Our tech wizards offer 24/7 assistance for AR-based platform-related queries or issues.
  • Cost-Effective: Considering your budget, we provide app development solutions with the latest features inoculated in a digital system.
  • Competency: Stand out from the competition by customizing the AR-based apps to meet your business needs.
  • Smart Job Allocation: Easily manage your AR-based app system on a single admin dashboard without being tech-savvy.
  • Your Language: Our experts speak clients' language so they can easily explain their requirements and get them fulfilled as they want.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How do AR furniture placement apps work?

Most AR furniture placement apps scan users' rooms with their phones' cameras. The app then uses AR technology to superimpose 3D models of furniture onto the camera view. Users can then move the furniture around the room virtually to see how it would look.

  • What devices are AR furniture placement apps compatible with?

AR furniture placement apps are typically compatible with most smartphones and tablets that support AR technology.

  • Do I need to invest in a special platform to make the app supportive for different customers?

No, most AR furniture placement apps use built-in cameras on users' devices to scan their rooms.

  • How do I develop the AR Furniture Placement App?

RisingMax is a leading AR app development company that develops and launches such apps with advanced functionalities and features.

  • How Cost-effective is AR Furniture Placement App Development?

Many AR furniture placement app development companies have different costs, but saving big comes with RisingMax development packages. Connect with us now!

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