Metaverse Technology Consulting Services We Offer

We provide metaverse consulting services to businesses, from deciding roadmap to building fruitful product development and revenue generation strategies.

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    Metaverse Strategy & Roadmap

    We craft visionary surveys that let businesses enjoy successful strategic marketing, branding, and new product introduction to 3D Web technologies, applications, markets.

  • Metaverse Consulting Firms
    3D Mapping And Digital Twins

    As a trusted metaverse consulting company, we improve your business performance by reducing risk & increasing operational efficiencies with 3D Mapping And Digital Twins features.

  • Metaverse Consulting Firms
    Metaverse Revenue Model Consulting Services

    From conducting virtual events through digital twins to selling virtual products or services, understand every bit of generating revenue from 3D technology.

  • Metaverse Consulting Firms
    Virtual Currency & Token Creation

    Create and modify your own virtual currency and token creation or establish a coin with blockchain technology with the finest US-based metaverse consulting company.

  • Metaverse Consulting Firms
    Metaverse Infrastructure Enablement

    The proper technical foundation is necessary for developing and expanding metaverse solutions; we evaluate business capabilities today and design an end-to-end enabling strategy.

  • Metaverse Consulting Firms
    Metaverse Product Development

    Create impressive and smart metaverse business products like human avatars, holograms of people, and virtual clothing for work, shopping, education, and entertainment.

  • Metaverse Consulting Firms
    Metaverse Game Consulting

    RisingMax Inc, a metaverse strategy consulting company that keeps an eagle eye on what is trending technologies and which technologies are not working in the metaverse gaming world.

  • Metaverse Consulting Firms
    AI Chatbot Integration

    Improve your platform authenticity by simulating human conversations using NLP (natural language processing) and assist the users to enjoy more services on your metaverse platform.

  • Metaverse Consulting Firms
    Cyber Security & Testing

    Understand the multiple methodologies and tactics defining how effective your cyber security is or should be against potential cyber-attacks with a top-notch metaverse Q/A team.

Enter The New Era Of Digital Change

Step into a new virtual business horizon in the metaverse with a reliable metaverse strategy consulting company and make your dreams come true. We love to share details about what we can offer!!!

Metaverse Business Consultants For Industries Like

Here is the list of industries we provide metaverse consulting services to help sectors grow with maximum benefits and high-end features. The mentioned below industries one such that is rejuvenating the business market with the help of the metaverse.

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    Metaverse Banking

    Get the high-end virtual banking platform for your banks to reestablish the connection with clients and make the global reach with metaverse consultants.

  • metaverse business consultants

    Metaverse Education

    RisingMax Inc., as a metaverse strategy consulting company, can help you build metaverse educational platforms to demolish the barriers to education with metaverse technology.

  • metaverse business consultants

    Metaverse Healthcare

    Metaverse healthcare can enhance the experience of hospitals and clinics with advanced technologies for doctors to practice. Hire a metaverse consulting company to build the platform.

  • metaverse business consultants

    Metaverse Real Estate

    Metaverse properties are on the hype and spreading like fire in the jungle. Get a top-notch consultation from the leading metaverse consulting company in NYC, USA.

  • metaverse business consultants

    Metaverse Travel & Tourism

    Getting metaverse consulting services for travel and tourism can generate high revenue, and merging them with metaverse technology will enhance the business.

  • metaverse business consultants

    Metaverse Food Industry

    We, as the metaverse strategy consulting company, can help you to establish the metaverse food industry with top-notch service and high-end technology.

From IT Software Consulting To Metaverse Software Consulting: We Are a One-Stop Destination

We offer a wide spectrum of Metaverse consulting to development services embedded with future-proof technology.

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    Metaverse Corporate Office Setup
  • Metaverse Business Consulting Company
    Metaverse Gaming Solution
  • Metaverse Business Consulting Company
    Metaverse Ecommerce Solution
  • Metaverse Business Consulting Company
    Metaverse NFT Solution
Metaverse Software Consulting
Meta Elements

From research to development, we, as a leading metaverse consulting company, create an actionable roadmap for your metaverse project. We have experts with vast experience in blockchain technology, 3D world, and AR that helps to create digital assets, metaverse applications, and gamification.

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Our experts will assist you in integrating traditional payment processing systems with your existing metaverse project. We offer crypto consulting to metaverse technology consulting services for any project.

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Metaverse Software Consulting
Metaverse Software Consulting
Metaverse Integration And Security

We ensure 360-degree metaverse project security to manage high traffic and better control over activities like congestion control, traffic management, and more. We integrate cutting-edge APIs for flawless business transactions and 3D acceleration.

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Digital Economies & Assests Development

We help you to make your metaverse project more valuable with our own fully functional digital assets platform. You can allow users to buy, sell or trade their valuable assets with a multi-currency wallet from the OTC platform, NFT marketplace, and more!

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Metaverse Software Consulting

Metaverse Consulting Firms: Enjoy The Assets Enhancement

Enjoy healthy profit-making strategies for your platform with a metaverse strategy consulting company. With our affordable metaverse consulting services, we assist you in leveraging the technology for various business needs.

  • Metaverse Technology Consulting in NYC
    Virtual Assets

    Digital assets can be any property like houses, vehicles, clothing, or avatars that can be defined into digital currency for buying, selling or trading purposes.

  • Metaverse Technology Consulting in NYC
    Game Mechanics

    Crafting gaming mechanics includes points, levels, badges, reward system goals & challenges etc., and defines quantity, spatial, state, and action on gaming platform.

  • Metaverse Technology Consulting in NYC
    Metaverse Venues

    Decentraland-based venues include conference halls, NFT-based marketplace & art galleries, and gaming battles that define the place to host an event in the metaverse.

  • Metaverse Technology Consulting in NYC

    The scene defines how your virtual world looks alike, and it may include composable settings, graphics, natural scenes and more; everything should be a click away.

  • Metaverse Technology Consulting in NYC

    The powerful pack of blockchain technology in the NFT marketplace allows your users to trade for real estate assets, play-to-earn games, and create and sell digital assets.

  • Metaverse Technology Consulting in NYC
    Crypto Instruments

    Leverage the platform with a cryptocurrency wallet, mining software, and mining hardware backed by APIs, tools and OTC exchange platform that ensure safe crypto custody.

  • Metaverse Technology Consulting in NYC
    Traditional Payment Tools

    Integrating a combination of contemporary & conventional payment processing methods for flawless debit and credit transactions on the Metaverse platform.

  • Metaverse Technology Consulting in NYC
    Smart Contract Interaction

    RisingMax Inc, a leading metaverse consulting company, provides services from writing new codes to smart auditing contracts for automated gaming execution.

  • Metaverse Technology Consulting in NYC

    Unlock the power of physical and digital world parallel computation, portable OpenXR application, grid services, and 3D acceleration that form the necessary infrastructure.

  • Metaverse Technology Consulting in NYC
    Server-Side Validations

    Build a 100% secured business process with failure-proof APIs that protect the platform from malicious attacks with grounded principles and privacy-based technologies.

  • Metaverse Technology Consulting in NYC
    Message Bus

    A Message Bus is a unique combination of common data models that defines a common command and messaging infrastructure to communicate through a shared set of interfaces.

  • Metaverse Technology Consulting in NYC

    Create an interactive and 3D experience for a fully immersive 3D experience where real-world assets can be enhanced with digital information for MR and AR experience.

METAVERSE TECHNOLOGY CONSULTING: Gateway To Boost Your Business Services

Leverage the world of innovations and uplift your business services with tech experts!

Metaverse Consulting Firms

What Makes Us Leading Metaverse Technology Consulting

Metaverse technology is one of the most robust technology, and there are very few companies that can help you with metaverse business consultants. RisingMax Inc. has:

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    Top Notch Experts

    We acquire teams of high-end experts that make sure to deliver the appropriate solutions that can provide maximum benefits from the platform.

  • metaverse strategy consulting company

    In-Depth Research

    Our experts hold the experience of more than 5 yeras in the metaverse industry and have consulted more than 100 projects on the metaverse.

  • metaverse strategy consulting company

    USP For Business

    As the metaverse consulting service provider, we also make sure that each of our clients gets the best possible USPs to achieve success in the marketplace.

  • metaverse strategy consulting company

    24*7 Availability

    RisingMax Inc.’s metaverse consultants are available 24*7 to assist you with all their knowledge and blueprint of the metaverse businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Metaverse?

    Metaverse is a 3D universe that combines virtual goods & services with digital currency.

    How much do metaverse consulting companies charge as a consulting fee?

    The first metaverse consulting meeting with our expert is free as we only charge when we offer services.

    Why does your business need metaverse consulting services?

    It is always advisable for experts to get knowledge from industry experts before stepping into any blockchain business.

    How metaverse consulting services can help you to grow your business?

    Metaverse consulting services define a pathway - how you can earn and grow in the virtual world.

  • Can Building A Business On The Metaverse Be Profitable?

    Building a business on the metaverse platform will be beneficial as the demand for the metaverse technology is increasing with every passing day.

    Does Metaverse Business Have Scope In The Future?

    As we can see, the upcoming era will be the era of the virtual world and virtual business.

    Will Metaverse Consulting Company Help You To Build A Roadmap?

    If you are hiring RisingMax Inc. for metaverse business or metaverse platform development, our experts will also assist you in designing a roadmap and platform development.

    Why RisingMax Inc. For Metaverse Consultation Service?

    RisingMax Inc. is the leading metaverse consulting company with the experience of more than a decade in IT consultation and 5.5 years of experience in metaverse consultation and development.

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