Top 8 Metaverse Business Ideas To Generate High Revenue

By RisingMax

February 03, 2023

Top 8 Metaverse Business Ideas To Generate High Revenue

Building metaverse platforms is one such technology that will make your startups worthy, and with appropriate features, it can reach maximum users. In the coming years, the metaverse marketplace will change the whole business experience and user experience. The demand for the metaverse platform is picking up its heights with every single day passing.

Metaverse business idea

In the coming years, the market value of the metaverse-based business gonna rise to its heights, and that too with vast scope.

Stats & Facts Of Metaverse

  • The global market value of the metaverse is about $47.48 billion in 2022, with a CAGR of 39.44%.
  • By 2030 metaverse is expected to gain a market value of $678.80 billion.
  • Roblox games have 58.8 million daily active users; before the pandemic, it was about 52.2 million. 
  • 70% of people hold knowledge of AR and VR technology from the age of 14 to 44.

What Are The Best Metaverse Startup Ideas In 2023

We won’t hit around the bushes; let’s directly come to the point of which are the best possible metaverse business ideas of 2023 that will be beneficial for you to generate a good amount of revenue. 

E-commerce In Metaverse

Who can ignore the success of e-commerce platforms in the real world? Platforms like Amazon or eBay are popular e-commerce platform that holds a huge user base and generate a huge amount of revenue. But now, as soon as most people are accepting the decentralized technology and moving towards the blockchain platforms. Be the early bird and build your E-commerce in the metaverse platform to be the earliest to enter. Popular fashion brands have already launched their digital avatars and dresses on the metaverse platforms in the form of NFT. For maximum benefit, you can develop the metaverse e-commerce platform with the most suitable features and at cost-effective rates. 

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Metaverse Banking

The next most successful metaverse startup idea could be is the metaverse banking platforms. Banking is one such business that is trusted by everyone, and people keep their life-saving in banks to be safe and secure. But, cyber frauds are creating a ruckus with the banks as well as with their clients. And on the other side, because everything is digitally available for the users. People are losing touch with the banks, which is also a disadvantage for the banking sector. So building the metaverse platform for the banking sector will be a two-way benefit:

The complete number of transactions will be on the blockchain, so the chances of error or cyber fraud will be none.

The bank will have the chance to rebuild the same interaction that banks use to have previously. 

Metaverse Land Trading Platform

Another profitable metaverse business idea in the virtual world is the Metaverse Land Trading Platform. To quickly enter the virtual world, aspiring entrepreneurs team up with metaverse platform development companies. A metaverse land trading market will be created in large part thanks to modern technologies. Users will find it simple and safe to acquire and sell land on the metaverse thanks to this cutting-edge technology. A cutting-edge real estate trading platform, Metaverse virtual real estate offers an unrivaled trading experience with cutting-edge technologies.

Metaverse Dating App

Love is a global language that does not understand any boundaries and any culture or religion. It is such a language that people learn with ease, and people enjoy speaking this language. 323 million people are on the dating application globally and participating actively. The metaverse is opening the doors of dating. If the user is in a long-distance relationship, then also they can feel the sense of the presence of their lover with the help of the metaverse dating application. This could be one of the budding metaverse ideas for startups. The approximate metaverse dating app development cost is around $50-$80K. It may also exceed in case of any additional features on the platform.

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School In Metaverse 

There are multiple international governments and private educational institutions have joined the metaverse platform to provide classes to an unlimited number of students. The major benefit of building schools in the metaverse is that the students can attend classes from anywhere around the world. Yes, we know that there are various other platforms, too, through which students can attend classes without being present there. But with the help of the metaverse platform, the students can get be present in the classroom virtually and they cannot create any nuisance that the tutors face while teaching on the communication platform. 

SaaS-Based Metaverse Platform

The SaaS-based platform is a one-stop solution if you are looking for multiple business centers at one destination. The major revenue of the metaverse SaaS platform comes from lending the platform for various events. You can build multiple locations for the events like seminars, concerts, meetings, etc. Global stars, including Justin Biber, Snoop Dogg, Marshmello, Travis Scott, etc. have already performed on multiple metaverse platforms. The SaaS-based metaverse platform is one metaverse business idea that is going to hit the maximum point of success in the coming years.

Metaverse Army Training Platform

A few months back, the UAE Ministry of Economy launched its office on the metaverse platform for a better and easy approach with their citizens. There are multiple other government and private sector companies that are adapting the metaverse technology. One of the other perspectives that can create a better and more advanced level of security for international borders and army training. The metaverse military training platform can create an ultimate solution for the unfortunate situation at the borders. Either you can offer the metaverse platform to the government for the safety, security, and training of the army personnel. 

Metaverse Casino Platform

The gaming platform has a great approach in the history of humankind. Gaming platforms are one of the biggest forms of entertainment, and every age group is enjoying them with great pleasure. But what is changing the scenario of the metaverse casino gaming platform is the two-way earning. In the metaverse, the users will receive the reward with digital assets which have not just real value but also user gets complete ownership of the NFT.  on the other side the business platform can generate revenue from the commission from the exchange platform, advertisement of third party’s business on your platform, and people losing the bet is one of the major sources as well. 

How Much Does It Cost To Develop Metaverse Platform?

If you are planning to develop or move your business on the metaverse platform, then knowing about the cost to develop will the at the top of the list of curiosity. Let’s see approximately how much it cost the develop the metaverse platforms for these businesses. 

Metaverse Business Platforms

Cost To Develop (Approx.)

Metaverse E-commerce

$60,000- $120,000

Metaverse Land Trading Platform

$50,000- $90,000

Metaverse Dating App

$60,000- $120,000

School In Metaverse

$80,000- $120,000

Saas-Based Metaverse Platform

$60,000- $100,000

Metaverse Army Training Platform

$100,000- $150,000

Metaverse Casino Platform

$60,000- $130,000

Metaverse Banking Platform 

$80,000- $110,000

The mentioned above cost is just an approximate figure. The development cost depends on various factors, including features, the size of the company, the complexity of the platform, and what size of business you are hiring for the metaverse platform. The development cost may extend from the maximum mentioned cost according to the features and complexity of the platform. 

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Metaverse business idea

Wrapping Up

So now you have complete knowledge of what are the best 8 metaverse business ideas that are going to boost the market value of a business in the metaverse. 

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