Enhance Your Business With Metaverse Integration Service Provider

By RisingMax

April 20, 2023

Enhance Your Business With Metaverse Integration Service Provider

Join the Metaverse platform to get a global audience for your business. The virtual world of the metaverse offers great potential to make the business successful with excellent features and high-end technology. Leverage the free consultation service of RisingMax Inc. for the high-end metaverse integration service.

RisingMax Inc. is the leading metaverse integration service provider & one of the initial companies that adopted blockchain & metaverse technology. For the integration of your business onto the Metaverse platform. Schedule a meeting with us for a free consultation service.

Metaverse Integration Services

Custom Metaverse Integration Services

We develop cutting-edge metaverse goods and assets that provide real value to enterprises.

The Metaverse is a virtual simulation of the real world, and market analysts have described it as a high-potential income prospect, presenting opportunities in a range of sectors and industries.

We assist brands and businesses in strategizing, building, and constructing essential metaverse components such as 3D virtual worlds, metaverse NFT marketplaces, metaverse applications, and decentralized platforms because our developers thoroughly understand blockchain and immersive reality technology.

Metaverse Integration Services RisingMax Inc. Provide 

Here is the list of the metaverse integration services we provide with top-notch protocols and high-end features. 

API Integration

RisingMax Inc. can be your 360-degree solution provider for the metaverse integration service. If you want your users to provide a virtual space with a high-end solution by developing a custom API, we can help you perfectly to integrate it into the Metaverse platform to make the user experience mesmerizing. 

Data Integration

We provide a complete data analytics tool and integration service that helps you transfer the data, virtualize your data, and other data processes that help you collect data, analyze, and also improve your metaverse solution. Our team of Metaverse developers will help you to integrate your data onto the Metaverse platform for ease of work procedure and business enhancement.

Tool Integration

With us, you can be confident that your users will get the full benefits of your metaverse system. Our experts will integrate all of the tools required to improve the user experience and make the platform more scalable. 

This broadens the range of niches your company can serve in the virtual environment. Services like integrating financial tools and apps will make the system more customer-friendly, so don't pass up this opportunity!

Dapp Integration Service

Integrating decentralized applications (dApps) into the metaverse has a number of advantages, including greater functionality, security, and transparency. dApps can provide customers with features and services that are not available on regular platforms. 

They are secure by definition and give a high level of transparency. Furthermore, including dApps in the metaverse can aid in the facilitation of frictionless transactions and data sharing between different platforms.

Wallet Integration

Our experts take your metaverse platform to the next level by incorporating a crypto wallet that allows your users to conduct digital transactions, and our engineers will also set up multiple payment gateways if the project requires it. Providing several choices for exchanging fiat money for cryptocurrency improves user experience and engagement.

Industries For Which We Provide Metaverse Integration Service 

Our team of experts holds the expertise to serve multiple industries. We have provided our services to more than 150 companies that have a global impact in various industries. 

Real Estate

We help to integrate the real estate business into the metaverse, where you can sell the metaverse lands to the global audience and generate revenue from it. 

The metaverse platform will also integrate the real-world land where your users can take a virtual tour of the available land and can make the purchase. 

The real estate metaverse platform will open the doors of money as you can get a global audience for the platform. 

Social Media 

We also help social media platforms to integrate their business onto the Metaverse platform. With the Metaverse social media platform, you can also integrate the option for your users to create crypto punks or full-stack NFTs on your social media platform. RisingMax Inc. as a metaverse integration service provider can help you out perfectly to integrate or develop social media platforms for the metaverse.

E-commerce In Metaverse 

The e-commerce industry holds the maximum number of users on their platform, and that too globally. And on the other side, the metaverse is the most robust platform where you can generate a high amount of revenue by making the audience global, that too without developing multiple panels for each of the countries. 

Game In Metaverse

Using our metaverse integration services, we construct highly dynamic virtual world games. When playing games in the metaverse, players feel more realistic and thrilled. The entire gaming experience is multiplied.

Metaverse Finance 

Incorporating our metaverse integration services into your financial platform ensures efficient processes, low costs, simple identity verification, and excellent client satisfaction. Get your FinTech service on the Metaverse platform and make your business decentralized. 

Integration of EduTech in Metaverse

We also provide metaverse integration services for your educational platform to provide users with interactive and immersive educational experiences. Not only that but there is considerably more educational potential with the metaverse.

Align the current state of IT with your business strategy by hiring the most trustworthy Metaverse Development Company

What Makes Metaverse A Reliable Development Platform 

These three key features help to make the Metaverse business platform a reliable solution for users.

Human Interface

To use the interactive metaverse system, users must have a mobile phone, smart glasses, wearables, haptic, gestures, speech, computer interfaces, and a neural interface...


To stay up with cutting-edge technology and escalating cybercrime, the design of metaverse apps is built on AI agents, Microservices, and Blockchain networking.


We use spatial computing technologies such as 3D engines, VR/AR/XR, Multitasking UI, and Geospatial mapping to travel and interact in both worlds.

How Much It Costs For Metaverse Integration Services

The integration cost depends on what sort of business you are integrating into the metaverse. The development of the integration cost also depends on the features you want to integrate metaverse platform, manpower, etc. 

Cost For Integration


Outsource Software

$20K To 30K 



Cost For Maintenance

$3000 To $6000

Hourly Project Manager Cost 

$25/ Hour to $49/Hour

Quality Assurance Team And Testers


Metaverse Integration Cost As Per Complexity

Another thing that affects the cost of integration is the complexity of the platform. According to the complexity, charges get higher. The costs mentioned below are just the approximate metaverse integration cost per the metaverse development company standards.

Complexity Level

Cost Estimation

Low-Level Complex 

$35,000- $60,000 

Medium Level Complex 


High-Level Complex 


This is the best time to integrate your business onto the Metaverse platform. Big bulls are joining the market too. Hurry Up! This could be your game-changer move.

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Work Procedure We Follow For Metaverse Integration

We follow a strict work procedure to integrate the business on Metaverse to make it a high-end platform for our client’s users.


We pay attention to the client's metaverse integration needs for the project and the types of resources they choose. We proceed to the next level of research regarding the service, technology, and features you wish to integrate into the Metaverse platform once we have all of the requirements. 


RisingMax Inc.'s team of professionals checks over all of the project's minor aspects and then shares their comments and research findings with our customers once they give the green light to proceed with the development process.


As the next phase, we committed our best resources to the project in order to jumpstart your business with metaverse integration. We have a staff of 150+ professionals with over a decade of software development expertise

Testing in Beta

We go through a multi-level testing method, including beta testing, before launching the product. Our alpha professionals dive in-depth into the projects through multi-level testing to ensure that no mistakes are made. 

Final Launch

With the final step of the metaverse integration, we hand over complete access to the platform owner. 

Why Choose Us For Metaverse Integration Services

RisingMax Inc. is the leading metaverse development company with a team of 150+ developers, designers, and blockchain QA experts. Our team of experts holds the experience of more than 10 years in the related field.

Tech Expertise

Our web3 developer team has hands-on development experience on metaverse projects and is well-versed in leading technologies. We use our technological expertise to create unique web3, metaverse, and blockchain solutions tailored to your needs.


RisingMax's development team adheres to an agile development process, as detailed above. Their carefully integrated company development strategy enables us to deliver on and meet our client's expectations.

Pricing Transparency

We recognize that no two businesses have the same needs. Thus we offer transparent pricing based on your metaverse integration project. Our team works with the customer to determine the appropriate development budget and then offers the best commercial product possible.

Metaverse Integration Service

Secure Business Solution

Our development team's first objective is to create safe and secure business solutions. As a result, we employ stringent testing procedures to provide our customers with highly secure business solutions.

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