How To Develop An App For Android?

By RisingMax

December 04, 2023

How To Develop An App For Android?

Today, 2.56 million android apps on the Google Play Store are surprising everyone! One way apps are defining business opportunities with increasing sales figures for tech giants. Other ways apps are helping customers to get every product or information at ease. 

How To Develop An App For Android

Big business players are generating a great chunk of profits from mobile applications. Therefore, everyone looks for a fully-featured app, whether it's real estate, restaurant, health, banking, retail, education, or other industry. 

If you haven't got an app, you might be missing a whole lot of business opportunities. Mobile app development can help you bring a massive transformation in your business. In this blog, we have discussed the procedure about how to develop android app.

Things You Must Know Before Developing Android Apps

Here is a detail that will help you to develop android app.

Nail Down Your Idea

The first and most important stage of developing an app is to come up with a compelling idea. The idea should not be from another universe but, it must be related to common users and their daily problems. Find out what is troubling them in routine and how your app can help to overcome it. 

For instance, pandemics have become a curse for almost every industry. Still, companies' changed platforms on time continue to flourish. You can check health, education, dating apps, real estate, or restaurants everywhere, apps give them a reason to go beyond expectations. 

Now, it's your turn to nail down the best idea and how it will motivate people. If you are in the pet health industry, offer special services and clinical to pets owners. You can schedule pets grooming via the app, offering diet plan services, or another groundbreaking idea. Don't worry, a few tweaks in-app will always be a part of your business improvements. 

Harness The Future Goldmine With Android App Development

Pick the Right Software

Building an app without software is like swimming without water. Same way, software selection is a crucial part of app development. But it could be quite tough for newbies to pick the right tool and software, especially when there are a plethora of options in the market. So, here we have a list of technology setups for conventional app building. 

  • Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

First of all, a developer needs an integrated development environment (IDE) software that contains all the tools to write and test software. Why? The App development process involves text editors, code libraries, compilers, and test platforms. All these involve lots of coding and typo that can be rectified efficiently with a single-handed solution. Thus, IDE offers all tools together as a single framework, application, or service. 

The next step is the right type of IDE tools choice. Remember, it will be based on your app platform choice, programming language, developers' skills, and preferences. Some of the most sought-after tools are Android Studio, IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, Microsoft Visual Studio, and more!!

  • Software Development Kit (SDK)

SDKs help software developers to create applications for specific platforms, systems, or programming languages. In simple words, it's like a toolkit packaged with parts of a dresser that helps to assemble your dress. So, whether you want to build blocks or development tools, every job can be done with SDK. 

SDK includes a compiler, debugger, and application programming interfaces (APIs). It can also include - Documentation, Libraries, Editors, Runtime, Drivers, Network protocols, and Testing/analysis tools.

  • Java-Based Puzzle

Java is another puzzle in the world of app creation. The environment helps to build billions of devices and applications. Applications created from Java are used to run across all feature phones and smartphones. Moreover, Java is compatible with AndroidStudio and Kotlin.

How to develop an android app?

  • The Android Native Development Kit

An Android Native Development toolkit allows developers to use C and C++ code with Android. It provides platform libraries to manage native activities and access physical device components, such as sensors and touch input. In other words, Android Native Development Kit helps to structure codes in a more readable form that troubles further testing, debugging, and deployment of the software product. One can also opt for react native app development.

Language is Key To Build App

Java is known as the official language for developing an app. Google also frequently publishes video content and documentation to facilitate mobile apps created in this language. Another programming language named Kotlin has been gaining lots of attention in the developer world. Codes' simplicity and faster implementation are its highly appreciated features. Even Google named it as the second official language and has high potential to replace Java in the future. 

How to Develop Android App?

Android mobile apps can also be built-in C/C++, C#, Python, or Corona. But these are complicated languages, and a minor mistake can grab lots of time. Therefore, it is not a suitable platform for new developers, especially those who are developing apps for the first time. Now the choice is yours whether you want Java or Kotlin to create a website. 

Finding precise pricing for app development requires much effort. You can use our app cost calculator tool to estimate the cost of your app.

How To Develop An App For Android?

Time needed: 5 days.

Now it's the right time to learn the golden rules about developing an app for android. 

      Determine Your Budget

          App development is not different from launching a new product in the market. Therefore from development to marketing, at every step, you have to bear some cost. Before embarking directly with the development process, consider all the essential elements of cost, then sit down to discuss your next plans. You can also ask our expertise that helps you to calculate application costs before building. Additionally, partnering with a marketing agency can ensure your app reaches its target audience effectively and achieves success in a competitive market. 

          Know Your Users

          Before dealing with technology consideration, you must conduct good market research and analyze customer needs, as discussed above. Understanding target audience needs is crucial, like whether these will be minimal or gen z, finding out what problem your audience is facing and how you can solve it. This will help you narrow down the application's scope and choose top functions while building. 

          Choose The Core Feature

          Every app has a different target audience, therefore features change accordingly. Taxi booking apps have different features than restaurant apps, and the OTT platform is completely different from the health or retail sector. Some check out which industry your app is falling into and what features your audience wants to see in the app. Create a list and deliver on taps from your app. 

          Hire The Right People

          Technology for developing a mobile app for android is constantly evolving. Google or users may start looking for new features or functions in the app, which are hard to change overnight. Here, hiring an expert from RisingMax at the right time can help you to deal with the issue in advance. All the professionals have rich experience and are well familiar with tech slacks. Customers just need to define features or the latest information in the app and save millions of users’ hearts with upgraded technology. Even we have a ready to delivery clone app solution that can help you to get the app instantly. 

          Focus on Usability

          Most businesses fail even after using apps, and the major factor is not app development. But unable to get full advantage of ultra-modern apps for business success. Some of the common usability errors are:

          • Lack of Optimization: You cannot simply pick a clone and start building an app. But, your business may need specific design and function. Optimizing it according to the target audience can help users to enjoy your modern business solution.
          • Cluttered Design: Typography, colors, and irrelevant positioning of clicks are other major factors distracting users from using your app. So, pick a clean and healthy app design with easy-to-read and understandable content. 
          • Design Inconsistency: Make sure your app's design must be consistent, easy to play with, and boost the repetitive experience, just like a professional approach. 

          Maintain High Performance

          App's speed has the biggest responsibility to invite or adjourn 95% of the app users. Therefore, check out, your application must work smoothly. Users can scroll all the pages without spending time on loading speed. Otherwise, all your efforts to create a best-in-class app can fail. To find the real culprit affecting app speed, you can check the technology stack and code, the server, mobile device, and connectivity. Testing your app after a fixed interval can also remove all app performance issues. 

          Remember Security

          Security is another crucial aspect of android application development. As your app contains customers' personal data such as contact number, email id, address, and banking details, it can be exposed to high-threat vulnerabilities with small deficiencies in the app design. So, be clear you should follow all the essential protocols from data storage to transmission and take the initiative for data authentication. 

          Test Your App

          Once you have done all the above aspects, it's time to get set and go for your android app testing. You will need a few texting tools and approaches to choose the best one. The strategy involves the following testing areas:

          - Functionality test to verify everything is going well or not
          - Usability test covers menu, buttons, images, navigation flow testing, and understanding app efficiency.
          - Compatibility tests let you know whether your app is good to go on all platforms or still needs improvement.
          - Performance testing let you understand load and performance testing 
          - Security testing ensures everything is going well or not. 

          Prepare For Launch

          Now, your app is close to launching. Still, you need to do some homework. You have to get familiar with the app store policies and security concerns. Work on a few high-quality shots of UI app development to attract eyeballs. You can also create a simple website defining your app and list it on popular reviews. Keep in mind that while deploying an app to Google Play, Google requires a Privacy Policy URL specifying the principles of using and processing personal data. It helps to boost users' trust.

          Collect Feedback and Improve

          To keep your app on the top of the chart, gathering feedback and working on it is a crucial step. It works as a communication channel to facilitate users and deal with their feedback. You can also frequently respond to websites and respond to all the suggestions in the review section. 

          Time to Launch Your App!!

          The emergence of mobile apps helps the business to expect business on the next level. Today, business apps work as mediators between customers and companies to create enormous opportunities. So, it’s high time to build a business intermediator that builds a close connection between you and your users. 

          Make sure your app should be fully-featured and shows a clear picture of business products or services. Notably, customers can get every solution with a single tap and order anything with an easy check-out process.

          Now, go with your plan! Launch a top-notch app and stop holding back your profits.


          Which company is best for android app development?

          If you are searching for the best android app development company, the suggestion is RisingMax Inc. Here a team of 200+ experts can help you in building your desirable app.

          What questions to ask while hiring an android app development company?

          There are certain questions one should ask while hiring an android app development company, they are:

          1. How do you Stand Out from the Crowd?
          2. What are the best companies you have developed apps for?
          3. How does the company handle projects and pipelines?
          4. How would you Ensure My App is Delivered On Time?

          How Long Does It Take To Create An Android App?

          The time it takes to develop a fully functional mobile app is determined by a variety of factors. UI/UX design work for customized apps can take anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks, depending on the project's complexity and the amount of changes required. After that, depending on the number of pages and features required, the development phase will take another 1 to 6 weeks.

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