AI Software Architecture: Dive Into Business App Architecture Essentials

By RisingMax

February 16, 2023

AI Software Architecture: Dive Into Business App Architecture Essentials

The misconception around AI development architecture is one of the biggest reasons why people underpin its importance. At first glance, AI architecture might seem very techy to most people, but that’s far from reality.

Let’s try to understand AI app architecture with an example. Suppose you plan to build a house and hire an architect-engineer to ensure that it matches your vision and needs. The architect will carefully analyze the available land, your house vision, and house requirements. And that’s the same with the AI architecture. An AI architect lays a solid foundation for the AI-based app solution to ensure that your business solution is scalable and powerful.

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This post will discuss AI development architecture, AI architecture based on different concepts, the benefits of AI architecture, and more. Before delving deep into the topic, let’s start from the basics first.

What Is An AI Software  Architecture?

AI-based app development architecture is the information related to overall application architecture, databases, computer networks, and behavior. A software expert can leverage the information provided by AI architecture for governing and scaling AI efforts. The information shared in AI development architecture acts as a bridge between data analysts, administrators, software experts, developers, and business executives.

AI Software development architecture creates a clear picture for stakeholders to evaluate and analyze how the system will attain qualities such as modifiability, availability, and security. Often while discussing the role of AI architects, there’s confusion about AI engineers. In this next section, you will read about AI architects & AI engineers.

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What Is The Role of An AI Engineer and AI Architect?

When it comes to developing an AI-based application, both AI engineers and AI architects play different roles. The AI architect is responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining the application infrastructure. The AI engineer builds advanced AI-based business solutions tailored to meet specific business goals.

While building a tailored AI solution that provides valuable business insights and enhances business decision-making capabilities. On the other hand, AI architects develop a roadmap that emphasizes customers and addresses their needs.

An AI architecture must have an in-depth understanding of the AI app framework and operating infrastructure. While an AI engineer needs to keep up with a wide variety of AI systems, tools, and development methodologies.

AI Development Architecture Based On Different AI Concepts

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AI Algorithm Architecture

AI-based algorithms can perform calculations, solve problems and derive valuable outcomes with effective data analysis. An AI algorithm architecture provides an overview of how an algorithm will operate independently and derive results. The AI algorithm is programmed to determine whether an animal is an elephant, dog, lizard, crocodile, or horse. Advanced AI algorithms can identify the written or spoken language and provide answers based on the input provided.

Machine Learning (ML) Architecture

Machine learning (ML) is a branch of AI that leverages its mathematical algorithms capabilities to build a predictive business model. ML-based algorithms can actively analyze value business data and provide predictions for specific business scenarios. An ML-based app architecture provides an overview of how to analyze, learn, and validate processes.

Deep Learning Architecture

Business applications based on deep learning use advanced algorithms to provide accurate predictions. Deep learning-based business applications can analyze large-scale data more effectively than machine learning. A deep learning-based application consists of different layers, each with a different algorithm to do its own analysis and process data. The deep learning architecture describes each layer, overall structure, and application behavior.

Bots Architecture

Nowadays, bots are deployed in various industries to automate particular tasks and enhance business overall efficiency. These bots-based solutions employ straightforward algorithm logic for handling simple, complex, and repetitive business operations with higher efficiency. With the advancement of technology, AI-based bots can mimic human activity and decision-making capabilities. The bots architecture provides a clear insight into how the overall system will interact and operate and includes the software evolutions.

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Benefits of AI Architecture: Why Is AI Development Architecture Important?

The greater the complexity of an AI-based software solution, the more thought needs to be put in while designing software architecture. If done properly, the AI architecture provides various benefits, thus making it extremely important. In this next section, let’s have a detailed overview of the benefits of AI development architecture.

Effectively Meeting Needs

While investing in AI-based software development, the business entity must be assured that it meets all its functional, operational, and other requirements. An AI architecture showcases the complete path of how the AI-based application will meet those business requirements. Inefficient AI software architecture will fail to meet measurable goals and fail to maintain, deploy, and manage. Thus, making it extremely vital to build a solid AI development architecture.

Measurable Quality Attributes 

A stakeholder needs to be assured that the AI software solution satisfies all the quality attributes without conflicting with one another. An AI application architecture, if designed effectively, provides a clear step-wise roadmap to achieve the key business attributes and provide measurable outcomes.

Predict System Qualities

A well-designed AI app architecture provides a clear insight into how the overall system will interact and operate with one another. An application architecture built on quality attributes and system requirements is easy to implement. A clear understanding of requirements and system quality attributes makes it easy to predict the overall system qualities and avoid costly reword while conducting business operations.

Streamline Communication

An AI development architecture is a roadmap for various stakeholders to streamline communication and discussion related to the project, like Tech stack and project duration. However, different stakeholders will evaluate the AI app architecture for various purposes, but providing a common architecture design ensures that all are on the same page. As important AI application requirements and decisions are provided in application architecture, it assists the negotiation and discussion process.

Future Development

A clear AI development architecture is designed keeping the business requirements and goals and future scaling scope in mind. With changing market and business requirements, the AI-based application needs to update. The inability to adapt to changing market conditions will make an AI solution futile in the long run. However, a good AI development architecture effectively implements and manages software upgrades and changes.

Implementing Constraints

While designing an AI development architecture, an AI architect can introduce implementation and design constraints. This reduces the software system's complexity and prevents stakeholders from making decisions that are not fruitful. A well-designed AI app architecture ensures the easy accomplishment of business objectives and creates a security check if things are implemented incorrectly.

Train New Members

These AI-powered business solutions lay the foundation for training developers and other team members about apps' overall features and the proper ways to interact. With a well-designed and thought-out AI app architecture, the introduction and training of new employees take less time. It gives an advantage to stakeholders to onboard new developers and speed up the entire development process.

Things AI Architecture Takes Into Consideration

The main focus of an AI architecture is to create a working ecosystem working together to achieve a desired outcome. While designing an AI-based application architecture, they find the system loopholes and bottlenecks to implement changes to develop a scalable and stable project. The AI architect creates strategic and short-term constraints to manage complexity, reduce rework and maintenance costs, and lay a strong foundation. While creating a foolproof AI project architecture, the expert will consider the following things.

End User

An AI architect will address the correct behavior, performance, reliability, usability, and security-related concerns of the AI-based applications.

System Admin

The AI architect will take into consideration the intuitive behavior, monitoring, and administration tools while designing an AI architecture.


An AI architect will address the marketer's concerns related to competitive app features, time to market, and app cost and positioning with respect to competitors.


The AI architect will take into consideration the cost, stability, schedule, and other customer concerns.

Developer & Designing Team

While designing an AI app architecture, the architect will address the concerns of the development & design team about clear requirements and AI application UI/UX design.

Project Managers

The Ai architect will keep in mind the project manager's concerns related to tracking project development, project time, required resources, and development budget.

Maintenance Team

While designing an AI app architecture, the architect will address the maintenance team’s concerns related to ease of modifications and a consistent and documented design approach.

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