Health Information Exchange Software Development

By RisingMax

July 31, 2023

Health Information Exchange Software Development

The HIE system offers real-time information sharing of patients’ medical data between patients, doctors, and other health practitioners. 

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Role of EHR in Health Information Exchange Software

The foundation of HIE is electronic health records. These are the patients' records that are kept in electronic format and contain all of the information about the patient, such as previous doctor visits, prescriptions, conditions, and so on.

Although many healthcare facilities have yet to implement EHR, most institutions have recognized the benefits that EHR provides. However, the adoption of EHR brings new responsibilities. 

HIPAA places a strong emphasis on the privacy and security of patient data, as well as how it is stored and processed; therefore, any company working in the healthcare field should guarantee that its services comply with HIPAA.

Given the volume of sensitive patient data maintained electronically, it is critical to establish a few guidelines to ensure the security of information storage and transmission between parties.

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Health Information Exchange Software Definition

The process of exchanging healthcare information in electronic format (i.e., the transmission of electronic health records) is known as health information exchange. The data can be transferred between a healthcare organization and a patient, two healthcare organizations, medical specialists, and so on. 

The primary purpose of HIE is to make information transmission faster and easier. Instead of a time-consuming manual transmission (such as filling out a record and then passing it on to a recipient), HIE allows the patient's data to be communicated in seconds in a highly secure manner.

Health Information Exchange provides numerous advantages to both medical specialists and patients:

  • Paperwork reduction and, as a result, faster and more accurate data processing
  • Elimination of superfluous or redundant testing through the provision of all necessary information in one location,
  • Giving a thorough picture of a patient's condition, saving time on receiving essential information
  • Centralization of the patient's health information, allowing authorized parties quick access to the data.

Types of Health Information Exchange Software Solutions

Query-Based Exchange

This type of HIE is now used by physicians to search and identify accessible clinical sources on a patient. This type of transaction is commonly employed while providing unanticipated care. 

For example: In ER, physicians employ query-based exchange to retrieve patient information such as medications, issue lists, and recent radiology images, allowing them to adapt treatment plans to minimize bad pharmaceutical responses or redundant testing.

When a pregnant patient arrives at the hospital, the query-based exchange supports the provider in obtaining her pregnancy care record, allowing them to make more informed decisions concerning the patient's care and the unborn baby.

Directed Exchange

This type of exchange is utilized by physicians to easily and securely transfer patient information, such as lab orders and results, patient referrals, and discharge summaries, to another healthcare practitioner. 

This information is transferred over the internet in an encrypted, dependable, and secure manner among healthcare experts who already know and trust one another. It is usually equated to sending a secure email. This type of HIS provides better and more coordinated treatment, benefiting both patients and clinicians. 

Consumer-Mediated Exchange

This type of HIS gives patients access to their health information, allowing them to manage their healthcare online in the same way they might manage their finances with online banking. Because patients have complete control over their own health information, they can actively participate in their care.

Custom Health Information Exchange Software Solution RisingMax Inc. Provide

Interface Transport

We use TCP/IP, HTTP, SFTP, Direct, Web Service (SOAP), and other HIE interface transport communication protocols to assure data delivery.

Messaging Over Interface

We implement a wide range of EDI tools and established HIE interface communications protocols, such as EDIFACT, HIPAA, X12, NCPDP, and others.

Standard Interface Coding

Under HIPAA guidelines, we use all clinical coding standards for HIE interfaces, such as SNOMED, ICD-9, ICD-10, CPT, etc. 

Interoperability Solutions for HIE

Risingmax Inc. integrates and interoperates seamlessly with EHR/EMR systems, laboratory information systems, practice management systems (PMS), and others.

Mobile App Solutions by HIE

Create mHealth apps that are native and cross-platform, utilizing JavaScript, React Native, Angular, HTML, CSS, MySQL, and other well-liked technologies.

HIE Patient Portal Solutions

Create patient portals that integrate data from several source systems, are user-friendly and secure, and encourage the next generation of patient involvement.

HIE Data Management

To offer complete access and control over wearable health data, HIE Data Management Solutions (HDMS) engineers specialize in health data management solutions (HDMS) coupled with health IoT devices.

Benefits of Health Information Exchange (HIE) Software Solutions

Here is the list of benefits that your institution will get from health information exchange software solutions with complete accuracy and transparency. 

Reduce Errors

The HIE software solution helps the institution to reduce errors in the practice of doctors and caregivers. With the software, doctors can have the complete history of the patient’s previous treatment, allergies, medicine they were on, etc.

Support Tools

It provides supportive tools to the caregivers that help them to serve better with effective and appropriate solutions. 

Paperless Work

It ends the dependency on the papers and thick files of the previous treatments and medicines. HIE software solution can provide each detail without missing anything in a few clicks.

Better Monitoring

When each of the things is available on one platform, it will be easier for the healthcare institution and the patient to keep the record of their health reports secure and in one place. 

Reduce Cost

Health information systems help the institution to reduce the cost of managing the records and suggest tools to the caregiver by reducing the paper and printing costs. 

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Health Information Exchange Software Development

Custom Health Information Exchange Software Development Cost

The development cost of a custom health information exchange software depends primarily on the features and technologies the healthcare software development company uses.

Software Designing Costs15K to 25K
Advanced Features of Software$21 to 36K
Cost For Deployment$12K
Cost Of Integration$16K
Total Cost For Maintenance$1500 to 4K

Project Managers and Team Lead$25-$49/Hour
Quality Assurance Team and Tester$5K-$10K

Custom Health Information Exchange Software Development Cost (As per Size of Company)

Company SizeCostManpower
Small Size Company$20,000 to $ 45,00050-200 (Doubtful Project Delivery)
Mid Size Company$50,000-$1,00,000200-1000 (Cost-effective & reliable)
Large Size Company$1,00,000 to $15,00,0001000-10,000 (high costing & reliable)

Custom Health Information Exchange Software Development Cost (As per Region Of Company)

RegionHourly Costs
North America$25-$75
Gulf Countries>$70-$120

Custom Health Information Exchange Software Development Cost (As per Complexity of Software)

Low Complexity Software$30K-$40K
Medium Complex Software$45K-$65K
High-End Complexity$68K-$100K

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