Retail Order & Management case study

Fully Functional Web Solution For The Retail Business

Our client, the grocery store owner, works closely with suppliers to deliver the best possible produce. The client came with the requirement of developing a fully functional web solution for the retail business. The client wanted to sell groceries through the most convenient online platform. The online grocery delivery platform was supposed to be integrated with a fully functional interface that easily allows customers to find their desired products.


The client wanted to build a grocery delivery platform where suppliers can directly connect with customers to deliver their best produce. Our team faced the following challenges:

  • Make online grocery delivery service - quick, easy, and convenient.
  • Integrate user-friendly features.
  • Appealing UI design of grocery delivery dashboard.
  • Secure payment gateway.
  • An impressive product catalog.
  • In-built unique features that help our client’s platform to stand part.
Retail Order & Management client
Retail Order & Management client


To meet clients' retail order and management platform needs, we selected

  • We utilized our years of technical experience and expertise.
  • Our team integrated features that make it easy to add a product catalog.
  • We developed modern frameworks and flexible databases.
  • We built the platform with an appealing home page design to an eye-capturing logo.

Prominent Features

  • RisingMax Clients
    Automated Order Fulfillment
  • RisingMax Clients
    Allocate Back Orders
  • RisingMax Clients
    Integrated POS
  • RisingMax Clients
    Flexible Returns Workflows
  • RisingMax Clients
    E-Commerce Analytics
  • RisingMax Clients
    Real-Time Accounting

Technology Stacks

Here’s how we design our client's retail order and management platform.

  • RisingMax Clients
  • RisingMax Clients
    HTML 5
  • RisingMax Clients
    Css 3
  • RisingMax Clients
  • RisingMax Clients
  • RisingMax Clients

The Result

Our team, within a time duration of five months and nine days, successfully built an online grocery platform as per client expectations. The platform enables suppliers to sell groceries through the most convenient online platform. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for customers to find groceries on the platform.


“RisingMax Inc. has a pool of skilled professionals with an eye for detail. The dedicated project manager made it easy to monitor the project development and keep things together. Their professionals managed to complete the project well within the agreed project development time. I am looking forward to the next collaboration!”

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