meet the team

Meet The Client

Expert Real Estate Group is a Chicago-based firm rendering multiple real estate services worldwide. With a unique approach and methodology, Expert Real Estate Group aims at streamlining the process of buying and selling properties. Since real estate is a vast sector to deal with, Expert Real Estate Group required a partner that can offer an end-to-end application that manages everything right from property listings, 3D view, AR VR technology, property evaluation, calculating costs, and much more with a single tap.

Our Role

Our role as a strategic partner began with big decisions that go well beyond marketing each individual brand. With our experience in the industry to jumpstart our research—we dove in and quickly got up to speed with each brand’s value and pain points. After a series of meetings to understand GXG’s goals, we began answering questions and providing recommendations that surround folding offerings into more its popular entities, rebranding individual brands around a parent company, and how to prioritize both current and ongoing digital marketing efforts. Essentially, we repositioned GXG’s products in the industry— and as a result we’re in the best position to make meaningful and accountable digital marketing decisions.


Increase In ROIs And Market Reach


Surge In Revenue By Escalating Sales


Improvement in Retaining Customers

Going The Extra Mile

Taking The Initiative

The initial provocation was to know what sort of platform is needed that can deal with every possible thing. We began by bringing together all the issues within the current system, keeping an eye on all the loopholes, exploring modern technology, and developing a robust platform with a clean slate. The goal was to design an application that aids clients in managing the real-estate functions effortlessly and quickly.


Surpassing Outside the Range of Client Expertise

Sometimes, clients usually do not have much idea of what exactly they need. But know what they don’t want. In that case, our team directly discussed with the firm owners to know in detail about their work, competitors, market, and revenue expectation. We got back to work and knew how our final application should look. Further, we prepare a layout of the application that we will develop.

Backbreaking Challenges

Backbreaking Challenges

The biggest challenge was to create a unique app that is different from other leading real estate apps like and Crexi available. Another facile thing was to impose perfection in the UI with flawless design. Next, our client was also looking for a solution that connects users in real-time. Our client wants to have a cross-platform app that is easy to use on any device remotely. Last but not least, is the app that processes data securely and quickly in a couple of minutes.

Real Estate App Development

We are aching for developing an astounding real estate application as we were well versed with several advantages that it will offer. Whether buyers, sellers, or real estate agents, the app has got everything covered. The biggest benefit of the application is saving time for both buyers and sellers to find each other. We considered the design and development aspects in sync with each other. Our goal behind it was to build an application that streamlined real estate operations and brought convenience to buyers, sellers, and property agents.



We strive to design a stellar application that stands out from the crowd as we move further. We started from basics to getting into hi-tech design after analyzing other apps and coming up with cutting-edge solutions. We spend a considerable amount of time designing service-focused yet user-friendly applications from themes, design, flourishing animation, and different user interfaces. Furthermore, we check every feature to pave the easy way of doing business for our clients.



There is no denying our highly skilled developers were gruelling while developing an app. Hi-tech design, advanced filters, smooth functionality were all barriers they solved. We took a deep understanding of every feature that needs to be developed and did it dedicatedly. The platform developed by our expert team successfully manages property selling, listing, and increasing engagement in just one tap.

Moving Ahead

After our client's real estate app launch, there was a 55% increase in return on investment, progress in reaching more potential users. 65% in upsurging profit margins within the business, and 75 % build long-term connectivity, enhancing their retaining ability on the application. These numbers clearly define the success rate the client is fetching by building the application.