The client was from Spain and belonged to the education sector. To turn a unique e-learning concept into life, he approached us. Looking at the requirement, the client wanted to build an app that delivers online education courses via bite-sized video tutorials. The only aim is to deliver quality learning via experienced instructors. Plus, enabling learners to achieve their personal and professional goals faster.


Intuitive interface design, integration of advanced learning tools, real-time interaction are a few things a client wanted us to integrate. The few challenges were learners could view the reports of their progress, get personalized suggestions, etc. In addition to a high-quality e-learning solution, the client also demanded accomplishing the project within a tight deadline.


An app development team at RisingMax worked dedicatedly towards the project's success. We build a highly customized LMS for the delivery of education data to worldwide learners. In the construction of a simple interface, we used modern programming languages, frameworks, and databases. All the features like easy onboarding, multi-way audio, and video streaming, advanced learning tools are integrated successfully.


jQuery, Android, SQLite