One of our clients from Washington contacted us to build an appointment booking system for hair salons. The requirement was for the platform that allows hairdressers to register and users to schedule or cancel their appointments. His goal behind crafting the app was to allow users to make easy bookings and merchants to build strong client relationships.


The client requested us to craft a unique and user-friendly online booking system for hairdressers. The challenge was for a feature-rich single platform that allows multiple bookings, cancellations, managing bookings via a calendar, etc. The online booking system needed to be powerful and profitable with features like appointment history, contact details, and preferences.


The team of software developers responded to the challenge with the most user-friendly approach. The online scheduling and booking software is crafted in such a way that it allows customers to book appointments with much ease. The in-built booking system displays the specialists who are available across different locations. Within the system, there are also automatic alerts that help clients perform on-time visits and alter the appointments. During the development process, the developers used high-level programming languages, databases, and frameworks.


JS, MySQL, PHP, React Native

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