How To Start a Food Delivery Business in the UK?

By RisingMax

December 27, 2022

How To Start a Food Delivery Business in the UK?

Are you planning to invest in a food delivery business in London or anywhere in UK? Congratulations! You are stepping in to join the millionaire’s platform. 

Today, the popularity of the food delivery business is hard to deny. The rising profits of major food delivery players like Uber Eats, Just Eats, Grubhub,, DoorDash are witness to it.

Think. Launch. Grow.

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Is there the same pill for every ill? We have a dedicated guide to start a food business in the USA.

According to a report, the food industry is able to earn $26.5 billion in revenue in 2020, which is projected to reach $42 billion in 2025. Therefore, there is a great scope for existing and new food businesses. 

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Food Delivery Opportunities in UK

Another motivating factor is that starting a food delivery business in the United Kingdom faces lesser challenges than commencing business in any other industry. One gets the opportunity to partner with local restaurants, cafes, and food outlets that are willing to target distant customers.  

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All this is possible with a fully-featured food delivery website and app that connect food businesses and customers. If you are now fretting about market research, target audience, budget, or others. This blog is worth it for you!! 

Here we will discuss every aspect of developing a food delivery business in detail. Plus, Rising Max has formed a body for it that helps startups get budget-friendly solutions. You can treat them as a gift voucher for your new project’s success.

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Keep reading till the end to know how to build a food delivery business from scratch.


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Anyone looking for a lucrative opportunity to invest money can choose a food delivery business. It's a perfect platform and saves you in many ways, with

  • Freedom from nine to five job routine
  • Opportunity to be your own boss
  • More time on the app means higher profits 
  • Boost your income and standard of living 
  • Be an industry leader with fewer investments
  • No need to look for a rental place 

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Design UK Based Food Delivery Business Model

Types of Food Delivery Business 

There are two major categories that shake hands with your food delivery business partnership. These are:

A restaurant delivery service: You can connect different restaurants with your app and earn commission per order. Some of the businesses charge delivery charges from customers.

A meal delivery service: It involves a cook or chef working through a rented or home-based kitchen model. The chef prepares meals on his own and sends them for delivery via your app to homes and businesses.

Various Costs Involved in Food Delivery Business

Irrespective of your business location, some of the most common costs involved in the food delivery business are;

  • Dispatch cost-based to customers and restaurant location
  • Insurance Cost to protect business and delivery boys
  • Business tools such as computer, fax machine, & telephone system
  • High-speed internet and a business landline 
  • Vehicles to deliver door to door food
  • Business license to form the legal body
  • Delivery food service bags to keep delivery fresh and at the right temperature.
  • Marketing cost involves printed bags, driver's shirts, attractive coupons, and menus.
  • Fully featured website and app to receive orders with real-time tracking and payment features

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How to Deal With Food Business Threats?

  • Offer unique services and differentiated products to deal with competitors' cheaper price strategies.
  • Register more drivers on an app to fulfill increasing orders during festival seasons.
  • Request customers to fill a feedback form and get healthy suggestions for improvement. 
  • Offer attractive gift vouchers during the economic downturn that motivate people to buy more.

Things Required To Start Food Delivery Business 

Let's dig deeper into the food delivery business and know the essential things required for the food delivery business.  

  1. Market research 

Thorough market research is an integral part of any business's success. As you are into the food delivery business, you need to be very clear about your target audience, income, and taste preferences. It will help you decide prices and offers, accurately. 

If your audience is already aware of online food delivery businesses, then work on

  • How can you differentiate your products from others? 
  • What services or features can attract customers more? Also, check out, 
  • Can you fulfill long distant orders or not?

Answering these will let you decide on a better market.

  1. Decide your Approach 

Approaching restaurant owners for the food delivery business is a crucial step. Make sure your approach must have the following features.  

  • Start a new marketplace: Embarking with a new marketplace might seem a simple task. Restaurant signups, get users, receive orders, and deliver them. But the concept involves lots of other details. Focus on building a platform, receiving orders, delivering on time, and payment clearance concepts for the convenience of restaurant owners.
  • Start a white label ordering service: The approach involves building software that helps restaurant owners to build and sell food on their own. Whether they want to edit product or price information, everything should be in their control.  
  • Start a food ordering and delivery platform: Making a food delivery platform involves creating a web and app solution, building a network with restaurants, and ending with a delivery service. Make sure, it must have a smooth network from receiving orders to delivering products. 
  1. Choose an attractive business name

Once you have done market research and decided on a business approach, it's time to go forward. The next step might look strange to decide your business name. But this is a perfect time. Want to know why? 

Remember, your business name has a message that defines its target audience approach. So, it should be unique or can have a phrase. At this moment when you have a handful of market and customer research, it will be easy for you to decide your business name. 

Who will be Your Food Delivery Business's Potential Customers?

We are living in an era of technology, so if you are concerned about your target audience. There is no such requirement. Food delivery apps fill the gap between customers and restaurants that need meals at doorsteps. Some of the major categories are:

  • Startups entrepreneurs 
  • Busy executives
  • Commuters having hectic traveling schedule
  • Foodies who want varieties of food on the table
  • Tech-savvy who wants everything at a tap away
  • Students living separately from parents
  • Senior citizens who cannot commute to restaurants for every meal

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Features You Must Look At in Your Food Delivery App

Technical Features

  • Robust to deal with heavy traffic
  • Security
  • Payment integration and security 
  • Handle huge Database
  • Access features
  • available on Android, iOS, or hybrid platforms.
  • Coding languages like Java, PHP
  • social media channel access
  • Push Notifications to send text messages

User features 

  • Convenient UI/ UX for smooth delivery
  • Simple Navigation
  • Search options for faster results
  • Geo-location to search close restaurants
  • Security to protect customers banking information 
  • Tracking previous orders History 
  • Loyalty points
  • Facility to tip
  • Easy to Share experience on social media account
  • Convenient Payment options

Is Starting a Food Delivery Business in UK Still Profitable?

This is one of the most sought-after questions for startups. If it is your query too and eager to know the secret behind uber eats like business's income. Then it makes sense to read food delivery businesses' revenue models.   

  • Attractive Membership plans  

Offering attractive membership plans proves a worthy decision, whether it is for restaurants or customers. Restaurants pay for membership to receive unlimited orders apps for stipulated time periods. 

Whereas customers who do not want to pay delivery charges on every order, Pick a suitable membership plan. These plans are designed according to the number of orders placed per month. It keeps the customer engaged with the app for longer tenure and boosts business demand. 

  • Getting per order share

Some restaurants do want to enjoy membership plans, you can offer another solution to them. Give them a 20-30% price tag on every order. The charge indicates that food business owners are qualified for delivery. 

  • Delivery Fee

Delivery charges are an important consideration for any business to generate revenue. Generally, Doordash or ubereats like business charge money based on the distance between delivery place and restaurant. Like for a shorter distance, charges will surely be less compared to a longer distance. 

  • In-app ads

Everyone wants to promote their business. Therefore, nothing is better than putting an add-on app on the homepage. These involve attractive offers and deals from restaurant owners to promote sales and visibility. "Do not forget to take advantage of it in your app!"

Fooo Delivery App Development Cost in UK

Once you have decided to develop a food ordering app, the next biggest concern is app and website costing. Therefore most startups ask, "What will be the cost for building a food delivery app or website?" Bear in mind, the pricing policy depends on two major factors:

  • Location: Developing an app for advanced nations is far more expensive than for developing nations.
  • Features: A fully-featured app is an expensive choice than an app with basic details. More features add more value to your app.

Depending on the features, you can classify apps into three major categories. 

  • Entry-level or basic apps: The app involves basic features and a simple user interface. Developers built these apps from basic templates, therefore hard to customize. Choosing basic apps means you cannot expect your business to grow.
  • Mid-level apps: These are more structured apps having customized UI/UX, payment gateways, and social media integration features. 
  • High-functionality apps: The apps are best in class with ultimate features for restaurant owners, customers, drivers, and admin. Developers can customize every feature with stronger and bigger database management tools.

Obviously, apps with high features will be costlier than apps with basic features. Generally, the price ranges from $10000 to $18000 (it's just an estimation). 

You can also avail of our readymade food delivery app solution that takes less time for development.  

Ohh, Wait!! Wait!

If you made up your mind to develop an app, we have more for you to meet your budgeting needs. Here are other plans that help you to lower app delivery development costs.  

  • One-shot payment: The model suits businesses that want to develop apps and pay in one shot. Our technical experts deliver all the details on your final payment. It does not mean the services are over, we provide 3 months of maintenance services FREE OF CHARGE after delivering your project. 
  • Hourly based model: The model provides per hour serves as the name implies. You can pay per hour based on your app usage. The model is most suitable for startups that do not want to take much risk. If you want to add more services, you can raise the budget and avail higher packages. The best feature - you don't have to look for app upgrades, bear maintenance charges, or obtain a license.
  • SaaS model: If you do not want to go with an hourly-based model, you can choose Software as a service model. The features will be similar to hourly based, but your payment mode gets changed. You will pay fixed charges per month and get an opportunity to boost your business.
  • Hire a developer: The next option for you is to hire a full-time developer that solely works for your project. It saves your business cost to employ a full-time developer and bear all tech-slack charges. You can ask developers to add or remove features from your app. 


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Final Words

The growth of the food delivery business is hard to ignore in a fast-paced world. It allows entrepreneurs to build quick scalable solutions and earn a large chunk of money. 

We have discussed almost everything in the blog. Still, you feel something is missing, do not hesitate to call us!

We don’t want you to miss this Golden Opportunity!!

We will be happy to discuss whatever you have in mind. Our skilled and highly experienced professionals help you with the best industry idea!!

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