List of NFT based game development companies in Singapore, Dubai, and Malaysia.

Below is the list of gaming development companies that can provide the best services in developing NFT based games.

Top NFT Game Development Companies

  • landing-risingmax


    The top company in the NFT gaming platform development companies list is RisingMax which is doing great work to set a new benchmark in the NFT marketplace and create a wonderful gaming platform for their clients. They are fully packed with ace-class professional developers and a management team to provide the best service to our clients. The company is committed to providing solutions for every size of business platform, whether it's a big venture business platform or a startup. They have special hands in the sector of developing games. The NFT is the future of the gaming platforms, and we are already leading in the industry as the best development company for gaming. Apart from building a gaming platform, they also provide solutions for building blockchain technologies and on-demand applications. The retention rate of the clients tells more about their successful deliveries of the project for their clients. Their clients' reviews available on the internet are building trust with other possible clients. They also provide 24*7 customer support to their clients for resolving any query of advancement/update about the project.

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    $15 - 20$/hr
    450 - 999
    US, UK
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  • Aligned

    Suffescom Solutions

    The second on the list comes Suffescom Solutions, giving tough competition to their probable competitors. Suffescom Solutions is setting up a new benchmark for its competitors. The company is providing extremely satisfying solutions to their clients, and while going through the reviews available on the internet, one can see that. The company, which began its journey in 2013, is one of the best NFT gaming platform providers in Singapore, Dubai, and other regions. The team is highly equipped with great developers and a management team serving the NFT and the blockchain industries from the initial journey of the blockchain and NFT marketplace. The management team provides positive attention to each of the clients and resolves their queries with the best possible solution. Apart from assisting the company, they also provide valuable suggestions to enhance your gaming or busines platform. Choosing the company for the development will be a win-win situation for anyone, whether you are a big business venture or a startup.

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    $49 - 60$/hr
    320 - 999
    UK, US, India
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  • Headspring

    Hyperlink InfoSystem

    Hyperlink InfoSystem stands third on the list & proving itself as one of the leading mobile app development and NFT gaming platform development company. They have developed many blockchain solutions in the past, so they are reliable and safe. With over 500 developer staff, we are ready to tackle complex requirements and use the latest technology to create the best solutions. The company has expertise in web and app development, AI solutions, AR / VR, big data analytics, IoT development, NFT game development services, blockchain, game development, etc.

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    $25 - $49/hr
    100 - 999
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  • Precise

    Red Apple

    In the fourth position, Red Apple Technologies shows great enthusiasm toward technology and sets up a good example for the startup and upcoming companies. They have a diverse team of over 50 qualified, experienced engineers, designers, and professionals who combine current trends with unique creativity. We provide affordable iOS app development, Android app development, and mobile NFT game development services. To meet the growing demand, they focus on two major platform development services, iOS, and Android. With eight years of experience in the IT industry, their team has provided unique services to over 100 companies, from startups to multinationals. In India, Sweden, and the United States, we are a low-cost, customer-centric digital company.

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    $30- $50/hr
    200 - 999
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  • suffescom

    Whimsy Games

    Whimsy Games are serving the NFT marketplace with immense satisfactory work. The team of excellent developers delivered the project on time and bug-free. The multi-level approving process of the company makes sure that each of the projects gets delivered with perfection. The company's management team shows great enthusiasm toward each of their projects, and the client's review on the internet shows that they are on the right path for the future. The Whimsy Games has already delivered multiple projects to their clients and covers the market globally. They are the talk of the town for their competitors. With the 100% transparency in the dealing contract and cost-effective hiring cost, they are one of the best choices for the clients. Their unique way of dealing with their clients attracts people to them. They also help the business grow and reach the maximum number of people. They are showing good satisfactory work to their clients with the excellent blueprint of the business and always focus on the quality and deadline of the project. Although less in numbers, they are filled with great skills and enthusiasm.

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    $30- $60/hr
    300 - 999
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  • Virtuas

    GameAnax Studio

    GameAnax is a fast-growing NFT gaming development company with ambitious & creative minds and skillful engineers. Since 2010, they have been successful in many industries such as automotive, healthcare, real estate, entertainment, gaming, and sports by providing the best enterprise solutions. They are trying to provide great solutions focused on enterprise and consumer use cases with highly engaging and interactive content on NFt gaming platforms. A team of over 30 professionals can develop unique solutions for mobile devices, tablets, and large screens. They excel at providing end-to-end solutions and services for mobile games, augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality apps.

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    $40- $60/hr
    400 - 999
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  • Credera


    Fluper is a US-based company with offices in the United Arab Emirates and London & serving globally. They were established in 2013. As a trusted app development partner, the company has been extremely popular with entrepreneurs over the last five years & earned being one of the most know NFT game development companies in Singapore and Dubai. The company is known in the United States as the developer of Android NFT games. In addition, the company offers Android and iOS app development, cross-platform app development, Ionic app development, UI / UX design, and web design. Fluper Ltd is also committed to cutting-edge technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and the Internet of Things to meet customer needs with the best possible service.

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    $50- $60/hr
    600 - 999
    United Arab Emirates
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  • citoc

    Grepix Infotech

    Grepix Infotech is a one-stop destination for mobile app development, website design, and digital marketing. They were established in 2012. The company specializes in providing unique design and development services. He is also familiar with developing native mobile apps and NFT-based games. Grepix offers a wide range of taxi solutions, logistics, delivery, emergency services, roadside assistance, and delivery services. They believe in positive and long-term relationships with their customers. They have clients in Singapore, Dubai, Malaysia, and Europe countries. The team of developers is capable of bringing the best possible output from the project. They are available for every business size, whether it's a big business platform or a startup. The 24-hour customer support helps resolve any uninvited issues or queries from the clients.

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    $45- $60/hr
    25 - 999
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  • long-view

    Juego Studios

    Juego Studios is one of the leading NFT game developers in Dubai, Singapore & Malaysia, specializing in high-quality design and development for games, apps, virtual reality, augmented reality, AI, machine learning, simulation, big data, and IoT. And other applications. They provide organizational models and services to various manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, defense, construction, and finance sectors. We help businesses collect critical data and use new technologies to drive innovation ahead of competitors. We manufacture high-quality games and applications for smartphones, iOS, Android, Windows, PC, Mac, consoles, browsers, and Facebook.

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    $25- $60/hr
    350 - 999
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  • Centre-Technologies

    Visartech Inc.

    Last but not least, Visartech Inc. is one of the most inspiring NFT game development companies in Dubai, Singapore, and spreading its wings in Malaysia. They are developing software and are a trusted technology partner that provides companies with technical advice and comprehensive software development services. Their expertise ranges from technology consulting to creative web and digital mobile applications, IT infrastructure engineering cloud technology, connectivity, and product support. Facts about Visartech: Over 150 games and business applications with over 11 years of experience, over 3D models, over 14 development platforms, and 86% of customers are back.

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    $20- $60/hr
    550 - 999
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Wrapping Up

So, here is the list of the top 10 companies of the NFT game platform development companies that provide great solutions to clients globally, especially in Singapore, Malaysia, and Dubai. You can hire any of the NFT based platform development companies for launching the gaming platform. But before joining the NFT platform you are ready with all your research and ready to kick start your super fun platform with the best future vision. I hope this blog made your research clearer, keeping your toes in the NFT marketplace.