Skyrocket Your Celebrity Subscription platform With NFT Based OnlyFans marketplace

The whole world is buzzing with – NFT marketplace, cryptocurrency, Blockchain technology, and Decentralization to power content creators. The latest one, the adult content-based platform OnlyFans, is also getting ready to share its Platform with the NFT marketplace.  Are you also aware of it?? If yes, it’s the right time for your business to shift […]

How to Create a Membership Site? How to Create a Subscription Website 2022

Chances are, you’ve heard about membership sites and generating revenues. Maybe you’re interested in developing a modern source of recurring revenue.  Maybe you’re a little skeptical and wondering whether or not to believe what’s trending on the Internet about starting a membership site.  The real question here is: Should you invest your money in developing […]

React Native and React JS: The Leading Parallel Track Towards App Development

The mobile development world is all about new and better changes. With the passage of time, new applications being introduced in the tech world are actually turning out to be quite influential. Facebook introduced “React Native”, a javascript-based mobile app that has proven to be a game-changer for real. React Native – What is It? […]

Build A Stock Trading App Development & Keep Up With The Changing Trends Of Trading Industry

Get billions of dollars and change the way people make investments. With the advent of new technologies, the trading system has witnessed a colossal boost in every sector. The power of automation of financial services, real-time quotes, fraud protection, stock analytics, and much more can empower stock trading. On that account, numerous stock trading app […]

Marketplace App Development Cost | Developing, Launching, and Maintaining Cost

Statistics reveal that around 2.05 billion people used marketplaces across the world in 2020. On top of that, the effect of pandemic led to people saying that they would prefer accessing the marketplace via an application.  Marketplaces came into the spotlight after a few of them, like Etsy, Amazon, or eBay, became popular. Being one […]

Cost To Develop & Launch A Blockchain Technology Based NFT Marketplace

OpenSea, Rarible like NFT marketplace Development cost and its cost breakdown. Features Time, Cost/hour ($15- $60) | UX/UI Development 42 hours $630 – $2520 | Authorization and Security 72 hours $1080 – $4320 | User Profiles 42 hours $630 – $2520 | Home page 84 hours $1260 – $5040

Non Fungible Tokens Use Cases: Bringing Value and Transformation For Industries

In recent times, there has been a lot of hype around Blockchain and Crypto assets. What’s even more important is that people and businesses are preparing to adopt the digital economy. If you, too, have been following blockchain and crypto assets, you must have come across the concept of NFTs. Many experts have put forth […]

App Cost Calculator – Cost Estimation Tool For Mobile Application Development

Don’t be mistaken by thinking that just because numerous apps are free to download, an ideal app can be built for free. We know we are upfront here, but the fact cannot be denied. Just like other things, as per the time-tested adage, you get what you pay for.