Supply Chain Chatbot Development: A Simplified Tracking System

The increasing influence of technology in the business is redefining and strengthening the bond with customers. Integration of chatbots allows businesses to provide quick communication and serve customers 24*7. Chatbots or digital assistants effectively provide users with the necessary information through human-like interactions. Supply chain chatbots are on the rise as they are an efficient […]

Healthcare Chatbot Use Cases: Accelerating the Customer Experience In Healthcare Industry

From enhancing patient experience to helping medical professionals to improve healthcare processes, AI-powered medical Chatbots can be used for achieving various objectives. Because AI in healthcare is still a relatively new idea, have a look at several Chatbot Use Cases in Healthcare that can help with today.

Chatbot Cost Calculator | How Much Does It Cost To Build An AI-Based Chatbot?

Chatbots are transforming the way companies communicate with users who visit their site. A chatbot cost calculator lets you determine the cost to develop a bot.